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What is Alexa Smart Plug?

You don’t have to have a complete smart home to enjoy some of the benefits. The Alexa smart plug plugs into a standard plug and turns it into a smart plug.

Any devices that you plug into an Alexa smart plug can be turned off or on via the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone.

The app lets you set routines or timers for the connected smart plugs in your home. Or you have the option of controlling them remotely with just your voice.

Amazon’s Alexa smart plug looks like a regular adapter. When plugged into an electrical outlet, it becomes a smart plug.

You can then turn devices on or off using just your voice. It is useful for helping to automate some of your basic tasks.

What is a Smart Plug?

A smart plug automates wired devices around your home. An Alexa smart plug activates devices by using voice commands with Alexa. To set up a smart plug, plug it into an outlet.

The directions for connecting it to your home wi-fi network will be displayed on the compatible app on your tablet, smartphone, or another device.

Once it is set up, plug in any wired appliance like a fan, lamp, or TV. You can now control them via the app no matter where you are.

It can also connect to smart devices hubs like Google Home or Amazon Echo devices. Once the Alexa smart plug is connected, you can enable voice commands like, “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light.”

How do you use the Alexa smart plug?

You can tell the amazon alexa smart plug is active by the small blue light on the side of the plug. There are three ways to turn the plug on.

  • Alexa voice command. You can tell Alexa to turn on “the plug name.” It will not dim a light or adjust a fan, it only functions as a smart off/on switch.
  • Through the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app. Then, tap the devices tab on the bottom navigation bar and select >plugs>toggle on and off.
  • Set it up on a timer. You can set the plug to turn on or off at any time. This means you can set it to automatically turn your coffee pot on at a specific time each morning. The “Routines” menu allows you to create a routine for all your connected smart plugs.

How do I set up a smart plug with Alexa?

You will connect the smart plug to amazon echo. These steps may vary a little per each type of device, however, they will remain roughly the same.

  1. Plug the Amazon smart plug into an outlet.
  2. Download the corresponding app. It will be in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Search for the name of the smart plug itself or its manufacturer.
  3. Set up the smart plug and the app. You will have to create an account with a username and password. Then, you will find the home device on the app and add it. After that, the app will provide setup instructions.

Do I need a smart home system to use an Alexa smart plug?

You can use the smart plug with just your wi-fi home network and an app on your phone.

However, if you don’t have an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant you will not be able to activate the smart plug with your voice. You will need to open the alexa app to turn items off or on.

However, you can still use the app to set up routines for your electrical home devices.

Practical Alexa Smart Plug Tips

Tip 1: Place several Alexa smart plugs in a group, then you can turn them all off and on together.

If you place two Alexa smart plugs in your living room, you can plug lamps into them. Create a “living room lights” grouping for them in the app.

Then all you have to say is ”Alexa turn on the living room lights.” This is easier than telling Alexa to turn on each light one by one.

However, if you want to, you can still activate each light separately.

Tip 2: Rename the smart plugs.

In the Alexa app, you can change the names of the smart plugs. During set-up, Alexa may ask if you want to name the smart plug. All you have to do is tell her what you want to call it.

Try to name them something that makes sense and something you won’t forget easily.

Tip 3: Make sure everyone knows how to use Alexa to control devices connected via smart plugs.

You may notice your devices stopped responding to commands. Most of the time, it’s because someone turned them off manually.

To see if this has occurred, turn the smart plug on and off. If the device doesn’t respond, it needs to be turned back on manually.

Tip 4: If you create a routine to turn lights on, you will need a second one to turn them off.

It’s important to set a separate routine for turning off lights that are set to come on at specific times. You may schedule them to automatically go off at the time you leave for work or when you know it’s light enough outside.

In Conclusion

It’s relatively simple to set up an Alexa smart plug in your home. Then, you’ll be able to control electrical appliances like lights fans with just a voice command.

You can also program specific appliances to turn on or go off at certain times of the day or night. An Alexa smart plug can make your day much simpler through home automation.

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