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What Are the Best Cordless Stick Vacuums?

A stick vacuum is compact and more lightweight, yet it packs the power of a traditional vacuum. Its powerful suction makes it the cleaning machine of choice for surfaces such as carpets and hard floors. If you’re a pet owner, you might find a stick vacuum very useful at removing pet hair from your surfaces. What’s more, many stick vacuums are cordless hence more portable.

Their impressive suction power means you can rely on them for equally remarkable cleaning performance. And with the vacuums’ floor cleaning heads swiveling excellently (horizontally and vertically), stick vacuums are always easy to maneuver, which improves the cleaning results. As such, a cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the cleaning machine for your home.

But finding the best models is a daunting task and for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that many stick vacuums flood the market, resulting in broader options. But only a handful of these stick vacuums are high-quality. That’s why we’re rounding up some of the best cordless stick vacuums on the market that could serve you better. We’ve also included a guide to help you through. So, read on for more information.

Five Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung Jet 75 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

This stick vacuum cleaner has plenty of features that propel it up the list of the best cordless stick vacuums. First, it features a powerful battery that guarantees up to 60 minutes of run time. Its battery pack is detachable, and you can replace it with a fully charged battery if it runs out of charge. And you have a good reason to invest in a spare battery pack as its original battery takes 3.5 hours to charge.

With such incredible battery power, you can only expect equally stunning suction performance. And this particular stick vacuum model doesn’t disappoint as it boasts an astonishing 200 Air Watts of suction power. The vacuum cleaner unleashes its advanced cleaning performance on various floor types such as hardwood, tile, carpets. Therefore, it is a multi-surface stick vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner also features a Turbo Action brush that swivels efficiently to maneuver between the sofa legs. And this increases its cleaning efficiency for unmatched cleaning results. This particular cleaning head has a 3,700 RPM for removing dust particles, pet hair, debris from carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

But the Turbo Action brush isn’t enough as this vacuum cleaner includes other cleaning accessories for cleaning surfaces above the floor. These cleaning attachments include a crevice tool, combination tool, flex tool, and Mini Motorized tool for cleaning various surfaces. But you will use these cleaning attachments after converting your stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The stick vacuum is lightweight since it weighs only 6.17 pounds. And this improves maneuverability. Also, its 5-Layer filtration system boasts Clog-Reducing Technology that maintains the filter’s 99.99% efficiency. If you’re looking for a powerful stick vacuum with efficient filtration, this could be the stick vacuum you seek.

200AW suction power.The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge.
60-minute battery life.The wand is not telescopic.
It weighs only 6.17 pounds.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews

Tineco S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This Tineco Pure ONE S11 stick vacuum cleaner also features a battery pack since it is a cordless vacuum cleaner. But its battery pack doesn’t stack up against the previous battery pack as it only boasts 40 minutes of run time. But this battery life is still great since a cleaning task isn’t likely to take this long. Therefore, this is another excellent cordless stick vacuum.

Given the somewhat reduced battery performance, the suction power also tends to correspond with the battery performance. And that’s true since your stick vacuum cleaner boasts 130 AW of suction power. Although this suction power isn’t as impressive as the previous performance, it is powerful enough to suck up each dust particle and debris from carpets and hard floors.

While cleaning your carpets and hard floors, the vacuum cleaner stays ultra-quiet, thanks to a digital motor. Another incredible feature is the Auto-Adjust. With the help of this incredible feature, your stick vacuum detects hidden dust particles and debris and adjusts its suction power accordingly in real-time. And this results in a cleaner carpet and 2X longer run time.

The brush head is full-sized and has LED lights to improve cleaning performance, even in the dark. The vacuum cleaner also includes cleaning attachments for use as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Whether you want to clean furniture, a car’s interior, or stairs, this vacuum cleaner has the correct cleaning attachment for the task at hand.

The unit features a 4-stage Hepa filter that captures tiny debris and dust particles. The 0.6L dust bin is large enough and doesn’t fill up quickly. Once you’re through cleaning your carpet or floor, you can use the wall-mount dock to store your stick vacuum cleaner. This stick vacuum has every feature you need to give your residential space an all-around cleaning. Therefore, it is an excellent buy.

