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What Are the Flowers That Grow in Texas?

Flowers blooming during the spring and summer are indeed beautiful to look at. It also gives life to your garden.

However, living in Texas can be a bit of a challenge if you are looking for varieties of plants and flowers you can grow.

With the long stretches of hot weather in the state, keeping the garden in a beautiful state may be difficult.

But believe it or not, having a beautiful garden filled with colored flowers is not impossible amid the heat and drought.

So, if you are residing in Texas and you want to find the perfect flowers that can withstand the Texas climate, we got you.

What Are Heat Tolerant Plants?

A heat-tolerant plant is a particular type of plant that is known to withstand extreme temperatures. These plants can thrive around 50 to 65o Celsius.

The constantly increased temperature does not cause too many anatomical, biochemical, and physiological changes. Hence, heat and drought-tolerant plants can survive.

What Are Examples of Heat Tolerant Plants and Flowers?


Considered as a native plant that thrives in the tropics, lantana is one of the first names that would come into mind when it comes to heat-tolerant plants.

It thrives in a humid and hot environment. It usually needs to be in moist and well-drained soil but it can still withstand extreme temperatures.

Even when exposed to full sun, it will still bloom all-year-round with beautiful pink, yellow, red, orange, and white flowers.


This plant comes in a lot of varieties of colors and sizes. Some types of begonias can tolerate the full sun, and some thrive better in part shade.

Before buying your begonias, ensure that you will be getting the variety that thrives in heat and drought. Keeping them watered also plays a great role in its survival, especially in peak heat during summer.

It can be planted in both pots and beds.


Salvias, otherwise called sages, are easy-to-grow and heat-tolerant plants. It grows from 18 inches to 5 feet tall.

Being exposed to the full sun does not affect their growth, and they can thrive even during the summer season. Salvias do not require constant watering so many people find this plant ideal for dry gardens.

Salvias produce blue flowers and purple flowers and are known to attract different pollinators.


This plant thrives in warmer climates, so it is perfect for those who are staying in Texas. It is versatile and is known to also grow even in colder climates.

To help it survive in the heat and drought, it needs to be watered regularly. In simpler terms, vincas are heat-resistant flowers, but they are not drought-resistant.

They bear pink, magenta, red flowers, and white blooms along with combinations of the colors mentioned. They thrive better in soil fertilized with moderate nutrients.


Stonecrops are a type of succulent, and as the majority know, succulents are known to thrive even during the hottest days. It is resistant to both heat and drought and can also withstand extreme humidity, and even poor soil.

They thrive even in the poorest conditions because stonecrops store moisture in their thick leaves. These colored flowers bloom even during summer in the Texas weather.

To help it thrive better, use well-draining soils under the full sun.


This plant is probably one of the most common heat-friendly plants known today. Marigolds are a classic – they can be both bedding plants and potted plants.

It is easy to maintain and easy to grow because it does not need much care to thrive. Different colored flowers bloom from this plant, including bright tones of yellow and orange.

It blooms during summer, and even during the fall when the majority of the plants suffer from the heat. Use well-drained soil and place your marigold under full sun, but do not forget to water it regularly too.


Unlike many plants and flowers that suffer in hot weather, pentas thrive in the Texas heat and are grown as perennials that bloom annually.

This plant is also known as the Egyptian star clusters because of its shape. When exposed under full sun, it blooms beautiful flowers in shades of pink, red, and white.

It can withstand the humidity, but it needs to be in well-drained soil to avoid the accumulation of too much moisture that may lead to plant diseases. It also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.


This plant ranges from 3 inches to 6 feet tall. Cosmos produce daisy-like flowers that are both heat and drought-resistant.

Hence, it can withstand the heat of particular states like Texas. It grows even if the quality of the soil is not good. As a matter of fact, nutrient-rich soils can make their stems floppy and weak.

It thrives even if you do not pay much attention to it. It can be exposed under full sun or partial shade too.


This plant needs full sun exposure for it to bloom the best flowers. It is also known because of the sturdy, purple stalks it produces.

Liatris also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies which make your garden more lovely to look at. It must be watered weekly until they grow enough and develop strong roots.

It does not require any fertilizers or nutrients as it will grow best under sunlight and heat.

Lemon Verbena

Known as a heat-loving plant that originally thrives in South America, lemon verbena has already risen to fame because of its sturdiness.

This heat-resistant plant must be exposed under full light to partial shade to bloom. It also needs to be planted using well-draining soil to prevent too much moisture.

It grows from 2 to 3 feet tall and is known to shed leaves when the temperature drops below 40o C.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to be master gardeners to grow beautiful flowers in the middle of heat and drought. There are a lot of plants that can withstand the Texas weather.

It is just a matter of choosing the perfect plant for your liking.

Start growing your garden and grab those flowers today.

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