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What are Stick Vacuums

A stick vacuum or stick vacs are a type of vacuum that have a small motor. They are also far lighter and thinner than and upright vacuum or canister vacuums.

As their name suggests, stick vacuums have a much longer reach compared to handheld vacuums, and this essentially allows them to reach cobwebs in corners and get under furniture with so much ease.

Even better is that some stick vacuums can be converted into handheld vacuums.

There are plenty of stick vacuums to choose from in the market, including cordless models and a range of brands, like the dirt devil.

While stick vacuum cleaners are not ideal for handling heavy-duty cleaning, they are pretty convenient and efficient for a quick clean.

It is also worth mentioning that there are so many stick vacuum cleaners in the market, so your needs determine the stick vacuum you purchase.

For instance, you could get the best one for allergies, removing pet hair, carpet cleaning, hardwood floors, small homes, or large homes.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stick Vacuum

Photo of women using stick vacuum

A stick vacuum has a pretty small dirt collection bin, unlike the standard vacuum cleaners.

As a result, their bins fill up rather quickly with debris, dust, and dirt, which can be inconvenient for people with large houses since they have to empty the bin as they clean constantly.

Therefore, before buying a stick vacuum cleaner, it will be best to consider different factors. This includes how much pet hair, dirt, and dust you need to get rid of, the size of your home you will be covering, and how regular you clean your floors.

Discussed below are a few factors you should consider when selecting a stick vacuum cleaner.


Most individuals have a pet in their home, and while pets are pretty amazing companions and a great addition to the family, cleaning their fur is not so great.

Pets often shed a lot of dander and hair, which can not only trigger you or your family’s allergies but also leave unsightly fur on the upholstered furniture and carpets or area rugs.

In that case, a stick vacuum cleaner with brush rolls will be an excellent choice to help remove the pet hair from your home.

Some vacuum models also come with mini powerheads that you can attach to a handheld conversion, making them excellent for vacuuming fur from carpeted stairs and furniture.


The noise stick vacuums emit is similar to that of a standard canister vacuum and upright vacuums. For context, this is similar to the noise made by a garbage disposal or a hairdryer.

Some vacuum cleaners are designed to be quieter, but they still emit some sound. In the case of a stick vacuum, it is not too loud to hurt your ears, but if you have an infant, it will wake them up.

If there are people in the room watching television or having a conversation, it will hinder them from hearing anything.


If you or your family members are allergic to pollen, dander, or dust, it would be best to purchase a stick vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Usually, they can get rid of about 99.9% of airborne particulates larger than 0.3 microns.

Essentially, this means that they will remove allergens that are invisible to the naked eye.

It is worth mentioning that they have a high density, so when you buy a stick vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, it will need more power to suck in air through the filter.

In that case, it will be wise to get a corded model instead of a cordless one, which will need to be frequently recharged.


The functionality is an essential factor to consider when buying stick vacs. Think about all the features that make this vacuum more efficient than other types of vacuums in the market.

For instance, some manufacturers make stick vacuums that can be converted into handheld vacuums, allowing them to clean different surfaces. This includes vacuuming car seats, furniture, and stairs.

A manufacturer may add other additional accessories such as a dusting tool or a crevice tool that will add more functionality to your vacuum.

You may also get a model that has a handle that can be lowered to a horizontal position to better clean under your furniture, meaning you will not require a wand attachment to do this.

Stick vacs with powerheads can turn off the vacuum’s rotating brush head when vacuuming bare floors or hardwood floors.

Note that it is not advisable to clean your hardwood floor using a powerful roller brush because it can damage it.

Luckily, some stick vacuums have softer bristles, so they will not damage the finish of your floor, but generally, it would be best to turn off the brush.


Stick vacuums tend to be pretty light, so they are easy to use, especially for older individuals and people with disabilities. They are also easy to store if your home has limited storage space.

Since they are light, they are easily portable and convenient for cleaning stairs.

Because they have one stick, you only need to grasp it using one hand, unlike a canister vacuum that will require you to hold the wand potion and hose with one hand and the canister’s handle with the other hand.


Voltage is a vital feature to consider, especially when you are comparing cordless vacuum models. If you want longer run times, then you need to get a vacuum with a higher voltage.

Typically, stick vacuums have a voltage ranging between twelve and forty. Therefore, a model whose voltage is 20 will run for 15 minutes or thereabout on a single charge.

This will be sufficient time to clean a space that is less than 1,000sqft.

Get a cordless stick vacuum that uses a lithium-ion battery since they offer you high efficiency, last longer, and charge faster than NiMH and NiCD batteries.

You could also get a cordless stick vacuum that comes with another battery or has the option of purchasing an additional battery. This will ensure that your vacuum has a double run time.

It is worth mentioning that vacuums with a higher voltage also translate to the ability to operate mini powerheads and powerheads.

This feature is excellent for anyone with a deep pile carpet since they have a separate motor spinning the round brushes quickly to loosen and trap everything.

Using a powerhead pulls plenty of energy from the battery and requires a lot more juice than a suction-only model.

Cordless Models Vs. Corded Models

You can practically take your cordless stick vacuum model anywhere, except as the battery drains, their suction power wanes off.

They may also require to be charged after every 20 minutes depending on the brand and the model.

The time it takes to charge a cordless model’s battery may vary depending on the battery’s power, but it typically ranges between one to four hours to attain full charge.

On the other hand, a corded stick vacuum offers you an unending, steady power supply and ample suction.

Most individuals often opt for cordless models because of their portability since you can virtually vacuum any room you want without worrying about having a long extension power cord.

Strength Vs. Size

Stick vacuums do not have a bulky bag or canister. Instead, they feature a cup or tube that holds the debris. Since they are compact, it makes them pretty easy to store, which is convenient for anyone with limited storage space.

However, they have relatively small motors that cannot give off the same power as a full-sized vacuum.

A stick vacuum can clean debris and dirt from tiles, concrete, and hardwood, and they also often have a bristled rolling brush that allows them to clean a low pile carpet.

However, it would be best to get a different vacuum if you have a thick carpet since a stick vacuum will not offer you the ideal performance.

Vacuuming Schedule

If you vacuum frequently, your home will have less dust and dirt to clean. Generally, stick vacuums are designed for light and frequent use, like the everyday cleaning of a carpet in a small apartment.

A powerful canister or upright vacuum will be ideal if you have a bigger house and deep clean weekly.

Pros of a Stick Vacuum

  • They are easy to empty
  • They are easy to store when they are not being used
  • Some models can be detached and converted into handheld vacuums when you remove their powered cleaning heads
  • They can be cordless or corded, so you can purchase whichever depending on your preference
  • They are not as noisy as the conventional upright vacuums
  • They are small, lightweight, and portable

Cons of a Stick Vacuum

  • Cordless models have limited run times per charge
  • Some models can be challenging to get into crevices and crooks
  • It isn’t easy to clean the stairs using corded models
  • They are not ideal for cleaning bigger houses

There are plenty of brands such as dirt devil in the market that offer a wide range of stick vacuums that you can select from.

While stick vacuums essentially perform the same task across the board, they come with different features. Usually, the more a stick vacuum costs, the more durable it is and the more functionality it will offer you.

It would be best to know what you need to use your stick vacuum before purchasing one.

It would also help to do your due diligence and go over customer reviews if you have never used a specific model to make an informed decision.

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