130 AW suction power.It has no upgraded soft-roller power brush.
2,500 mAh Lithium battery.It doesn’t come with a spare battery pack.
Ultra-quiet operation.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It’s incredible how much suction power cordless vacuums could boast despite relying on battery power. This particular cordless stick vacuum cleaner boasts 120W of suction power, making it one of the most powerful stick vacuums. Its motor is 450W powerful, delivering incredible suction power, peaking at 120W as we’ve already seen.

Of course, this stick vacuum features three power modes: Gentle, Daily, and Max. Each power setting is useful when removing dust particles from various surfaces. For example, you can use the first two power settings on surfaces such as hardwood floors and tiles and reserve the Max mode for stubborn dust particles on your carpet.

You can be sure to get up to 40 minutes of run time from the unit’s detachable battery pack. But this incredible run time is a reality only if you’ve selected the first cleaning mode. Otherwise, your battery energy will drain fast. Fortunately, the battery usually lasts throughout the cleaning process.

The vacuum cleaner is portable and easily converts into a handheld vacuum. And it includes essential cleaning accessories for use as a handheld vacuum. These cleaning attachments include Power Brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and a Mini Power Brush – not a bad feat for a stick vacuum weighing only 11.46 pounds.

The cleaner head enjoys an advanced design that includes LED lights. Even if you’re looking to deep clean all the dark spots on your carpet or hard floor, this vacuum cleaner is up for the task. The dust cup is 0.6L large, allowing you to finish up the cleaning task.

And your vacuum cleaner does the cleaning without making a sound. As such, it is an incredible model for pet owners. The 4-stage filter is highly efficient, trapping even dust particles that are 0.3 microns in size. If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum with incredible cleaning performance, you should also consider this stick vacuum.

120W suction power.It features no upgraded soft-roller power brush.
Three power modes.It doesn’t come with a spare battery pack.
It converts into a handheld vacuum.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews

Dreametech T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Long Runtime

This vacuum cleaner is cordless, and it features a swappable battery pack. You could replace its battery pack with a fully charged battery if it runs out of charge. But that is highly unlikely since the battery provides up to 60 minutes of run time – most cleaning tasks don’t take this long!

This incredibly powerful battery powers a high-speed motor. With the motor speed reaching 100,000 RPM, you will enjoy up to 20kPa of suction power. This is the kind of suction performance that your hard floor or carpet needs to sparkle after cleaning your living room.

As you might expect from a stick vacuum with incredible suction power, this vacuum model features three suction power levels. These suction power levels include the Turbo Mode, Econ Mode, and Standard Mode. Of course, Turbo Mode is ideal for cleaning stubborn dust and grime from the surfaces.

Many upright vacuums can only dream of a highly efficient filtration system. But this stick vacuum lives the dream as it features a 5-stage filtration system that translates to 99.99% filtration efficiency. That means even the tiniest allergens, 0.3 microbes in size, don’t stand a chance to pollute your air.

Since this is a multi-functional cleaning machine, it converts into a handheld vacuum. And it includes necessary cleaning attachments for use as a handheld vacuum: a V-shape brush roll, a crevice nozzle, and a 2-in-1 brush.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, weighing only 3.64 pounds, and features a 0.6L dust cup. It is a powerful cordless stick vacuum that cleans bare floors and carpets. As such, it rightfully appears on a list of the best cordless stick vacuums.

60-minute powerful battery.It has no LED lights.
It converts into a handheld vacuum.It features no Smart Screen.
Three power suction levels.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

If you’re a pet owner, you have at least one reason for investing in this Shark vacuum cleaner. First, it features the brand’s Anti-Allergen Pet Power feature. As a result, it traps allergens from the pet hair it collects from your hard floors and carpets. This makes it a perfect choice for pet owners with allergic reactions to pet hair.

You don’t have to worry about leaving a strand behind if you invest in this vacuum cleaner. Its HyperVelocity feature concentrates sufficient suction power on stubborn debris, ensuring every inch of your floor is dust-free.

What’s more, the vacuum cleaner’s PowerFins keep a tab on dust particles and debris, ensuring no speck of dust remains on the carpet or bare floor. So, if you need to deep clean your carpets and hard floors, this is the stick vacuum cleaner to buy.

