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What Is A Garden Hoe?

If you are planning to start your garden, you must have a garden hoe ready. If you are wondering what is a garden hoe and why is it needed for gardening activities?

Garden hoes are one of the most essential tools for gardening because they can be utilized for digging, cultivating, and weeding out plants.

This tool typically has a long handle that the user can conveniently grab even when they are standing upright during their activity. Short-handled garden hoes are also available.

One of the most common garden hoes is the weeding hoe. This is composed of a blade with a sharp angle that is used to slice the upper surface of the soil for uprooting and cutting the weeds present.

Other types of garden hoes would be enumerated as the article goes on.

What Are the Uses of a Garden Hoe?

Since there are different types of garden hoes, each of them also has its specific functions. Generally, garden hoes can be used in the following situations:

  • Digging – like a grub hoe will change your experience in digging soil. Unlike the typical shovel wherein you need to sink the blade deeply in the ground to lift the dirt, you can easily hack the ground using a grub hoe.
  • Chopping – Garden hoes can help your work in chopping the sods and roots easily without exerting too much effort.
  • Removing – Removing deeply-rooted weeds has never been easier with the help of garden hoes.
    • Dig the deeply-rooted weeds from the ground.
    • Chop the deeply-rooted weeds until they die.
  • Relocating – In case you decide to transfer your plant to a different location, garden hoes are perfect for this activity. Aside from digging the plant, you can easily reach the roots and pry it upwards.

How Do I Use A Garden Hoe?

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To accomplish the task you want to do, here are the steps you have to follow:

  • Pick the most suitable garden hoe for the activity

Having a single hoe does not necessarily mean it can do all the job for you. You have to obtain the most suitable garden hoe for the job you want to do.

There are several garden hoes available and they all serve their specific purpose.

This will help you place the hoe at a proper angle upon entry to the soil. It is also best to use broad and fluid sweeping motions when cutting the tops of weeds in your garden.

  • Change hands if needed.

Since swinging the garden hoe can be tiring, alternately change the position of your hands as necessary to avoid soreness or injuries.

What Are the Different Types of Garden Hoe?

It is important to know the most suitable one to make your work more efficient and produce the results you want.

If you are confused with the different types of garden hoes, here are some samples:

Draw hoe

This handled hoe is mostly used for its wide blade. This is used by pulling through the ground to dislodge and remove the weeds present. It can also be used to dig or mound the soil.

Grub hoe

This basic garden tool is one of the most common tools because it is primarily picked for digging and tilling the soil. It can easily break the ground when starting up a new garden by loosening and dragging the soil.

Stirrup hoe

This is also known as the loop hoe or shuffle hoe. It contains an attachment similar to a stirrup placed on a saddle. To use stirrup hoes, do a back and forth motion. In simpler terms, it is pushed and pulled.

Warren hoe

This garden hoe is shaped like a triangular blade bent at a 90-degree angle. This garden tool is perfect if you need to weed out in small and tight spaces in the corner of your garden. It can be used even in more compacted soils and hoeing weeds.

Collinear hoe

This weeding tool has a long and thin blade that can be placed parallel to the soil. With this garden hoe, you can easily cut the weeds along a straight path because the rocks and other materials tend to go over it.

Scuffle hoe

This is a heavy duty garden tool that can be used to remove the weeds just above the line of the soil. The wide blade of this garden hoe easily cuts the weeds even in rocky soils.

Dutch hoe

This garden tool is meant to be pushed and pulled so that its steel blades remove the roots of weeds present in the soil.

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect garden hoe for your vegetable garden is perhaps one of the best investments you will have.

These garden tools would make your life easier and help you create the garden of your dreams.

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