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What Is the Best Toaster Oven Out There?

If you’re looking to prepare a quick meal for your family, a toaster oven is the kitchen appliance to pick. You have a few more reasons why you want to choose a toaster oven. So, what is the best toaster oven out there?

Besides cooking fast, these kitchen appliances require little space while taking installation needs out of the equation.

They are usually durable as they feature high-quality materials in their construction, with stainless steel being their go-to material. As such, they perform excellently over extended periods.

Also, toaster ovens are versatile, meaning they cook various foods in the same cooking compartment. And this makes them worth investing in if you want a multi-functional kitchen appliance.

But the market is full of toaster ovens, and you can bet not all of them are high-quality. That means you will be extra careful when buying a toaster oven for your kitchen.

We’ve rounded up some of the best toaster ovens out there. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you find other best toaster ovens out there.

If you’re looking to buy the best toaster oven, be sure to check out our guide below. But in the meantime, let’s look at some of the best toaster ovens.

The Best Toaster Ovens Out There

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Black and Decker toaster ovens have always been durable and elegant. Usually, they boast stainless steel construction that’s responsible for their elegance and unmatched durability.

And this model is no exception by all means, as it boasts the same high-quality stainless steel as the rest of the Black and Decker kitchen appliances. As such, you can be sure to use this toaster oven for many years.

Durability isn’t the only benefit of this toaster oven as it also cooks with impressive power. You can be sure to harness the full power of this 1150W kitchen appliance.

And by using it at full capacity, you will have crispy and tastier meals. What’s more, this toaster oven features natural convection technology.

While the impressive power ensures the toaster oven heats sufficiently, the natural convection technology circulates this heat within the interior cooking compartment.

And this results in thoroughly and evenly cooked food. Many convection ovens feature a convection fan, but this one works incredibly well despite lacking such a fan.

It is a basic toaster oven with only four functions: toast, bake, broil, and warm. But it circulates super-heated air excellently due to the natural convection design.

The toaster oven will toast bread slices 30% more evenly as it also features EvenToast Technology. It features a 30-minute timer with a Stay-On feature for baking over 30 minutes.

Therefore, it is a compact yet powerful toaster oven that’s worth the investment.

1150W cooking power.Few cooking functions.
EvenToast Technology.No oven lights.
Natural convection.
Best Toaster Oven Reviews

COMFEE’ Toaster Oven Countertop

Black is a color that blends with many kitchen decors. So, you never go wrong if you pick a Black toaster oven. Of course, elegance is essential when picking a toaster oven, and it’s a good thing this model has it.

Also, it features stainless steel in its construction, making it another durable toaster oven out there.

It cooks with 1000W of power. As a result, it preheats fast and generates heat ranging from 150°F to 450°F. The cooking functions are, however, few with this toaster oven featuring only three cooking functions.

The cooking programs include Bake, Broil, and Toast. But it still delivers the best cooking result, making it another excellent toaster oven on the market.

Many users appreciate how easy it is to clean this toaster oven. And it owes its effortless cleaning to the non-stick coating on the interior walls.

What’s more, the crumb tray is detachable and also has a non-stick coating. As such, it is also easy to clean.

The toaster oven has a built-in 30-minute timer. You could set your preferred cooking times since the toaster oven can bake and broil for over 30 minutes.

You only have to activate the Stay-On feature. If you check the cooking capacity, you will find the cooking compartment boasting a 10-liter space.

The cooking compartment is large enough to fit four slices of bread. The toaster oven is also easy to operate. Only two control dials exist on the unit.

The upper one controls the cooking functions and temperature, while the lower dial controls the 30-minute timer. As such, this is an incredibly easy-to-use toaster oven.

1000W cooking power.It heats a lot.
10-liter capacity.It burns some foods.
Non-stick coating.
Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Mueller Austria Toaster Oven 4 Slice

You can easily make small meals such as a lightly browned bruschetta with this toaster oven. It also quickly prepares chicken nuggets for children as it features a small cooking capacity.

Even with its small cooking interior, you can still toast four slices of bread and cook a 9-inch pizza. Since its cooking compartment is medium-sized, this toaster oven is best suited for medium-sized families.

It also features fewer cooking functions: Toast, bake, broil and keep warm. So, if you need a toaster oven that toasts bakes and keeps your frozen pizza warm, this is an excellent choice.

Despite its small size, this kitchen appliance cooks with sufficient power.

It churns out 1100W of cooking power, resulting in heat ranging from 150°F to 450°F. Since it is a powerful unit, it preheats faster to achieve your set temperature in a short time.

Therefore, it is an energy-efficient small toaster oven.

The toaster oven features a 30-minute timer. This timer has a Stay-On function for baking for over 30 minutes. It also boasts dual rack positions.

With a dual rack position comes the need for versatility. And this unit includes a multi-purpose baking pan for usage versatility.  So, if you need a small and versatile toaster oven producing a full size oven heat, this is your kitchen appliance.