The self-cleaning brush roll also pulls out long pet hair strands from carpets without such long strands wrapping around it to reduce the incredible cleaning power. Since it is a cordless stick vacuum, it features a powerful battery pack that guarantees 50 minutes of run time.

With this cleaning machine within the confines of your humble home, you can have on-floor and above-floor cleaning exercises. It converts into a handheld vacuum for cleaning upholstery, shelves, tight spaces, and stairs. Besides, it includes all the cleaning attachments for cleaning the surfaces we’ve mentioned. The vacuum cleaner also works well for car owners as much as it does for pet owners. Therefore, it is a versatile stick vacuum that’s worth the investment.

It converts into a handheld vacuum.The PowerFins are not DuoClean.
It excellently pulls out pet hair.It doesn’t include a spare battery pack.
Self-cleaning brush roll.
Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviews

What Should You Look for When Buying a Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Finding the best stick vacuum is never a daunting task if you know what to look for before spending your cash. You will keep a closer eye on specific features to improve your chances of getting a highly functional and versatile vacuum cleaner. But what features will you check when shopping? Well, they include the features below:

Battery charge Capacity

The charge capacity refers to the battery power. Usually, in Amps-hour, charge capacity says a lot about a battery’s electrical supply capability. A battery pack with a higher charge capacity is more powerful than another battery pack boasting less charge capacity value. For example, a 50Ah battery packs more power than a 30Ah battery.

But the charge capacity for stick vacuum batteries is usually in milliamp Hour (mAh). Still, a battery with a higher mAh value is more powerful. And you want to check the charge capacity before buying a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. That’s because you want a battery pack with the best battery life.

As such, look for batteries with at least 2000mAh of charge for 40 minutes of run time. You can also look for more powerful batteries packing more mAh for extended cleaning performance. The higher the charge capacity, the longer the run time. So, pick stick vacuums whose batteries pack more charge for extended cleaning tasks.

Suction Power

Besides checking for incredible battery power, you also want to check the suction power. A powerful stick vacuum easily cleans dust particles, grime, and dirt. Sucking up dirt and dust from various surfaces is a no-brainer for powerful stick vacuums. And this is enough reason to look for a stick vacuum boasting sufficient suction power.

Stick vacuum manufacturers express the suction power in Air Watts (AW). But they could also express it in Watts (W) or kilopascals (kPa). So, you want to pay attention to digits with these letters accompanying them because those digits tell you the suction power.

Look for at least 100 AW of suction power from a stick vacuum cleaner for impressive cleaning power. You could find stick vacuums with as much as 200 AW of suction power. They are the best models from which to choose. They will suck up every speck of dust, leaving the cleaned surface sparkling clean!

Suction Power Levels

A vacuum cleaner with multiple suction power levels is more adaptive. Such a vacuum cleaner only uses the necessary suction power to pick up dirt from surfaces. And this could potentially improve the run time. With three suction power levels, you can only reserve the Max Mode for more stubborn dust particles and use other cleaning modes for loose dirt. Therefore, consider buying stick vacuum cleaners with different power settings.

Dust Cup Size

Stick vacuum cleaners are usually bagless, meaning they temporarily store the collected dirt in a dust cup or canister. As such, the dust cup is an essential component of a stick vacuum cleaner. You want to pay attention to the size of this dust cup, as a small dust cup will fill up quickly. As a result, your vacuum cleaner will experience reduced cleaning power.

Look for a large dust cup as it doesn’t fill up quickly. And this means your vacuum cleaner will always clean at its full cleaning potential. Any stick vacuum with a 0.5L dust cup is an excellent choice. But you can look for models with even bigger dust cups for excellent performances at all times.

The Filtration System

Air rushes through a vacuum cleaner depending on its airflow. The vacuum cleaner then uses the rushing air to suck up dirt and dust particles from surfaces such as bare floors and carpets. But this air will exit via an exhaust port after passing through a filtration system that traps dust particles, dirt, and allergens that then collects in a dust cup. As a result, only clean, breathable air exits through the exhaust port.

