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What Is the Best Breville Toaster Oven?

Breville manufactures premium-quality kitchen appliances, including toaster ovens. So, if you’re looking for a high-end kitchen appliance, you can be sure to find one from the Breville product line.

But in this article, we’re paying special attention to their best toaster ovens.

Their toaster ovens boast reputable construction, thanks to the stainless steel material. Also, Breville toaster ovens feature Element IQ technology for fast, energy-efficient cooking that can save you up to 30% of energy bills in the long run.

And with their toaster ovens boasting interior oven lights, you will monitor the doneness level to have the crispiest and tastiest chicken or any other food.

But we know finding some of the best toaster ovens from this company might seem a bit challenging. That is why we have rounded up a few of their toaster ovens that we think might suit you best.

We have looked at their pros and cons and included a list of things to check before picking one of their toaster ovens. So, be sure to read on for more information!

The Best Breville Toaster Ovens 

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven

This Breville smart toaster oven features the Smart Element IQ System, making it stand out due to its unmatched performance. This proprietary technology transfers smart heat from 5 quartz elements to the cooking food.

Whether you’re toasting slices of bread or cooking pizza, you will get a uniform crispy crust on the cooked food.

What’s more, this toaster oven boasts 1,800 Watts cooking power to cook your foods in a short time. The super-fast built-in fan makes this unit a convection toaster oven that yields a uniform crispy crush, as we’ve mentioned already.

And that’s because this fan circulates the super-heated air uniformly to give the precise, perfect cooking result every time you’re cooking.

The design is also on another level since you get ten cooking functions for cooking various foods. The cooking functions include toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, and slow cook.

As such, this is a versatile kitchen appliance for any kitchen. What’s more, this toaster oven features an LCD display for an easy read and selection of cooking functions.

The control knobs are easy to use, and there is a dial for cooking functions, temperature, and cooking time. And with the interior oven light, you can always monitor the doneness level if it meets your desired standards.

The cooking capacity is also sufficient. If you have a family of up to six members, this toaster oven might be a perfect choice.

1,800 Watts cooking power.The warranty period is limited.
Ten cooking programs.It is not very durable.
Smart heat transfer.
Best Breville Toaster Oven Reviews

Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

The first thing you probably notice about this Breville smart oven air toaster is the durable stainless steel construction. Since this material lasts long, you are sure that this toaster oven will serve you for many years.

But that’s not the only remarkable feature of this kitchen appliance.

Your toaster oven also features a 2-speed built-in fan for super convection cooking performance. You can choose between the super and regular speeds to achieve the crisp level you prefer.

Whichever speed you choose, the convection fan circulates super-heated air to yield a uniform crisp. Therefore, you can be sure to have the tastiest foods if you invest in this toaster oven.

Precision cooking is another benefit of this toaster oven, thanks to its Element IQ technology. This technology comprises six quartz heating elements, each radiating heat independently.

Together with the PID smart temperature sensing, your toaster oven boasts the perfect cooking performance!

With all these designs for impressive performance, you can only expect to cook various foods in your toaster oven. And this model meets your expectations by presenting you with 13 cooking functions.

These cooking functions include Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Frying, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook and Dehydrate. As such, this is one of the most versatile toaster ovens.

The cooking capacity is large as you can cook for up to 14 people, making it an ideal choice for large families. Whether you want to air fry your French fries or cook other family favorites, this versatile toaster oven will do the job excellently.

Besides, it also features an interior oven light to check the doneness level for a perfect crisp.

1,800-Watt cooking power.The warranty period is limited.
Two fan speeds.The glass door is delicate.
Interior oven light.
Best Breville Toaster Oven Reviews

Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven

This Breville toaster oven has eight cooking functions, which is two functions less than what the first toaster oven on the list features. But it still packs the same cooking power as the rest of the Breville toaster ovens on this list.

That means it packs the same 1,800-Watt cooking power as the rest of the Breville toaster models.

This countertop oven is compact and takes less space on the kitchen countertop. But it features everything full size ovens boast. And one of these features includes the Element IQ System. As a result, heat transfers intelligently from the four quartz elements to the cooking food.

But the medium cooking capacity might not suit large families. As such, only invest in this powerful toaster oven if you cook a meal, not more than for four people.

The cooking chamber remains large enough to fit a 12-inch pizza stone for cooking pizza. You can also toast four bread slices and bake 6-cup muffins. Therefore, it is a versatile kitchen appliance.

The convection toaster ovens on this list are easy to use, and this one is no exception. It features an easy-read backlit LCD for setting the correct cooking times, temperature, and cooking functions.

