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What Is the Best Small Toaster Oven on The Market?

A small toaster oven is a kitchen appliance that sits on your countertop to toast, broil, warm, or bake your foods. Usually, they are space-saving yet very versatile kitchen appliances.

And that is easy to see given their suitability for cooking pizza, toasting bread, and warming any food, including frozen pizza. Know what is the best small toaster oven on the market.

A small toaster oven also has sufficient cooking capacity for cooking foods for a medium-sized family. So, if you have a medium-sized family, you might want to invest in a small toaster oven.

What’s more, some toaster ovens have convection fans for speeding up the cooking. And this makes convection ovens energy efficient.

But with many small toaster ovens on the market, finding the best kitchen appliances on the market might be difficult. That’s why we have rounded up a few incredible units that might suit you best.

Also, we have included a guide to help you pick other excellent toaster ovens. So, be sure to read on for more information.

Top 5 Picks for The Best Small Toaster Ovens

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven with Natural Convection

This toaster oven stands out from the crowd with its natural convection technology. Its interior boasts a design that allows flawless air circulation. And the result is a fast and uniform crispy crust on your cooked food.

Besides featuring the convection cooking function, this toaster oven gives you yet other cooking functions: bake, broil, toast, and keep warm. As such, it is a versatile kitchen appliance that you could use to cook various foods.

The cooking capacity is also impressive since the cooking interior can perfectly fit a 9-inch pizza. Besides keeping warm your 9-inch frozen pizza, you can also toast up to four slices of toast bread. Use this toaster oven for cooking other snack varieties for a healthy meal.

Using this toaster oven is easy as it features three control dials. You will first select the correct cooking temperature, then select the cooking function you intend to use. That is when you will use the Toast/Timer dial to set your preferred cooking times.

Since it boasts stainless steel and plastic materials, cleaning your kitchen appliance is effortless. What’s more, the removable parts such as the baking pan and oven rack are easy to wash by hand.

A crumb tray also slides out with ease to let you dispose of the food crumbs. If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use toaster oven, this Black Decker unit might suit you best.

1150W cooking power.It has a few cooking functions.
Stainless steel is durable.The removable parts are not dishwasher-safe.
It is easy to use.
Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

COMFEE’ Toaster Oven Countertop, 4-Slice, Compact Size

Comfee is a manufacturer of small, reputable kitchen appliances. And you can only expect this toaster oven from their product line to hold up its end of the deal. Of course, this toaster oven meets your expectations in many ways.

First, it comprises stainless steel in a black color finish. As a result, it serves users for many years without cutting back on the excellent performance. Using it is also easier than many toaster ovens. And that’s because it features only two control knobs.

The first dial is for controlling the temperature and cooking function. However, this toaster oven only has three cooking functions: Bake, Broil, and Toast. This is a bit of a downside for people looking to keep their foods warm.

But it makes up for the fewer cooking functions by guaranteeing effortless cleaning. When baking the pizza on the pizza stone, all crumbs will fall into the removable crumb tray. What’s more, the crumb tray is non-stick for easy cleaning.

You can also clean the internals with a damp, soapy cloth, but be gentle on the areas near the heating elements. Also, you want to handwash the baking pan and oven rack since they are not dishwasher-safe.

But everything else is blissful, especially with the 1000-Watt cooking power. It heats efficiently from 150°F – 450°F, making it another toaster oven of choice.

1000W cooking power.It can only toast four slices of bread.
Non-stick interior.It only has three cooking functions.
It is easy to use.
Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

Toaster Oven 4 Slice, Multi-function Stainless Steel Finish with Timer

This Mueller Austria toaster oven is yet another kitchen appliance that boasts natural convection technology. But in this case, the manufacturer calls the technology EvenToast Technology.

Whatever the name, the technology circulates super-hot air for thorough cooking. And this results in fast and uniformly cooked food.

You will appreciate this technology when toasting four slices of bread. The EvenToast technology comes to play when using the toast function to toast the bread slices uniformly within seconds.

As such, this unit cooks fast. When talking about the cooking programs, you notice that this unit only has four cooking functions: Toast, bake, broil and keep warm.

That makes it a basic toaster oven if you don’t intend to air fry foods such as French fries or chicken fillets. The cooking capacity is also impressive as you can cook a 9-inch pizza with this unit.

And with stainless steel material, your toaster oven will serve you for many years.

This Mueller Austria also cooks with 1100-Watt cooking power. And the result is heat temperatures ranging from 150°F – 450°F for an excellent cooking experience.

It doesn’t have the same vast cooking capacity as full size ovens, but it performs incredibly well to cook your food excellently. Therefore, it is another incredible unit to buy.

1100W cooking power.It has no air fry function.
Stainless steel construction.Medium cooking capacity.
Dual-rack design.
Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven Broiler

This toaster oven packs more cooking power than any other model on the list. To be more precise, it churns out 1800W of cooking power to toast, bagel, bake, broil, and keep Warm any food you slide into the kitchen appliance.

