What Can I Do with Smartthings Hub?

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If you’re looking to convert your living space into a smart home, there are a few smartthings devices you’re going to need. But the smartthings devices are going to need a Samsung smartthings hub to control them.

With a smartthings hub, you can control your smart home aspects such as home security, lighting, and HVAC system from a smartthings app on your smartphone or tablet!

The possibilities could be endless with a smartthings hub. You can control more than you might have imagined! You can even control your lawn sprinkler with a smartthings hub.

You only need the right smartthings devices and add the right skills to the smartthings app for the hub to execute the skills. This article is going to look at what you can do with a smartthings hub. It will also look at the smartthings devices you will need for each task. So, be sure to read on for more information!

You can automate the lighting system

With the Samsung smartthings hub, you can control your home’s lighting system. But you’re going to need smart lights as your smartthings devices in this case. Signify’s Philips Hue is an excellent smart light that you could control and automate with a smartthings hub.

With Philips Hue, you can have your lights turn to any color that corresponds to your mood. You can also switch on/off the smart lights from the cozy comfort of your sofa. You don’t need to get off and disrupt your sitting posture to control your Philips Hue smart lights. With a smartthings hub, you can be sure to control your smart lights.

You can automate your home security lights

More often than not, burglars don’t break into occupied homes. They often choose unoccupied homes to improve their chances of successfully stealing away valuables like cash, electronics, and jewelry, to mention a few items.

With a smartthings hub, you could deter burglars from entering your home. But you’re going to need a few compatible devices to control your security lights. Besides controlling your security lights remotely using a smartthings hub, you can also add motion sensors to have your security lights turn on when burglars trespass on your yard. As a result, the burglars will flee thinking that someone is home.

You can add an extra layer to your home’s security system by adding a Samsung multipurpose sensor to your smart home. Once you have connected the multipurpose sensor to your home’s network, you can be sure to receive alerts in real-time via your smartphone or control panel.

A multipurpose sensor will also send notifications if your door, window, or cabinet drawer opens. With a smartthings hub, you can also control your door locks. What’s more, you can control the door locks remotely. You can let your family members into the house even if they don’t know the lock code!

A smartthings hub controls all the connected devices in a smart home. Switch on the connected smart lights and fool burglars that you’re at home. Therefore, the possibilities are endless if you have a smartthings hub.

Control smart power outlets

Samsung smartthings hub can also allow you to control smart outlets from a smartthings app or Google Home app. What’s more, you can control the smart outlet plus all the connected devices. You can turn on/off the TV and other electronics such as home theatre from the comfort of your couch.

Since smartthings hubs also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can also control the smart power outlets by issuing voice commands. You will need to invest in a smart power outlet such as SmartThings Smart Outlet or GE In-Wall Smart Outlet to control your power outlets using the smartthings hub.

Control your thermostat

The ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is a smart home device that allows you to control your smart home’s heating and cooling aspects. You can also find other smart home devices that achieve a similar result, but this one has built-in Alexa and includes Amazon Echo, meaning you can also control it by voice.

You can connect ecobee4 to your Samsung smartthings hub and instruct your heating system to heat particular rooms. Besides, this smart home device has room sensors that help you determine which rooms need more heat. You can prepare your living space by heating it to an ideal temperature before you arrive home from work!

You can monitor your home

With the right smart home device, you can monitor your home around the cloth in real-time. Arlo Pro 2 provides an excellent home monitor, and it includes cameras that work with smartthings hub. The Arlo Pro 2 is a starter kit for every smart home when it comes to security matters.

You only need to connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network and get real-time notifications and live video when an intruder is on your property. Since its cameras have night vision, you can also monitor your home at night. The Arlo Pro 2 is a smartthings device that allows you to monitor your home, thanks to its compatibility.

You can control your smart speakers

Smartthings hub is compatible with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo. You can use your smartthings hub app to add favorite music to your playlist and instruct your smart speaker to play a particular song. You can switch on/off your smart speaker remotely if you have connected it to your smartthings hub via your home’s network. You only need to use the smartthings app to play music or turn it off miles away.

Although you can control smart speakers by voice, you might be unable to do so if you’re far away. But with a smartthings hub, you can turn the music on so that burglars might think someone is home. This adds an extra layer of security besides giving you more control of your smart home audio system.

Final Thoughts

With a smart home hub like Samsung’s smartthings hub, you can control many aspects of your smart home. You can automate the smart lights and turn them on/off even if you’re miles away. You can also monitor your home around the clock after installing the Arlo Pro 2 night-vision cameras on your property.

You can also control your smart power outlets without having to disrupt your relaxed sitting posture. The possibilities are endless! You only need to install the right devices and connect them to the same network as the smartthings hub. This will grant you control of your smart home, even if you’re miles away. Turn the lights on/off even if you’re miles away in Africa enjoying your Safari tour.

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