Cleaning is also effortless as the interior boasts a non-stick coating. Therefore, this unit has what it takes to be one of the best Breville toaster ovens.

1,800-Watt cooking power.The cooking capacity is a bit low.
Stainless steel construction.It has no air fry function.
Easy-read LCD display.
Best Breville Toaster Oven Reviews

Breville BOV860BSS Smart Oven Air Fryer

This Breville toaster oven has one of the largest cooking capacities on the list. The interior is roomy enough to hold six slices of bread, a 13-inch pizza, and a 9-cup muffin tray.

Also, this unit can hold a 4.4-quart Dutch oven for slow cooking. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a large family since it features a large cooking interior.

It also boasts super convection technology, like the rest of the Breville toaster ovens on the list. This kitchen appliance excellently circulates the super-heated air, thus reducing the cooking time by 30%.

And it does this without cutting back on the cooking results. As such, this unit is energy-efficient.

You have 11 cooking functions to select when cooking your foods. The functions include Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies and Slow Cook.

Since it has super convection technology, you can be sure to have the optimal convection setting for the crispiest and tastiest foods.

It includes essential accessories such as the baking pan, crumb tray, and oven rack to allow you to cook right out of the box! The Element IQ technology ensures only intelligent heat reaches your meal when you fry food such as a chicken wing.

Besides, it has a dedicated air fry function for healthy cooking. Since it comprises brushed stainless steel, this unit is elegant as much as it is durable. And it could be your go-to toaster oven.

1,800-Watt cooking power.The glass door is delicate.
Elegant finish.The warranty period is limited.
Interior oven light.
Best Breville Toaster Oven Reviews

How Do You Buy the Best Breville Toaster Oven?

When looking to buy a Breville toaster oven for your kitchen, you will consider a few features. And these features will improve your chances of getting the best Breville toaster oven from the market.

Before picking any toaster oven from the market, ensure you consider the following features first:


The materials of choice for constructing your toaster oven interior and exterior affect its durability significantly. If you want your Breville toaster oven to serve you for many years, you will pick a unit that features high-quality materials.

Stainless steel is an incredibly durable material that makes a toaster oven serve its user for years. As such, you could pick Breville toaster ovens that feature this durable material in their body construction.

Galvanized steel is another excellent material, and you can choose toaster ovens featuring it.

And for effortless cleaning, be sure to pick toaster ovens with Aluminized steel interiors. Porcelain also works as efficiently and is easy to clean. Therefore, consider choosing Breville toaster ovens featuring the construction materials we’ve mentioned in this section.

Cooking Functions

Breville toaster ovens feature different numbers of cooking programs, with many featuring 13 such programs. But you can be sure to find other toaster ovens in the same product line featuring only 8 cooking programs.

Before picking any Breville toaster oven, you want to check the available cooking programs first. And that is because you want to choose a kitchen appliance with all the cooking programs you usually use to prepare your meals.

You can pick a Breville toaster oven with more cooking programs as it is more versatile.

You can be sure to cook many food types with a toaster oven boasting many cooking programs. Therefore, consider the cooking programs before spending your hard-earned cash on these countertop ovens.

Cooking Capacity

You also want to check if your preferred toaster oven cooks a meal that feeds everyone in your family at once. Breville toaster ovens come in various cooking capabilities.

You can be sure to find one that cooks food for up to 14 people, an excellent choice for larger families. For example, Breville BOV900BSS cooks for up to 14 people.

Also, you can be sure to find a Breville toaster oven that cooks food for up to 6 people. That would be the Breville BOV650XL in this round-up.

At the same time, some toaster ovens from Breville can only cook for up to 4 people at once. Before picking any Breville toaster oven, check to ensure it cooks food for the number of people in your family.

But picking a Breville toaster oven boasting a large cooking capacity even if you have a small family is ideal because you might have a few friends over to your place.

Cooking Power and Technology

You also want to pick a Breville toaster oven that cooks with sufficient power. As such, consider the wattage rating before splashing your cash on any toaster oven on the market. 1,800 Watts is a sweet spot for cooking power.

Toaster ovens with this wattage rating cook fast, reducing the monthly energy bills in the long run!

Besides picking an 1,800-Watt Breville toaster oven, you also want to check if it boasts smart features that increase its energy efficiency. When looking for a Breville toaster oven to buy, check if it features the brand’s proprietary Element IQ technology.

And that’s because this technology improves the cooking speed, saving you up to 30% time. As a result, your unit will run for a shorter time, and you will pay 30% less amount in energy bills.