1100W cooking power.It burns some foods.
It preheats 30% faster.Poor door design.
It saves 60% energy.
Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven Broiler

This Cuisinart Chefs toaster oven cooks with 1800W of power to deliver fast performance without compromising quality.

Due to its massive cooking power, the toaster oven preheats faster than many toaster ovens on the market. And this makes it more energy-efficient.

So, if you’re looking to save energy to reduce the bills, this toaster oven could help you achieve your goal.

It features six cooking functions for usage versatility. You can be sure to prepare six different meals with this toaster oven as it is a versatile kitchen appliance.

The cooking programs include toast, bagel, bake, broil, pizza and, keep Warm.

As a versatile kitchen appliance, the cooking interior should prepare a reasonably sized meal at once. And this toaster oven meets your expectation by presenting you with a 0.5 cubic foot interior cooking space.

The cooking compartment is spacious enough to fit an 11-inch pizza. Also, you can toast six slices of bread in the compartment. But the toaster oven doesn’t include a pizza stone.

So, you might want to buy this accessory separately.

The unit’s heating elements heat up to 450°F to give you the perfect temperature for baking your cookies and other treats. And you can control the temperature using the second control knob.

The EvenToast technology ensures you have an even browning on your bread slices, regardless of the toast shade you’ve selected. This toaster oven is one of our top picks since it cooks with impressive power and produces sufficient heat.

Therefore, it is another excellent toaster oven on the market.

1800W cooking power.It smokes sometimes.
5 cubic foot cooking space.The shelf is too high off the bottom.
EvenToast Technology.
Best Toaster Oven Reviews

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach is a compact toaster oven that takes up less space. As a space-saving toaster oven, it only requires you to place it on a countertop to start cooking immediately – it requires no installation!

It is a toaster oven that incorporates a pop up toaster in its design.

As such, it is a 2-in-1 kitchen appliance, meaning it is an oven and a toaster. The pop up toaster has a long, extra-wide slot for accommodating large slices of bread.

Whether you’re looking to toast bagels or artisan bread, the pop up toaster oven is up for the challenge.

The toaster oven itself is energy-efficient as it cooks 40% faster than competing toaster ovens. This quick-cooking only means one thing: you will get your bread toasted faster to feed your hungry guests.

As such, this is a perfect toaster oven if you’re looking to feed the kids in a short time.

The kitchen appliance has a toast shade selector for the browning you desire. Away from the pop up toaster, this unit has a spacious cooking interior with two rack positions.

You can fit a 9-inch pizza or bake muffins, potatoes, and casseroles.

It also has a 60-minute timer with an auto-shutoff. Also, the timer has a Stay-On feature for slow cooking your meal over an extended period.

It only features three cooking functions: bake, broil, and toast. Since it lacks the air fry cooking function, it is not an air fryer toaster oven. But it still performs incredibly well to give you the cooking results you need.

Therefore, it is another best toaster oven on the market.

It cooks 40% faster.It has no air fry function.
Extra-wide toasting slot.The heating elements are not very durable.
Automatic shutoff.
Best Toaster Oven Reviews

How To Pick the Best Toaster Oven for Your Cooking Needs

A comprehensive buyer’s guide will detail every feature to check before buying any toaster oven from the market. And that’s because the best toaster oven has to have must-have features to guarantee excellent performance for an extended period. If you’re looking to invest in a toaster oven, check to ensure it has the following features:

Cooking Capacity

Toaster ovens can cook a meal of a given size at once. The meal size varies from one toaster oven to another. Toaster ovens with a larger cooking capacity have a large cooking compartment.

As such, they can cook larger meals, making them ideal for larger families.

You can know the cooking capacity of a toaster oven by checking the size of its cooking space. The cooking compartment might be in liters or quarts. More liters or quarts mean more capacity.

Manufacturers usually hint at how large the cooking space is by telling you the number of bread slices you can toast at once.

Also, you can check the pizza size a cooking compartment can hold. The larger the pizza size, the larger the cooking capacity. And the more bread slices you can toast at once, the larger the cooking capacity.

If you have a larger family, look for a kitchen appliance that toasts more slices of bread or cooks larger pizzas.

Cooking Functions

When buying a toaster oven, you want a kitchen appliance that cooks as many food types as possible. Besides, your cooking needs might vary.

Meaning you might want to bake cookies this time and look forward to treating friends to a crispy pizza the next time they come over to your place.

As such, you need a toaster oven that can bake cookies and cook pizza, among other meals. But versatility depends on the available cooking functions.

A toaster oven can only cook as many food types as the available cooking programs. That means a toaster oven with ten cooking programs can cook ten different meals.

Since you’re looking for unmatched versatility, pick a toaster oven with more cooking functions. But more versatile toaster ovens cost more.

They are a perfect choice for a home cook looking to prepare various meals. But if your cooking needs don’t require much versatility, you can pick a unit with basic cooking functions.

