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What Are the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Under $200?

When you are first trying to equip a house, balancing what you need to have and what is nice to have is often challenging. So, what are the best cordless stick vacuum under $200?

 Yet, many of the extra perks usually considered “optional” can save you time and money daily.

This is why you often need to compromise on cordless vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, or smart home appliances. 

Here, we are going to examine the best available options for budget-friendly cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

Stick vacuums are one of the most versatile models, as they can handle floors and furniture alike – in a way that a handheld vacuum or canister models usually can’t.

However, cordless models tend to be a bit more expensive, as battery technology has a price.

But does that mean you can’t get a great cordless stick vacuum cleaner for under $200? Fortunately, the answer is no.

Our Picks for the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum under $200

NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum cleaner is a pretty powerful but portable all-purpose cleaner. Despite its flexibility, it can take the rough and tumble of a house with kids.

The most important feature of this model is the relatively seamless way it can transform from a handheld vacuum into a self-standing one. It is powerful enough to remove pet hairs from low pile carpets after a couple of minutes when in self-standing mode.

After switching it to handheld mode and changing the head attachment, you can easily use it for crevices on your shelf, curtains, or upholstery. Finally, when in steamer mode, it can be used to clean tiles or mop cement floors.

This vacuum cleaner also includes a 5-stage filtration system that can trap dust particles as small as 0.1 um. This filter, just like all the brushes and head attachments, is fully washable.

The retractable hoses further increase the flexibility. The base model comes with two, which you can switch around to expand your reach or your precision.

On the other hand, the battery capacity on this model was less than stellar. Although the battery is made from large capacity Lithium-Ion, it requires up to 4.5 hours to fully charge.

It can operate for 40 minutes continuously when in standard mode – but as soon as you switch this to high-suction or steamer mode, battery life will be immediately reduced to just 15 minutes.

Adapts easily to large and small surfaces.Cannot clean high pile carpets.
Includes a washable filter.Low battery life when on Max mode.
Plastic parts feel solid and durable.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Eureka LED Headlights Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight and literally flexible, the EUREKA Cordless vacuum cleaner offers decent battery life and a simple yet thorough set of accessories.

Two add-ons make this vacuum cleaner notable: a bendable wand and a resilient set of LED headlights. The bendable wand has perhaps the most profound impact, despite not being included in the name.

It allows you to reach very distant corners or to rest the vacuum against nearby furniture without the danger of dropping it.

Meanwhile, the LED lights play a single but critical role: they help you notice any dusty patches in nearby upholstery, curtains, and under the furniture.

The other main features of the Eureka are relatively typical for a stick vac: a swivel head, a brush roll and a separate crevice tool. The suction power allows you to switch from bare floors to a low pile carpet floor easily.

The Eureka does include a couple of other accessories that, while not unique, are still efficient and well-designed. For example, the main canister is easy to take out, and you will be able to empty eat without making a mess.

The battery is remarkably resilient: it can run for the standard 40 to 45 minutes under regular strength and up to 25 on Ultra mode.

Unfortunately, the roller brush doesn’t live up to the rest of the package: users frequently complain that it gets tangled easily and often traps litter and dirt.

It also appears that the filters can get jammed when picking up larger particles, such as rice.

Bendable wand provides extra reach and versatility.The roller brush gets tangled.
Durable LED Headlights.May not deal effectively with larger debric.
Easy-to-clean canister.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Eufy by Anker HomeVac S11 Infinity

As Anker’s Smart Home line, eufy characterizes itself for its intuitiveness and flexibility. Both qualities are present in the Homevac S11 Infinity.

This convertible vacuum can transition quickly between a stick vacuum and a handheld one while still including some of the perks that we usually expect of robot vacuums.

First, we need to look at its flexibility. This vacuum set includes two roller brushes (one of them is softer and specifically designed for hardwood floors).

In addition to a standard brush and a 2-in-1 crevice tool, it also included a motorized brush to tackle “big debris”, such as food, cat litter, or pulses.

The S11 Infinity uses up to 240w of power. Regularly, this would significantly cut on the battery life, especially when you are using Ultra Mode. Their solution? They opted to include a second battery pack since they couldn’t extend battery life beyond the standard 40 minutes.

As a result, you can just replace the batteries if you run out of juice mid-task. This is a pretty obvious but rare compromise, although it requires you to plan and have both packs pre-charged.

Although eufy also manufactures robot vacuums, the HomeVac is not capable of moving by itself. Yet, it can still take advantage of its WiFi connection. You can use this to alert you whenever the battery is fully charged or switch between settings directly from your smartphone.

On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a “stay on” function. You will need to keep the power button pressed at all times – so you will most likely end up tired long before the battery runs out.

Includes a second battery.There is no place to store or charge the spare batteries.
Includes a motorized brush.Requires you to keep pressing the power button.
Good suction power.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson’s Torque line is all about suction power and resilience. In this sense, the Dyson V11 stays true to its brand: it combines tight brushes with a suction power that matches the standard set by the Hoover Linx.

This bagless vacuum was designed for homes with kids and pets. This means they used a pretty sturdy plastic casing for both the vacuum itself and its docking station.

The latter deserves special mention: not only does it help you charge the vacuum, but it also includes enough additional arms and hooks to keep all attachments organized.

Next is the LCD screen. This vacuum includes a surprisingly high-tech one, to the point that it looks more like it belongs on a SmartWatch. It will always show you the expected battery life, plus info on the suction settings you are using (Eco, Auto, or Boost).

This is rendered extra necessary due to Dyson’s DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) system, which uses sensors to guess floor conditions and adjusts settings accordingly.

This same screen will also provide you with performance reports and alert you when it’s time to wash the filter or empty the canister.

The one thing that keeps this model from perfection is its weight. Resilient plastic must be heavy than its flimsier counterparts, but it can also make cleaning feel like a chore.

Barring this detail (and maybe, its average battery life), this model is our favourite.

Very high suction power.Heavy.
Dynamic Load Sensor that can adjust settings to floor type.Reports indicate that the motorhead may give issues.
Very good for pet hair and dander.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Why Go Cordless?

Lighter and more flexible than regular wired vacuum cleaners, cordless models are now the go-to option for new homeowners.

Their main advantages include:

  • They are safer than corded models. They eliminate the possibility of accidentally tripping or becoming tangled on the wires.
  • They provide more freedom. As you won’t need to be limited by the length of the cord, you will be able to move around more quickly and reach very high or hidden surfaces.
  • Cordless models are, on average, lighter than their counterparts. This helps them produce less noise.

Cordless vacuums usually work with a built-in Lithium ion battery. These are typically rechargeable and typically last for about two years before they begin to lose their capacity. On the other hand, they are not as easy to replace as regular single-use batteries.

The main downside of corded models is their tendency towards a lower cleaning performance. Usually, this is strongly tied to energy capacity. When on “eco” or “low” mode, most models can handle between 30 to 40 minutes of continuous operation.

Under standard operations (such as cleaning a large amount of dust from hardwood or bare floors), expect anything between 15 and 25 minutes. Most models also include an “ultra “ or extra robust mode, designed explicitly for carpet floor cleaning.

As this usually requires much sharper suction, the battery may last for 10 minutes or less.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right vacuum can take a lot of research. If your budget is limited to $200 or less, you will also likely need to work out a compromise.

Cordless models are often made from lighter materials, making them easier to carry around and reach difficult areas.

You will also want to make sure to pay only for the features you need: HEPA filters, pet hair rollers, and high-suction modes only make sense in certain circumstances.

If you have no children or high pile carpets, you may be better off with something that has a longer-lasting battery or softer brushes.

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