What’s more, you can also cook pizza with this toaster oven.

Besides cooking with unmatched power, this toaster oven also boasts a large cooking interior. The 0.5 cubic foot cooking interior excellently fits an 11-inch pizza or six slices of bread.

And this unit features an Auto slide-out oven rack removing toast baked food with ease. Also, this rack comes out with ease to allow you to clean your toaster oven without any part blocking your hand.

Also, it has a front removable crumb tray for easy food particle disposal. You can also be sure to clean the crumb tray with ease as it slides out from the front of the toaster oven. Many high-end pop up toasters feature stainless steel for excellent durability.

Since the material lasts for many years, stainless steel is excellent for constructing this toaster oven. Cuisinart has also done incredibly well to include the EvenToast Technology consistent and uniform toasting results.

It is an incredible toaster oven that is worth the investment.

1800W cooking power.It produces smoke when cooking.
Six cooking functions.Some users report durability issues.
Stainless steel construction.
Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach toaster oven is like no other on the list. And that is because it is a 2-in-1 kitchen appliance that incorporates a long slot pop up toaster and a toaster oven. It also boasts stainless steel that makes it a durable kitchen appliance.

The pop-up toaster cooks 40% faster to save energy while making you have breakfast sooner than you expected. What’s more, the toaster yields uniform toasting results for tasty bread for breakfast.

Besides toasting your bread slices, this unit can also broil and bake foods, making it have only three cooking functions.

But the overhead pop up toaster slot is wide enough to fit bagels and artisan slices of bread, which makes this unit stand out more. When toasting your artisan bread, you will need a specific toasting shade. Fortunately, you have a toast shade selector for that job.

The interior space is also large enough to cook a 9-inch pizza. You can also cook muffins, casseroles, or any other food in the spacious cooking chamber.

With this unit’s 60-minute timer, baking foods is more convenient. Even if your baking takes over an hour, you still have the Stay-On function to use.

Cleaning remains an effortless task as the baking pan, crumb tray, and oven rack are removable. Therefore, this is a kitchen appliance worth considering.

Auto-shutoff function.It only has three cooking functions.
It toasts 40% faster.The heating element is not very durable.
Excellent toast shade selector.
Best Small Toaster Oven Reviews

How Do You Pick the Best Small Toaster Oven from The Market?

When sourcing the best small toaster oven for your kitchen, you will consider a few factors. And these factors ensure you get value for money and the best unit from the market. You will consider the following features when looking for the best small toaster oven:


When shopping for the best small toaster ovens, durability is one of the things to ensure is on your checklist. Of course, the construction material affects durability significantly. Stainless steel is a highly durable material because it is high-quality.

Toaster ovens featuring this material tend to last longer, thus serving you for many years. If you come across a toaster oven boasting stainless steel body construction, chances are it is a very durable unit.

Therefore, you should pick toaster ovens that feature stainless steel material for unmatched durability.

Cooking Power

After checking the construction material, you want to ensure your preferred toaster oven cooks with sufficient power. You can check the wattage rating on your preferred toaster oven to know its cooking power.

A unit with a 1500-Watt rating cooks with 1500 Watts of electric power at full capability.

Cooking power manifests itself in cooking time. A more powerful unit cooks food in a shorter time compared with a less powerful toaster oven. And that is because a more powerful toaster oven produces more heat.

If you’re looking for a powerful cooking experience, pick a unit with high Watts. But such powerful toaster ovens use more electricity.

You can be sure to find 1000-Watt units that perform incredibly well. They are your go-to units if you need impressive cooking without paying more in electricity bills.

You can also choose an 1800-Watt toaster oven if you need your pizza warm and ready in a short time. Therefore, the best cooking power depends on the cooking time you deem ideal.

Heat Output

Toaster ovens rely on heat to cook your food excellently how you like it. But they have different heat outputs. Some models produce more heat than others. As such, you want to check the heat output first before splashing your hard-earned cash on any toaster oven.

Usually, these kitchen appliances generate heat at temperatures starting from 150°F. But the extent to which this heat temperature rises differs, depending on the toaster oven model.

Some units peak at 450°F, but others produce 500°F maximum heat. Before buying any toaster oven, ensure it covers all the temperature bases that your recipe demands.

If you will bake any food at 500°F, pick a unit that can heat to the desired temperature, which is 500°F in this case.

Cooking Functions

You also want to pick a unit with all the cooking programs you use regularly. Small toaster ovens have three to four cooking programs, making them your basic conventional oven to select. The cooking programs usually include toast, bake, broil, and keep warm.

Unfortunately, they don’t perform the cooking functions of air fryers. But they still work incredibly well to cook foods such as pizza, bagel, and bread.

Of course, you can find toaster ovens that also include the air fry function. If you usually use the air fry function for healthy cooking, pick a unit that features this incredible cooking program.

Therefore, check that your preferred toaster oven has all the cooking programs you require before buying it.

