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What is the Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

As the summer comes to an end, most homes will have to go back to using other kitchen appliances. But if you are like me, you are probably looking for a way to move your outdoor grills inside.

To avoid unnecessary smoke inhalation, it’s probably best that you switch to electric grills.

Indoor grills are great if you want to continue to grill without smoking out your house. To help you ensure you can keep grilling through the colder months, we’ve got the five best smokeless indoor grills your money can buy. 

Our Picks for the Best Smokeless Indoor Grills  

Cusimax Smokeless Grill – The Best Overall

The Cusimax Smokeless Grill is our number one choice due to its potency. Lower quality electric grills cannot sear a steak and cook some burgers. However, Cusimax has 1500 watts, using every bit of that power towards a good cooking experience. 

With its quick heating temperature design, it takes seconds, where other grills take minutes. The temperature display is also located on the appliance, enabling visible control over your desired heat level.

For those who don’t like to “grill on feeling,” this grill is suitable for beginners. 

The combination of a fan and perforated grill plate enables the chef to have solid airflow. Combine this with a tempered glass lid, and you have evenly cooked meals with excellent performance. 

It’s also easy to clean, making Cusimax an excellent premium grill at a reasonable price. 

Digital display of temperature for easy tracking.Requires an above-average investment compared to some.
Easy to clean with nonstick removable perforated plates.Some customers have reported missing parts.
Enough power to successfully sear a steak.
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill – Brand Name Quality 

Hamilton Beach is easily one of the most recognizable brands among electric grills. The brand oozes quality and has the power to sear two smaller-sized steaks on both sides at once. As a result, this grill is faster than the average grill. 

Hamilton Beach also structures its grills to be suitable as panini makers. This means you can easily create a grilled sandwich, creating appealing grill marks that customers love. However, grill marks don’t make things taste better. 

The grill is smaller, making it less suitable for larger families. The included power cord is also just as small, meaning you’ll have to put it nearby your outlet. 

Hamilton Beach is still one of the best grill makers around. This searing indoor grill is no exception to this rule. 

Quick double-sided searing action.Not great for larger families.
Doubles as a panini maker.The power cord is very short.
Simple to clean with two removable plates.
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Chefman Electric Smokeless Grill – Reasonable Price

We’ve talked about the Chefman in detail in some of our other blogs. Chefman grills are great and have some of the most reasonable pricing.  All of this comes without sacrificing quality in heating. 

As the most inexpensive grill on this list, you will make some sacrifices. First, there’s no digital display, so you’ll have to grill a bit more by feeling. However, we will discuss what the low, medium and high heating elements mean later on. It also doesn’t have any glass lid.

It compensates for the missing features by having a bit larger space. It also keeps the perforated surface, making it easy to clean as any grill on this list. 

With the last requirement, consistent heating, also in mind, it’s an excellent choice for the girl in your house. The open-air feel of the Chefman makes this about as close as you can get to an outdoor grilling surface indoors. 

Easy to clean.No tempered glass lid for good temperature flow.
Large cooking surface.No exact temperature indicators.
Very inexpensive.
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

PowerXL Smokeless Grill – Great for Sealing in Moisture

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill has interchangeable grill grates that are dishwasher safe. While PowerXL lacks the same brand recognition power as a George Foreman grill, these are still just as solid among indoor smokeless grills. 

PowerXL also takes a note from the Cusimax model, including a tempered glass lid. However, it does not include an LCD for easy temperature tracking. It is an excellent contact grill. 

However, the smaller team reflects in customer service experiences. Some don’t come with the additional griddle. Given that they have multiple versions, you’ll want to be careful to double-check to be sure you get the extra grill plate. 

Overall, it’s just as easy to clean and handle. With some minor tweaks, it could have quickly taken the top slot. 

An ample space that’s good for bigger families.No LCD despite having digital controls.
Solid temperature controlled features.Confusion with which models include the griddle.
Cooks up to 450 degrees.
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Simple Living Infrared Grill – Easy To Use 

The Simple Living Infrared Grill uses infrared technology for quick heating of the pan. The heating controls are similar to traditional grills, using a single knob to switch between multiple settings. Those who prefer simple controls will enjoy this model.

However, it lacks the LCD of some of our more advanced models and doesn’t include any lid. This is odd, as it seems like a lid would significantly improve the design. It still manages to have great heat control. 

Given the lack of features, the price point is somewhat surprising. It’s a bit high compared to others who have extra griddle plates or other components. 

Thankfully, it does have a nonstick coating and multiple heat settings. It also tells you of proper heating with bright indicator lights. So it isn’t hard to tell when this grill and your food are ready. 

Easy to use.Higher price than others with similar features.
Three different cooking options.The grilling area seems suited to a lid but doesn’t include one.
Easy to clean removable drip pan.
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

What Should I Look for in a Good Smokeless Indoor Grill?

Below are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the best indoor smokeless grill

How To Know The Temperature Capacity of Indoor Smokeless Grills

Ideally, you’ll want your grill to vary between the lower 300s to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because this temperature is suitable for getting the internal temperature of your food to about 150, which is the average temperature for most foods to reach

That’s because fish and vegetables are best cooked at lower temperatures, so you don’t char the outside. Searing provides you the ideal “perfect grill marks” look people want. 

What Makes an Electric Indoor Grill Smokeless?