Lastly, pick Breville toaster ovens with convection setting technology. Such toaster ovens yield a uniform crisp in 30% less time. Once you consider all these designs, you will be sure to have one of the best-performing toaster ovens in your kitchen.

The Display 

You will set the cooking temperature, select a program, and the cooking time. But the display will allow you to see all these functionalities. And that is why your toaster oven should have an easy-to-read display.

An LCD screen is incredibly easy to read, and you should consider picking Breville toaster ovens featuring LCD screens. Therefore, be sure to pick Breville toaster ovens featuring LCD screens for easy reading of the functionalities.

Interior Oven Light

Almost all Breville toaster ovens include an interior oven light, but you could find other models lacking this luxury. The interior oven light is essential for checking the doneness level of your cooking food.

Once the cooking cycle is complete, the interior oven light turns on, allowing you to monitor the crispy food inside the kitchen appliance. Since this light comes in handy when monitoring the cooking food, consider picking only Breville toaster ovens featuring the interior oven light.

Ease Of Use

You want to buy a Breville toaster oven that you could use right out of the box. Fortunately, Breville toaster ovens are generally easy to use. But you can be sure to find models that are easier to use than others.

And they are the models to keep an eye on when looking for the best toaster oven for your kitchen.

Breville toaster ovens have easy-to-use dials for controlling the temperature, cooking program, and cooking time. Also, they feature a start button for preheating the unit and cooking your food.

Some models have fewer buttons than others and might be easier to use. You can check the ease-of-use rating to know which one you can easily use.

But our promise is you can easily use any Breville toaster oven as they generally follow the same usage guidelines. Therefore, check to ensure you’re buying a unit that is easy to use before spending your dollars.

Ease Of Cleaning

A non-stick interior is easy to clean. A single wipe with a well-wrung cloth cleans the stains with ease. But this is possible only if the toaster oven has a non-stick interior.

Also, a non-stick crumb tray, oven rack, and baking pan are easy to clean. Therefore, check if your preferred Breville toaster oven has a non-stick interior and accessories for easy cleaning.

An Honorable Mention – Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

We have rounded up some of the best toaster ovens from the Breville product line. But there is one more toaster oven worth investing in – the Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven. It also boasts a stainless steel construction, meaning it is very durable.

You can also be sure to use less electricity for cooking your foods as it is also energy-efficient. And with its compact design, it only takes less countertop space – an ideal choice for smaller kitchens.

You could also check it out while looking for a toaster oven worth having in your kitchen.


Can my Breville toaster oven shut off automatically?

Yes, your Breville toaster oven will switch itself off once the cooking cycle is complete. With the auto-shutoff feature, leaving your toaster oven on by accident is not a possibility. And this makes Breville toaster ovens safe for use.

How powerful is my Breville toaster oven?

Breville toaster ovens cook with 1,800-Watt powerful performance. They also use four to six quartz elements to generate sufficient heat that yields the perfect crisp.

What’s more, they transfer the heat from the quartz elements intelligently to the cooking food for mouthwatering flavors. Therefore, they are worth every penny, given their impressive, powerful cooking performance.

Is my Breville toaster oven dishwasher safe?

No, your Breville toaster oven is not dishwasher-safe. But the accessories are dishwasher-safe. However, you will use dish soap for cleaning your Breville toaster ovens since other detergents might ruin the non-stick coating on the crumb tray and other components.

Therefore, consider cleaning the interior and exterior of your unit with a well-wrung cloth.

How many foods can my Breville toaster oven cook?

It depends on the unit’s cooking functions. The more the cooking functions, the more food types the toaster oven can cook. So, if you want a more versatile Breville toaster oven, you should select one with many cooking programs.

Wrap Up

Breville toaster ovens are durable since they boast a stainless steel construction. Also, they pack sufficient cooking power. The models on this list cook with 1,800 Watts of power to deliver the perfect heat for cooking any food.

And with their Element IQ technology, not just any heat but smart heat transfers from the quartz elements to the cooking food, adding to the crispiness of your food.

What’s more, they have interior oven lights for illuminating the crispy food cooking in your kitchen appliance. All these designs make Breville toaster ovens worth buying. But with many models from the Breville product line, finding the best units might be challenging.

Fortunately, you don’t have to experience this challenge, as we’ve rounded up a few incredible models that might work best for you. Also, we have included a guide to help you pick other incredible Breville toaster oven models on the list.

Therefore, invest in only the best Breville toaster ovens and enjoy perfectly cooked and crisp foods!


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