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What Is Echo Dot Smart Plug?

Have you ever dreamt of controlling your power outlets and electrical appliances without getting up the sofa and disrupting your comfort?

Have you ever wished you could turn your power outlets on or off by issuing voice commands?

Thanks to smart plugs, it is now easier to control electrical power outlets and appliances in a home.

You can now instruct your smart plug to switch the power outlet on/off. What’s more, you don’t even have to get off the couch to issue voice commands!

If you’re looking to control your power outlets by issuing voice commands, be sure to read on.

This guide will also take you through the steps you will take to set up a smart plug. So, be sure to stick for a while for more information.

Echo Dot Smart Plug

Echo Dot smart plug consists of two devices: Echo dot and Amazon smart plug. With these two smart home devices, you can automate your power outlets. The Echo Dot is nothing but a smart speaker.

It takes the command and instructs the smart plug to execute it.

The Echo Dot works with Alexa to make sure the smart plug executes your command. Since it is a smart speaker, you can also ask it to play your favorite music.

Therefore, Echo Dot has many capabilities for transforming your living space into a smart home.

The Amazon smart plug is only ideal for indoor use. But it performs excellently to control the electrical power from your outlets. You can be sure to control consumer electronics such as TVs, coffee makers, and a light bulb with it.

Therefore, Echo Dot smart plug consists of two devices to help you automate some of the home aspects like lighting and heating.

How to Use Echo Dot Smart Plug 

If you want to control the power outlets and electronics in your home, you will need to connect the Echo dot to the Amazon smart plug first. But how do you connect the two devices into a smart home system? Be sure to follow the steps below:

Plug the Amazon Smart Plug into the Wall

The first step you want to take is to take the Amazon smart plug and insert it into the wall plug to turn it on. Once you’ve plugged this device into the wall, it will blink blue.

At this point, the smart plug is ready to communicate with the Echo Dot smart speaker.

Launch the Alexa App

The Alexa App works on android and iOS devices. That means iPhones and other smartphone brands such as Samsung can launch this App. Be sure to download this

App before plugging the smart plug into the wall. Once you have opened this App on your phone, you should see a white box with information telling you the smart plug is ready to use.

But sometimes, you might not see the white box. If this is what you’re experiencing, be sure to tap the devices tab on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Then go to the top-right corner of the screen to tap the + button to add the smart plug.

Add skills to the Alexa App

Once you have added the smart plug to the Alexa App, you now want to add skills to enable the Echo Dot device to perform other tasks. You can download the skills to add.

However, be sure to download the correct skills. Once you have searched for skill and found it, tap to enable it.

Once you have added the right skills, the Echo Dot gives you voice control over the smart plug. What’s more, no control hub required to control electronic devices like your TV or cooker!

As such, Echo Dot Smart plug devices can turn your home into a smart home.

What else can Echo Dot Smart Plug do?

With Echo Dot smart speakers, you can control your smart light by voice! You can connect Echo Dot to a sengled smart light if you want to control the smart light by voice.

Besides, this smart light works with Google and Alexa voice assistants.

You can have remote control of the light if you connect it to a control hub. The control hub required will then connect to your home’s TP Link network to give you remote control of your home’s lighting system.

Imagine the possibilities if you connected all the smart bulbs in your home to the hub!

Besides controlling this light remotely, you can also control it by voice if you have an Echo device. You will follow similar steps, but you will first have to plug this smart light into the bulb holder and turn on the switch.

Once the bulb is on, you can add it to the Alexa App the same way you did with the Amazon smart plug. You will also add the right skills to allow Echo Dot to execute the commands you issue.

Final Thoughts

Echo Dot is a smart speaker that you could use to control your smart bulbs and smart plugs in your home. Echo Dot works with the Alexa App.

Once you have added the devices you want to control to the App, you will add the right skills to help Echo dot execute accurate tasks.

With an Echo Dot and Amazon smart plug, you can control your coffee maker, TV, or refrigerator. You can also control your smart bulbs by issuing voice commands.

What’s more, you can connect the smart bulbs to a control hub and control them remotely.

Therefore, Echo Dot smart plug is just what you need to control your smart home aspects such as lighting and heating.

Anything that uses electric power from the outlet could benefit from the Amazon smart plug!

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