Therefore, the filter is another essential component of a stick vacuum cleaner. And you want to ensure it is high-quality for efficient filtration performance. When buying a stick vacuum, check for the filter’s efficiency. If the filter is more than 99% efficient, that is an excellent stick vacuum. Also, check for models with a Hepa filter since this filter is usually 99.99% efficient. And don’t forget to go for a unit whose filter has more filtration layers for increased efficiency.

Cleaning Versatility

Stick vacuum cleaners excellently clean carpets and hard floors; no doubt about that. But they beat robot vacuums in versatility since they can also clean above-floor surfaces such as the ceiling and shelves, among a few more surfaces. Usually, these vacuum cleaner types also convert into handheld vacuums for cleaning above-floor surfaces. And they include the necessary cleaning tools for this role.

As such, you want to check for cleaning versatility before buying a stick vacuum cleaner. If you’re planning to clean the furniture upholstery, stairs, shelves, and the ceiling, ensure your preferred vacuum cleaner converts into a handheld vacuum and includes the cleaning attachments you need. Some of the attachments to keep a closer eye on include an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a combination tool, among a few more tools.

Maneuverability and Weight

You also want to buy a stick vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver since maneuverability affects cleaning efficiency and outcome. A vacuum cleaner with excellent maneuverability glides between the couch legs with precision. And this improves the cleaning results at the end of your cleaning task. But a vacuum cleaner with a swiveling cleaner head is easy to maneuver. Therefore, buy a stick vacuum whose cleaner head swivels excellently.

On the other hand, you want to buy a lightweight stick vacuum. First, a lightweight vacuum cleaner is more portable as it is effortless to move from one room to another. Second, the weight of the vacuum cleaner affects maneuverability. For example, a lighter vacuum cleaner is easier to maneuver. If you’re looking for a lightweight design for portability and improved maneuverability, buy a stick vacuum cleaner weighing no more than 15 pounds.


How long does a stick vacuum’s battery take to charge?

Since you’re opting for a cordless stick vacuum as the cleaning machine of choice, you want to pay attention to its battery. Particularly, you want to know how long it takes to charge a depleted battery. Usually, these battery packs take 3-4 hours to charge. Since you don’t want to wait this long to resume cleaning, you want to buy a spare battery pack.

How long does the battery last on the job?

A cordless stick vacuum cleaner relies on battery energy to function. But the battery has a battery life, the period the battery takes before draining completely. This period varies, depending on the battery’s charge capacity. But many cordless stick vacuums take between 40 to 60 minutes before needing a battery pack swap. Therefore, your stick vacuum cleaner could take anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes to run on battery power.

Can I use a stick vacuum cleaner to clean a vehicle’s interior?

Yes, a stick vacuum cleaner such as Black Decker converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Also, your cleaning machine comes with cleaning accessories such as a crevice tool and an upholstery tool for cleaning your car’s seats. Therefore, you could use a stick vacuum cleaner to give your car’s interior the sparkle it rightfully deserves.

Is my stick vacuum cleaner safe to use around pets?

Your stick vacuum cleaner might not be as powerful as a traditional vacuum, but it is safest to use around pets. First, a stick vacuum is usually ultra-quiet. As a result, you will not disrupt your pet’s peaceful nap. What’s more, these vacuum cleaner types efficiently collect pet hair from the floor while ensuring pet hair doesn’t wrap around their tangle-free brush rolls. Given their excellent filters that trap all allergens in the air, stick vacuums are safe to use around pets.

Wrap Up

A stick vacuum cleaner could be the cleaning machine you need. Besides being versatile, a stick vacuum also packs sufficient cleaning power. Some models even have power setting modes for varying their cleaning power. As a result, you will only use the correct suction power level to clean the dust particles and dirt, conserving battery power in the process.

Stick vacuums are versatile since they easily convert into handheld vacuums. You can then use them for above-floor cleaning tasks. Whether it’s your carpet you want to clean or the stairs, a stick vacuum cleaner does an excellent job. And this makes stick vacuums worth the investment.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cordless stick vacuums on the market. We think they will serve you better and could be worth looking into for an impressive cleaning performance. But we didn’t stop there; we also included a guide to help you find other incredible brands on the market. Therefore, finding the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner is easier than before. Invest in the best stick vacuum and give your home or car the cleanest look!

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