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What Are the Easiest Flowers to Grow in Pots?

Planning on building a beautiful garden filled with different plants, but lacking green thumb? Planting flowers on pots is the perfect fit for you!

This is an alternative way of taking care of plants without having to place them on the soil of your garden along with your garden cover.

So, what’s are the easiest flowers to grow in pots?

Growing flowers is a great way of bringing your dull porch or yard back into life. There are numerous easy-to-grow flowers available especially for starters.

Tons of choices are also available when it comes to the pots and containers you may use. This includes hanging baskets, plastic pots, ceramic and concrete pots, self-watering containers, and a whole lot more!

Why Should I Plant Flowers in Pots?

Planting flowers in pots instead of the grounds gives you a lot of advantages compared to when planting on the ground.

Some advantages include:

  • The quality of the soil you will be using for your plants is totally up to you. You can easily control the type of soil for a particular plant – whether it is drained soil or undrained soil, and the like.
  • You can easily move your planted pots and control the exposure of your plants to the sunlight. Some plants cannot stand hot climates and cold weather. You can adjust the placement of your plants when they are potted.
  • It helps add more texture, height, and variety to your garden. Growing beautiful flowers with differing heights and styles is more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Potted plants consume less space and are easily placed into your desired location.
  • Year-round plants and herbs thrive better in pots because their exposure to different factors can easily be controlled.

What Are the Easiest Flowers to Grow in Pots?


The classic geraniums, known as “white watermelon” and “dark red,” is one of the best and easiest flowers to grow in pots. They can be placed on the porch to soak the good afternoon shade during the summer. It thrives with sunlight exposure for four to six hours every day. When winter comes, place the geraniums inside and keep them as your houseplants near a bright window.


This Petunias flower brings to life different colors including variations of white-pink, purple-pink, red, and blue, and many more. Ideally, petunias love being in sunny spots and they are also grown as annuals. Removing the faded flowers is not necessary because this plant is self-maintaining which makes it very easy to take care of.


These Marigolds bright flowers with combinations of yellow red and red-orange would surely bring your porch to life.

Some varieties of this plant grow up to 3-feet tall while other types remain bushy and around 6 inches tall.

To keep them alive, they must have at least six hours of sun exposure. The soil that must be used should drain easily too.


This Calibrachoas plant is not recommended to be grown on the ground. Hence, pots are the best option for this plant to thrive.

Calibrachoas are also known as “million bells” and are one of the most common indoor plants all over the world. To thrive, calibrachoas need at least six hours of sun exposure.

They are easy to grow on pots because they do not require much care aside from watering and fertilizing.


The Hydrangeas are easily one of the favorite indoor plants of many people. Colors may range from white, pink, lilac, and rose.

They are easy to grow and do not require a lot of care. Using a rolling plant stand for hydrangeas is suggested so these 1 to 3 feet tall plants can be easily moved around.

There are also smaller varieties that can be used as patio plants. Be sure to keep this plant on shaded parts of the house for it to thrive.


The Guinea impatiens have been known to grow without needing much care. Flowers of this plant include red-orange, white, salmon, coral, and violet.

They are fast-growing and thrives in shady spots. Sun exposure is not necessarily needed for it to live and bloom.

It can be placed in hanging baskets and window boxes. It is known to grow around 10 to 16 inches tall.


This Chrysanthemums plant is sold anywhere and everywhere you may think of – including garden centers, mall flower shops, and grocery stores.

When planting flowers like chrysanthemums, they must be strategically placed at a spot where it gets bright and has indirect light.

It may also be placed outdoor in the patio or yard where it gets the good morning sun. To maintain and take care of this plant, removing the dead flowers is necessary and watering the topsoil is important.


This Coleus plant is one of the easiest to grow in a pot because of its versatility. It is known to grow at a fast rate, so it would be better to purchase a small one first.

Coleus produces beautiful white and blue flowers and thrives with the afternoon shade. Some varieties also grow when exposed to the morning sun.

Be careful not to leave it out for too long though because it tends to dry out. It grows from 6 to 48 inches tall.


The Starflowers are low-maintenance plants that easily grow on pots. If you want to attract butterflies in your porch or garden, this plant is the perfect fit for you.

It needs sunlight to thrive, so make sure to leave it somewhere sunny. It blooms white, yellow-red, or pink flowers during late spring until fall.

It may reach from 10 to 24 inches tall and is known to be sturdy and wide.


This Mandevilla exotic-looking plant thrives well in pots and mixed containers. Leave it out under the full sun for at least six hours and see it bloom, especially during the summer season.

The soil must be well-draining and filled with fertilizers to ensure its growth. It needs frequent watering to ensure that it gets hydrated properly.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous easy-to-grow flowers in pots, but before getting all of them at the same time, it is best to do your research first.

Note how to take care of a specific plant before buying another other. It takes patience and dedication to grow plants beautifully and successfully.

Hence, learn everything you need to know before choosing the perfect potted plant for you.

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