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What Evergreen Shrubs Grow Well in Shade?

Evergreen shrubs are meant to set beautiful foundation plantings for the garden during different seasons. Its lush greenery will bring life to boring landscapes especially during the winter season.

Some shrubs that produce flowers in spring also bloom colorful berries even during the fall. Evergreen shrubs bring joy almost all-year-round.

A majority of gardeners may think that growing evergreen shrubs under a shady spot is quite difficult. Thankfully, many shade loving shrubs thrive even without the full sun.

These evergreen shrubs may help build a structure for your garden filled with lush dark green and bright green leaves.

Shade Loving Evergreen Shrubs

If you want to start building your green foliage in your backyard, take the size and shape of the shrubs you want into consideration. Here are the following shrubs that grow well under the shade:


Aucuba is considered one of the most attractive landscape plants that grow well under shade. This plant grows into a shrub-like appearance that comes with green leaves that are pointed.

Its stems arches gracefully and the female plants bear red berries throughout the winter season.


Considered one of the most attractive trees that may be used in the landscape, arborvitaes come with different variations you can choose from.

This shrub can be helpful as a hedging material, and it may be used in pots as well. It can grow even with part shade only, as long as it is placed in well-drained soil.


These plants are often planted elegantly for formal landscapes and are known to be a good deer-resistant shrub. These dense shrubs grow well with well-drained soil and a part shade location.

 These are commonly grown for foliage because they resemble a small tree and their flowers are found to be insignificant.


These droopy but graceful trees are considered as one of the most beautiful ones. These shrubs are a great addition to the landscape in your garden.

It easily thrives even in the shade of the trees. However, it must be protected from the summer heat, along with strong winter winds.

To survive better, it must be placed in acidic soil that has continuous moisture.


This shrub with evergreen leaves is perfectly planted for paths and entranceways or borders. They are known to be drought-resistant and it has no problem with being sheared or pruned.

This is technically one of the easiest shrubs to take care of.  It also produces bright red berries that hide away under the female plant.

Mountain Laurel

These shrubs bloom the most attractive pink and white flowers that would make heads turn. Its deep shade of green foliage is a great asset for mass plantings and foundation plantings.

The different variations of this shrub grow differently and approximately ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet tall. It thrives well under the full sun but also even in part shade. They also require a well-drained and acidic soil to bloom.

Dwarf Bamboo

Considered an exotic plant, numerous gardeners have found bamboo as one of the most versatile and robust shrubs there is. It is a great addition to the garden because it grows quickly and thickly.

It provides a great green lush feature in your garden. Taking care of this plant is also simple and easy. It thrives when planted in slightly acidic, well-drained, and fertile soil.


a fetterbush plant

This attractive green shrub with a deep shade comes with shiny leaves and beautiful pinkish-purple flowers. This commonly grows by the bays, swamps, and bogs.

The urn-shaped flowers of this shrub that blooms in early spring are very eye-catching. This shrub requires just a little maintenance and can fairly thrive on its own.

It loves partial shades and grown better under moist conditions.


This broadleaf evergreen shrub is known to bloom even during the winter season. Because of its lush texture and deep shade, it is a great addition to your garden landscape.

It grows around 2 to 4 feet tall which makes it a perfect choice for foundation plantings. This shrub is also known to be disease- and pest-resistant which makes it easier to take care of.

Golden Euonymus

This shrub produces beautiful green and yellow flowers that are bright and bold all-year-round. It is well-loved because it is a low-maintenance shrub that takes little effort to grow.

It loves full sun exposure, but also grown even with partial shade. It may be used to accent mass plantings in your garden, but it may also stand alone.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the best evergreen shrubs to give life to your shady spots should not be done hastily. Plan it accordingly and search every shrub you are interested in.

Mix your evergreens with other flowers and plants best suited to the shade. When this is done thoroughly, the garden you will be producing would surely be beautiful and majestic.

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