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What are Stick Vacuums Used for

There are different types of vacuums in the market that you can choose from, from cordless models to corded models. The type of vacuum you choose is entirely up to you, depending on what you are looking for.

For instance, a canister vacuum and an upright vacuum are both essentially great for vacuuming, but they all offer different features.

The various vacuum models and brands in the market all have different features, and stick vacs are no exception. Before getting into what stick vacs are used for, you should know what they are and why you may need them.

What are Stick Vacuums?

There is an endless list of brands making stick vacs, that it can be overwhelming trying to purchase one. While they may all offer different features, they are essentially the same thing.

A stick vacuum is a type of upright vacuum, except it is a less powerful version and more lightweight.

Instead of having a dirt bag that traps debris, a stick vacuum has a canister or dirt cup that you can empty between use.

They have a canister and small motor, a handheld stick or power stick, and a body. They are typically designed to be portable and compact, for instance, it is relatively easy to use and carry around cordless stick vacuums.

Some cordless vacuum models can be converted into a handheld vacuum when you remove the powered cleaning head or the stick handle, making them ideal for more than carpet cleaning.

Stick vacuums are excellent for cleaning surfaces that are hard to reach, such as around or below the furniture. You can choose corded or cordless stick vacuums as they are designed for ease of use and convenience.

What are Stick Vacuums Used for?

Initially, stick vacuums were used for cleaning low pile carpets and hardwood floors.

However, there are several variations of stick vacuums in the market now that you can select from, and they are all powerful enough to use as your primary vacuum cleaner.

A stick vacuum may be all you require to clean your entire home, especially if it has minimal carpeting and is also small.

If you have pets and have struggled to get rid of pet hair, consider getting a stick vacuum. It comes in handy in cleaning and removing dander, debris, dirt, and pet hair.

If you buy a stick vacuum with an excellent suction speed, your home will always feel as good as new every time you clean.

You can be sure that your vacuum cleaner will get every piece of hair and leave the air in your home smelling fresh and clean.

Some stick vacuums have a wide body design which makes them ideal for cleaning large spaces.

If you like to deep clean your home, a stick vacuum may be the answer to that, especially if you have plenty of carpeting.

The best thing is that they are also not too loud, so you can clean your home without causing your family or neighbors any disturbances.

A stick vacuum is best used to reach places and crevices that a larger vacuum cannot get to and spot clean.

Since they are generally light in weight, they are easily portable, and you can quickly use them to clean things like flour that has spilled on the floor. It is an excellent choice for light cleaning your home.

Getting a cordless model is even better as it makes portability that much easier since you can move around with it. You can choose between getting one that has replaceable batteries or one that is rechargeable.

Ideally, stick vacuums are best for houses with area rugs, light carpeted areas, and bare hard floors. Stick vacs that have a brush roll can be used on heavily carpeted areas.

However, if you have a deep pile carpet, a stick vacuum may not be the best option for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Stick Vacuum

Photo of stick vacuums

As mentioned, there are plenty of stick vacuum models and brands in the market. The features and price range of these vacuum cleaners vary significantly, and often the powerful the features of a vacuum, the higher the price.

Therefore, when choosing a stick vacuum that is best suited for you, you should know what tasks you need to perform and what features are essential to you. But first, you need to decide whether you want a corded or cordless vacuum.

Corded stick vacuums

Corded stick vacuums require an electrical outlet to operate, which gives them an endless supply of power. Therefore, you can clean for as long as you want to without worrying about the battery power running out.

However, since they are corded, it means that your movement will be limited depending on how long the cord is and where the electrical outlet is located.

Therefore, it would be best to get a vacuum with a longer cord if you purchase a corded model.

Note that the cord length will vary with the price. It is also worth noting that corded models tend to be more durable than cordless ones.

Cordless stick vacuums

Cordless models use rechargeable batteries, and they offer you the ultimate portability. Therefore, you can virtually clean any spot you want around the house.

However, they have a limited battery power per use, meaning that if your house is big, it will not be a good idea to have it as your primary cleaning tool.

This is because their power lasts between fifteen to forty minutes.

Between the corded and cordless models, there is an endless range of the type of stick vacs you have to choose from. The brands you can select from are all endless and have different variations depending on several factors.

Discussed are some of the features you should consider if you are planning to get a stick vacuum.


Stick vacuums are designed for easy storage. For instance, some models have collapsible or fold-down handles offering compact storage in cupboards and storage shelves.

Some come with docking stations to keep the vacuum charged hanging on a wall or standing on the floor, and others come with wall mounts to allow you to save on your floor space.

Ease of Maintenance

It is easy to maintain stick vacuums since they are bagless. All you need to do is empty their canister after cleaning.

Although some stick vacs can be pretty messy when emptying them, most of them are pretty easy to empty. If you have allergies, this may not be an ideal choice.

Nozzle Size

Stick vacuums come with different nozzle sizes. Narrower nozzles allow you excellent maneuverability, especially in tight spots, making your cleaning more precise.

On the other hand, a wider nozzle will enable you to cover a greater area, making your cleaning process much faster.


Some stick vacuums can be converted into handheld vacuums, which is pretty convenient. This is because handheld vacuums make it ideal and easy to clean upholstery.

Getting Crevices and Hard to Reach Places

Stick vacuums are designed to make it easy for you to clean crevices and hard-to-reach places.

Ideally, a good vacuum should allow you to vacuum around objects and crevices whether you use its convertibility option or an attachment tool.

Brush Roll with On and Off Options

Getting a stick vacuum with a brush roll is necessary, especially if your home has area rugs and carpets.

On the other hand, if you are cleaning smooth surfaces or hard floors, it would be best not to have the brush roll as it will make the debris fly around.

Therefore, if you have both a hard floor and carpeted areas in your home, it is best to purchase a stick vacuum with a brush roll that has an on and off switch so you can switch it on or off depending on the area you are cleaning.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of your vacuum matter depending on what areas you plan to clean most. Generally, stick vacuums are light in weight and are portable compared to the standard models.

Although, some models are more compact and smaller than others. Their weight and size are easy to handle, making them ideal for disabled people or the elderly.

Suction Power

The suction power is the most vital feature to consider when purchasing a vacuum. Essentially, you are buying a vacuum so it can clean your home, and you need to ensure that it will get the job done.

The suction power should be sufficient to effectively pick up different types of messes in your home, including chunks of dirt and pet hair.


The prices of stick vacuums vary based on several factors. Avoid buying the cheapest model you can find because you will be forced to replace it due to maintenance issues in a couple of months.

Investing in a quality vacuum will ensure that you get value for your money.

Battery Life

Depending on the vacuum model you plan to buy, you must consider the battery life. Some vacuums will have a longer life span compared to others.

This often depends on the type of battery they are using. Avoid getting a model with an inbuilt battery and opt for one with a removable battery.

This is because cordless vacuums with inbuilt batteries typically last between two to three years.

There are plenty of features you will need to consider when buying a stick vacuum cleaner to ensure that it best serves your needs.

It is vital to know what type of surface you will need the vacuum to clean more and the cleaning you require. Stick vacs are best suited to clean hardwood floors, low pile carpets, and smaller houses or apartments.

They are a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to clean tight spots and need a fast clean-up.

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