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Wemo Insight Smart Plug Vs. Mini Smart Plug

If you frequently forget to unplug your high-ticket electronics such as a PS5 console, Xbox Series X, or a Samsung 8K QLED TV from the wall outlet, then a smart plug is the device you need!

That’s because a smart plug lets you control electrical power flow to your high-priced devices from your smartphone (or tablet).

With a smart plug, you don’t need to worry about your gaming console getting ‘fried’ since you can shut off the power flow from the comfort of your relaxed sitting posture.

Wemo smart plugs could save you the trouble of getting up to switch off the power outlet. Besides, they will allow you to control the connected smart home devices from the Wemo app on your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.

But there are two popular Wemo smart plugs: Wemo insight and Wemo mini smart plugs. So, which one is better? Read on for more information!

Network Protocols

When controlling your smart plug, you will need to connect to it wirelessly. This is going to allow you to switch the connected devices on/off from your smartphone.

Fortunately, you can wirelessly connect to the two smart plugs: Wemo Insight Switch and Wemo mini smart plug.

Both smart plugs are Wi-Fi-enabled, meaning you can connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi network. What’s more, Wemo Insight Switch also connects to your home’s 3G or 4G router network.

So, you might want to choose the Wemo Insight smart plug if you’re looking for more wireless connectivity. But they all work exceptionally fine.

Compatibility with Devices

Besides controlling your smart plug from a Wemo app, you can also control it from other devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, among other devices that let you control the smart plug by issuing voice commands.

Fortunately for both Wemo smart plugs, you can control them by issuing voice commands, thanks to their compatibility with smart speakers.

Both Wemo smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Echo. As such, you can issue voice commands when instructing them to turn on the connected devices.

The two Wemo smart plugs are also compatible with IFTTT. With IFTTT, you can be sure to control the connected devices from anywhere.

But that’s as far as their compatibility with similar devices goes. Wemo Insight smart plug is also compatible with Nest Learning Thermostat that automatically switches off the smart plug when you’re out.

On the other hand, Wemo Mini smart plug is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home Assistant. As such, you can also control your Wemo Mini smart plug from your Apple Home app and Google Home devices.

Both Wemo smart plugs work efficiently and give you control of electrical power flow from anywhere. But they are compatible with other different devices.

So in this regard, you can choose between the Wemo Insight Smart Plug vs. the Mini Smart Plug depending on what works with your favorite smart home device.

You can also choose the smart plug that gives you more control if that’s what you want.

Electrical Power Rating

Smart plugs can only supply a given wattage to the connected devices.The smart plug’s electrical power rating will let you know the wattage your smart plug can handle.

You want to make sure you don’t draw more watts than the recommended watts.

So, be sure to connect devices whose total wattage is below the smart plug’s wattage rating to avoid overloading. Fortunately, both Wemo smart plugs have 1800W ratings.

The two Wemo smart plugs also use 120V of electricity at 60Hz frequency.

They also have a 15A current rating. This means they can support the same number of appliances. Therefore, no Wemo smart plug beats the other in this category.

Mobile Apps

You will have to install an app on your smartphone to control a Wemo smart plug from virtually anywhere. But what are the apps to download when looking to control your Wemo smart plug?

Wemo devices such as Wemo Insight smart plug and Wemo Mini smart plug have the Wemo app for controlling them.

Since the two Wemo smart plugs use IFTTT, you can also use an IFTTT app to control them. You will also use the Amazon Alexa app when connecting your Wemo smart plug to Amazon Echo for voice commands.

Since Wemo Mini smart plugs also work with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, you will need to install the Apple Home app and Google Assistant app to control them.

So, the two smart plugs work with plenty of other apps besides the Wemo app.

Control panel

You can use your iOS, or Android smartphones are the control panels. You can as well use a tablet to control the Wemo smart plugs.

However, your smartphone or tablet should have a higher operating system version for efficient performance.

The Wemo app works fine on Android version 4.1 and above. It also works excellently on iOS 9 and above.

This means your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone could be the Android device to act as your control panel. Tablets also work just fine, provided their operating systems meet the Wemo app’s system requirements.

Energy Monitoring

The good thing about Wemo smart plugs is that they help you conserve energy from wherever you are. You can turn the plug on/off from your smartphone!

What’s more, some Wemo smart plugs monitor energy consumption by connected devices. But not every Wemo smart plug has this robust feature.

While the Wemo Insight smart plug has a feature to monitor energy consumption from the connected devices, the Wemo mini wi fi smart plug lacks this feature.

Wemo Insight Smart plug allows you to effortlessly control devices that consume more energy since it tells you the energy usage by specific appliances.

So we have to hand it to the Wemo Insight Smart Plug Vs. the Mini Smart Plug for this round.

Scheduling and ‘Away Mode’

If there is one other thing smart plugs can do, it is scheduling electronic appliances to turn on/off at specific times. But they work better than your typical timer since they give you more control.

Fortunately for both Wemo smart plugs, you can be sure to schedule your smart plug to turn the TV on/off at specific times.

You can also do the same to your smart lights. And burglars will think someone is home! Schedule the smart plug to light up your path just right when you step out of the vehicle.

You can also schedule the Wemo smart plug to turn on the space heater just minutes before you’re home.

You can also look for other smart plugs such as Belkin Wemo and TP Link Kasa with the ‘Away Mode’ feature. Fool potential burglars that you’re home with these two Wemo smart plugs!

Ease of installation

Both Wemo smart plugs are easy to install and use. Simply plug them into the wall outlet you want to control. You can then set up the Wemo smart plug and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network for remote control.

Fortunately, they all come with a user guide to help you every step of the way.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight is another area where the two Wemo smart plugs differ though the difference is subtle. Wemo Insight smart plug weighs 2.84 oz while Wemo Mini smart plug weighs 1.92 oz. They also have slightly different dimensions.

Wemo Insight smart plug measures 3.8 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches, while the Wemo Mini smart plug measures 3.8 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches.

Final Thoughts

Both Wemo smart plugs work efficiently to control the current flow to the connected electrical appliances.

They also have the same power rating, which means they can handle the same electrical load. But always ensure you don’t overload your Wemo smart plug to prolong its life.

The two smart plugs also work by voice commands if you connect them with smart speakers such as Alexa Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit.

They have Apps that you can download from the App Store or Play Store for effortless and convenient control.

So between the Wemo Insight Smart Plug vs. the Mini Smart Plug, which is better?

They have subtle differences. If you need a smart plug with more control options, then Wemo Mini Smart Plug might be your smart plug of choice.

But if monitoring your devices’ energy consumption is on the priority list, you want to get Wemo Insight Smart Plug.

They all support the same electrical loads and work great. Your choice for a particular Wemo smart plug should come from the additional feature you need.

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