Cooking Capacity

Checking if your preferred toaster oven can cook a meal size that satisfies you and your family is essential. The cooking capacity refers to the food amount your kitchen appliance can cook at once.

Usually, manufacturers express the cooking capacity in terms of the pizza size the toaster oven can cook.

Also, you will know your unit’s cooking capacity if you check the number of bread slices it can toast at once. Since you’re looking for a small toaster oven, a unit that cooks a 9-inch pizza and toasts four slices of bread might serve you best.

But there is no harm in aiming higher to pick a unit that cooks an 11-inch pizza and six slices of bread. Be sure to check the internal cooking chamber’s dimensions to know the pizza size you can bake or warm using your toaster oven.

Cooking Technology

Many toaster ovens feature a technology that improves efficiency and reduces cooking time. These are the cooking appliances to keep an eye on when shopping for the best small toaster ovens. If you find a toaster oven that boasts the EvenToast Technology, you want to pick it. Why?

That is because such a unit produces a uniform toasting shade that makes the bread crispy and tasteful. What’s more, EvenToast Technology guarantees 40% less toasting time, thus making your unit more energy-efficient.

Also, some toaster ovens feature a natural convection technology that does the same job. If you see a toaster oven featuring any of the two technology designs, it is a unit to pick for your kitchen cooking needs.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use should be another deciding factor when picking a toaster oven from the market. Fortunately, these kitchen appliances are easy to use.

They have two or three control dials for controlling the temperature, cooking program, and cooking time. But still, you can be sure to find units that are easier to use than others. So, you want to check if a toaster oven is easy to use before buying it.

Safety Features

Toaster ovens use electric power to function, which means they should be safe to use, like any other electrical appliance. Many mini smart oven toasters have an Auto shutoff feature that switches them off when the timer is complete.

The automatic shutoff could save you from potential fire hazards once the unit has cooked your food. For this reason, you should consider picking units with this life-saving safety feature.

Ease Of Cleaning

After cooking your favorite meal using your toaster oven, cleaning it becomes the next step. But not all toaster ovens clean with ease. Toaster ovens with non-stick interiors release food with ease and are easy to clean.

They should be the units to pick from the many toaster ovens on the market.

Also, pick a toaster oven with an easy-slide crumb tray. Such toaster ovens collect all the crumbs from the cooked foods, making the toaster oven easy to clean.

The oven rack and baking pan should also be removable for easy cleaning. They should also be non-stick. Therefore, consider picking non-stick toaster ovens for effortless cleaning.


How much do I pay to use a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens contribute to your monthly energy bills since they use electricity to function. But they contribute by different amounts since they have different wattage ratings.

You will multiply your unit’s wattage rating by the cooking time to know how much electricity unit the toaster oven consumes.

If you cook for 12 minutes with a 1200-Watt toaster oven, the unit uses 1.2kW × 0.2 hours = 0.24kWh. If you pay 13.31 cents per kWh of electricity, you will pay 0.24kWh × 13.31 = 3.2 cents. Therefore, you only pay $0.032.

This amount could vary, depending on the cooking time and wattage rating.

Can I use Aluminum foil for baking my food in a toaster oven?

You could use Aluminum foil to cover your baking food, but only if you’re very careful. And that is because the Aluminum foil could cause a fire hazard if you align the toaster oven’s walls and the bottom with the foil.

Also, don’t cover the crumb tray with Aluminum foil. Be sure to read the user manual for more information.

Is my toaster oven dishwasher safe?

Your toaster oven is not dishwasher-safe, and you should clean it by hand. The removable crumb tray, oven rack, and baking pan are not dishwasher-safe. As such, you will clean them by hand.

Also, you will wipe the interior of your unit with a wet, soapy cloth and wipe it again with a wet cloth to rinse off the soap. Therefore, be sure to wash your unit by hand to avoid ruining the non-stick coating.

Can my toaster oven shut off automatically?

Yes, your toaster oven could shut off by itself if the timer has stopped. But only if it features an auto-shutoff feature. Such toaster ovens are safe for use, especially if you have other tasks preoccupying your mind. Therefore, consider picking units with this safety feature.

What can I cook in a toaster oven?

The answer depends on the cooking programs your selected toaster oven features. Some toaster ovens have dedicated cooking programs for pizza, which means you could bake pizza in them.

But others only restrict you to cooking specific foods since their cooking programs are restrictive. Be sure to check the featured cooking programs to know the foods you can cook.

Wrap Up

Finding the best small toaster oven isn’t much of a challenge if you know what to check on your list. We have covered a few essential features to consider when picking a small toaster oven. As such, finding a toaster oven that works best for you should be easier.

We have also rounded up incredible toaster ovens that pack sufficient cooking power. They are of a reputable build as they feature stainless steel.

And with their space-saving design, they take up less countertop space while remaining versatile. Therefore, they are an ideal investment for any kitchen.  Invest in the best small toaster oven and enjoy crispy, tasty foods right from your kitchen.

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