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What Is A Stick Vacuum

Regardless of the brand, power stick vacuums have the same characteristics. The stick vacuum is a lightweight, upright vacuum that is made to be carried around.

It usually has a handle with a shaft-like body shape. It is not as powerful as a traditional upright vacuum. Also, this type of vacuum doesn’t have a bag for collect dirt and debris.

The vacuum comes with a cup or canister for dirt collection that can be emptied and reused. It usually has a small motor. A stick vacuum is both compact and portable.

You can even turn it into a handheld vacuum to be used on other surfaces besides carpeting and flooring. Due to its size and shape, this vacuum makes it easier to vacuum hard-to-reach places.

Reasons to Own a Stick Vacuum

Not only are stick vacuums good for hardwood floors and low pile carpets, but some are powerful enough to be used as your only vacuum.

If you live in a small apartment or house, you may find that a stick vacuum is all you need.

Great for spot cleaning, you can use a stick vacuum to get into hard-to-reach places. This vacuum is also good for quick jobs due to it being lightweight.

For example, if your kid spills cereal on the kitchen floor, you can vacuum it up very quickly.

If you choose a cordless stick vacuum, you can be even more portable with your cleaning.

A vacuum that is rechargeable or uses batteries allows you to move from room to room to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

If your house mostly has hardwood floors with some area rugs and a few carpeted areas, you may find that the stick vacuum is most suitable for you.

If the vacuum you choose comes with a brush roll, you may be able to use it on heavily carpeted areas. However, if you have deep pile carpeting, the stick vacuum may be less ideal.

Features to Look For

The more features your vacuum comes with, the more expensive it is.

To find out what is the best stick vacuum for you to vacuum up pet hair, you have to know what you need and what features are necessary for your home.

Corded vs Cordless

One thing you have to decide on is whether or not you need a cordless vacuum. With cordless models, you need to either buy batteries or install a dock to charge your vacuum.

The good thing that comes with a cordless vacuum is that you can vacuum untethered. However, if you have a big house, you may find that the battery time may not last long enough to clean your whole home.

When it comes to run times, the battery life may only last 15 to 40 minutes.

With access to an electrical outlet, a corded vacuum allows you to clean your house without a time limit. However, a cord only allows you to vacuum in a certain radius.

If you want more range, you will have to find a vacuum that has a longer cord. The length of the cord has an effect on the price.

Most people find a corded stick vacuum cleaner to be more durable than a cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a stick vacuum cleaner that is cordless or corded, there are a variety of vacuums to choose from.

For example, you may find that the cordless Dyson V8 is good enough to clean your whole house.

However, if you mostly have hardware floors, you may find the cordless Hoover Linx Stick is adequate for your home. If you need a vacuum that has more power, the corded Dirt Devil Power Air may be more your speed.

Suction Power

When choosing a vacuum, you want to make sure it is powerful enough to do its job. Your stick vacuum cleaner should have enough suction to clean up all kinds of messes, especially if you have pets and/or young children.

With a cordless vacuum, the battery produces the suction power. As the battery depletes, the suction strength gets weaker. Only a high-quality cordless vacuum or a corded one offers a consistent suction.

When going with a cordless model, choose one that has a lithium battery with a high voltage. This model has stronger suction than one that has non-lithium batteries.

Most people make the assumption that a traditional vacuum is the best option for carpet cleaning.

Although their suction power does tend to be more reliable, a cordless stick vacuum that has a lithium battery can be just as efficient. Of course, if the stick vacuum is using a non-lithium battery, it isn’t going to be as powerful.

Weight and Size

Stick vacuums are lightweight which makes them great for portability. They tend to be smaller and more compact than traditional vacuums.

The fact that they are easy to handle makes them great for elderly and disabled individuals. It also makes them great for a quick clean.

Brush Roll

A brush roll makes it possible for a stick vacuum to clean rugs and carpets properly. You don’t need a brush roll for hardwood floors though. Using a brush roll with a smooth surface can cause debris to fly around.

That being said, it is good to have a brush roll around when you need it.

Ability to Get Into Crevices

The best thing about a stick vacuum cleaner is its ability to get into crevices and vacuum around objects. You can use the attachments to do so. Its compact design also makes it easier to vacuum.

Ability to Convert Into a Hand Vacuum

The stick and cleaning head can be detached from the vacuum to turn it into a handheld vacuum. Handheld vacuums aren’t really good for cleaning floor services.

A handheld vacuum is great for vacuuming upholstery.

Different Nozzle Options

Stick vacuums come with different size nozzles. You can cleaner a bigger surface with a wider nozzle. A narrow nozzle makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces which gives you a more thorough cleaning.

Easy to Clean

The canister that comes with stick vacuums means that you don’t have to replace vacuum bags anymore. Emptying the canister is a process that only takes a few seconds.

If you are someone who has allergies, a canister vacuum may not be a good option for you.

Easy to Store

There are some brands of stick vacs that have a wall mount. This will allow you to save on floor space. Its docking station will also make it easy to charge your vacuum.

Some stick vacuum brands have collapsible handles or fold-down which allow you to store them on your shelf or in your cupboard.

Stick Vacuums VS Robot Vacuums

stick vacuum vs robot vacuum

When you live in a small apartment, a stick vacuum allows you to vacuum your whole place with just one charge. The cordless option also makes it possible to get into corners untethered.

If you are someone who lives alone and doesn’t clean often this is a good option for you.

You can grab it quickly when you have made a small mess, and easy to put away when you don’t.

You can also use this vacuum to clean your car. The fact that it is cordless makes it useful.

The handheld option also allows you to clean spaces like upholstery and your mattress.

If you are a pet owner, though, you may want to pick up a robot vacuum. Pets shed all the time. A robot vacuum can help you cut down on your cleaning time.

You can schedule the times you want your vacuum to run.

If there are no stairs in your home, a robot vacuum can work. You can maintain a tidy home or just have it as a backup for the times you are unable to vacuum yourself.

A robot vacuum works well with your cleaning routine.

The Wrap Up

Choosing the right vacuum all boils down to your lifestyle. A stick vacuum is great for a smaller home because you can use the cordless option to clean up very quickly.

Its compact size makes it easier to get into tight crevices. If you have mostly smooth surfaces in your home, you will do well with this type of vacuum.

The handheld option allows you to clean your upholstery and your car. However, you may want a traditional vacuum if you have a large home and/or your home is mostly carpet.

A robot vacuum can help you maintain your home in between cleanings. In the end, it is important that you think over your housing and cleaning situation before deciding if a stick vacuum is right for you.

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