Ideally, you’ll want your indoor grill to have one of two features:

  • A nonstick coating that prevents oil from burning to the pan
  • A water reservoir for your drip tray to avoid burning

Ideally, you’ll want a combination of both to prevent most potential burning. However, grills like Hamilton Beach or George Foreman grills only have a nonstick coating. 

What Makes Grills Dishwasher Safe? 

While cleaning regular grill grates using a dishwasher isn’t advisable, indoor electric grills are different. Most removable grill grates and other grill accessories are washable. However, you’ll want to check the owner’s manual before making this assumption. 

Why are Grill Grates Perforated?

To be perforated is to be covered with a series of holes. The holes provide two different purposes:

  • To provide ample airflow
  • To enable grease to drip into the drip tray

Both are equally important for providing well-cooked food. Airflow enables heat to travel throughout the cooking area, preventing specific spots from getting too hot. 

Having hot spots on your grill results in uneven cooking. So solid perforation enables your grill to be cooked evenly. This applies regardless of the material being ceramic or stainless steel.

Is an Indoor Grill With A Fan Necessary? 

Some electric grills include a fan. These fans enable greater control of heat flow by having a fan forces the air through. 

Given that the only grill on this list that includes a fan is the number one slot, it isn’t necessary. However, the fan does make a difference in the overall cooking quality you can produce. 

Tips for Making Indoor Grilling Closer to Outdoor Grilling

While you won’t be able to mimic the entire experience that comes with using charcoal grills, you can still do some activities to make indoor grilling closer to outdoor grilling. Here are some quick tips to help with your smokeless electric grill:

  • Use liquid smoke to mimic the taste of outdoor grills
  • Consider using classic BBQ sauce and to create that familiar flavor
  • Use your electric grill to create grill marks for a more visually engaging experience
  • A grill with a lid can help retain the moisture (similar to using tin foil)
  • Use recipes the first few times to get a feel for the grill

Conventional grills for outdoor use rely a lot on feeling. These indoor smokeless grills can be pretty similar. The only significant difference is the lack of smoke and indoor use. 

Is a Smokeless Grill and a Smart Grill the Same Thing?

A smokeless grill and a smart grill are typically similar. However, what makes a grill “smart” comes from its ability to be connected to your smartphone. 

However, most people use the word “smart” as a buzzword. For example, the Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill cannot connect with your smartphone. Its smart features come from adjustable height and visible display. 

The reason it isn’t on this top ten list mainly comes from the price. It is still a solid portable grill. 

What are Some Good Accessories That You Can Get With Smokeless Grills? 

If you want a complete grilling experience, make sure you have all your equipment ready. 

To make life easy, you can start by purchasing a meat thermometer. These are more suitable for outdoor grills, but the internal temperature is still critical. 

The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is an intelligent tracker that works with your grills. It also brings you closer to that ideal smart technology. 

You’ll also want a spatula, tongs, and a grill fork. For a complete set that’s relatively inexpensive, consider the Veken BBQ Grills Accessories kit. It includes all of your grilling basics. 

You’ll also want a good griddle cleaning kit, like this one from Shinestar. While smaller smokeless grills aren’t as needy as your standard barbecue, it’s always better to be prepared with a good kit. 

Best Indoor Grill Brands

We went through some of the top indoor grill brands available. Here’s a quick recap of the brands we reviewed.

Indoor Grill FAQs

Is it Safe to Use an Electric Grill Indoors?

Yes. Electric grills are usually best for indoor use. However, you’ll want to check the owner’s manual to be sure of that. 

Most types of electric grills have methods to reduce the smoke, such as a water-filled grease tray.

Do You Use Oil on an Electric Grill?

Because of the nonstock coating of many electric grills, it is unnecessary to add oil. However, oil can add flavor when appropriately used.

What Can You Cook on an Indoor Grill?

Anything that you can cook on an outdoor grill. The only limitation you should keep in mind is the size. So this includes chicken breasts, steaks, and even vegetables. 

For example, when grilling steaks, you probably won’t be able to cook multiple 16 oz slices of meat. Instead, you might be limited to one or two, depending on your grill size. 

Can You Put Aluminum Foil on an Indoor Grill?

Yes, most indoor grills are suitable for placing aluminum foil. Foil is great for maintaining moisture for specific dinners.

If you have a tempered glass lid, your grill is already suited for retaining moisture. Nothing is saying you can’t use both. 

Do Electric Grills Leave Grill Marks?

Most electric grills are explicitly constructed for grill marks. Check the grill surface to see the iconic lines that indicate grill marks. 

Sometimes, you’ll see a cross-like pattern indicating a specific formation of grill marks. Either way, they should show the same thing. 

Can You Keep an Electric Grill Outdoors?

Unless the grill explicitly tells you, you cannot keep it outdoors. Electric grills don’t work well in potential moisture. 

If you plan on using an electric grill outdoors, only do it during dry days. Check the weather forecast for any chance of precipitation before using these grills outdoors. 

Final Thoughts 

The best overall smokeless electric grill on this list is the Cusimax Smokeless Grill. This provides the best features, including a digital viewer, simple controls, and a tempered glass top. The combination makes it excellent for many needs. 

If you don’t want the glass top, Chefman has the most cost-effective option on this list. Otherwise, those who prefer their grills to be panini makers should stick to using Hamilton Beach. Regardless of what you need, we’ve got it for you. 

If you like any of the grills on this list, please consider clicking. As Amazon Affiliates, Perfect for Home earns commission when you choose to buy through our links. Thanks for reading!

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