Check the available cooking functions before buying a toaster oven to have what you need on your kitchen countertop.

Toaster Oven Temperature

You also want to check the temperature setting of a toaster oven before buying it. That’s because you want a toaster oven generating sufficient heat to cook your favorite meals.

But meals have specific temperature requirements. Some meals require higher temperatures, while others require slow cooking at lower temperatures over an extended period.

As such, you should check the temperature range of a toaster oven before buying it. Usually, toaster ovens heat from 150°F to 450°F. Other models go the extra mile to heat up to 500°F.

When picking a toaster oven with a full size oven heat, look for one generating heat of up to 500°F. If you can’t find such a unit, look for one heating to 450°F. You will be sure to cook any meal with such an extensive temperature range.

Cooking Power

Like any other electric kitchen appliance, a toaster oven uses electricity to function. That means a toaster oven draws a given wattage from the kitchen’s wall outlet.

But their drawn wattages vary, from one toaster oven to another. A toaster oven with a higher wattage rating draws more electricity than a unit with a lower wattage rating. Also, a high-watt toaster oven is more powerful.

And it’s the more powerful toaster oven to consider buying. That’s because a more powerful toaster oven preheats faster, meaning you could reheat your frozen pizza in seconds.

Also, a more powerful toaster oven cooks faster as it packs a full size oven heat.

Any toaster oven rated 1000W and above is powerful enough to cook faster. As such, pick toaster ovens rated 1000W and above if you want a powerful cooking experience and energy efficiency in the long run.

Construction Material

Stainless steel is usually the go-to material since it is high-quality and lasts for an extended period. Toaster ovens featuring this high-quality material have served their users for many years. Also, they uphold their exceptional performance throughout their service life.

But stainless steel alone doesn’t make a reputable toaster oven. Manufacturers enclose this high-quality material in a hard plastic housing to prevent you from extreme heat from the toaster oven.

Also, cool-touch plastic handles protect you from heat while ensuring hazard-free interaction with a toaster oven.

If a toaster oven features stainless steel body construction, it is an excellent purchase that will last for years. Therefore, consider buying toaster ovens featuring stainless steel in their designs for unmatched durability.

Safety Features

Toaster ovens could get extremely hot if you set the cooking temperature at 450°F. And parts with inferior casing material might melt away or cause serious burns during handling.

Parts like the handle should boast a cool-touch design regardless of your set temperature.

Also, it should have an automatic shutoff feature to switch it off after the timer has stopped. A unit that turns itself off automatically is energy-efficient as it draws no more than what it needs.

Also, the unit will prevent possible fire hazards by turning itself off by not burning the cooked food. Therefore, consider buying a toaster oven with cool-touch handles and auto-shutoff technology.

Ease Of Cleaning

The best toaster oven is also easy to clean. But easy cleaning depends on the non-stick coating on the interior walls. So, if you want to have an effortless cleaning experience, pick a toaster oven with a non-stick coating on the cooking compartment.

Also, ensure the removable accessories such as the baking pan have a non-stick coating. You will easily clean the accessories by wiping them with a soapy sponge and rinsing off the soap.

Cleaning is an essential task, and be sure to buy a non-stick toaster oven to have an effortless cleaning task.


Do toaster ovens use infrared heating elements for cooking?

Only a few toaster ovens use Infrared heating elements for cooking meals. One benefit of these heating elements is they provide instant heat. And the toaster oven with these elements requires no preheating.

But many toaster ovens use heating tubes to radiate heat to the cooking food. The Panasonic FlashXpress is an example of a toaster oven with Infrared heating technology.

How much electricity does a toaster oven use?

Toaster oven’s electricity consumption depends on the wattage and your preferred cooking times. Multiply the wattage rating by the cooking time to find the electricity consumption of your toaster oven.

But first, convert the power into kilowatts (kW) by dividing by 1000, and the cooking time in hours by dividing it by 60. A unit rated 1800W consumes electricity in 50 minutes as follows:

1.8kW × 56h = 1.5 kWh of electricity. If your electricity supplier charges 14 cents per one kWh, you will pay 1.5 kWh × 14 cents = 12 cents or $0.21.

Therefore, toaster ovens don’t consume much electricity as they are energy-efficient.

Can I clean a toaster oven in a dishwasher?

Your toaster oven is not dishwasher-safe as it comprises delicate electrical parts. The heating elements are part of the electrical parts that will malfunction if you soak them in water. The LCD screen is another delicate component.

Due to their designs, toaster ovens require you to clean them by hand. You will gently wipe the interior walls with a well-wrung cloth and do the same with the removable accessories.

Therefore, you will clean a toaster oven by hand after cooking your meals.

Can a toaster oven cook meals through air fry?

Some toaster ovens feature an air fry cooking function. Usually, these toaster ovens have built-in convection fans for circulating super-heated air within the cooking compartment.

These toaster ovens can air fry French fries or roast chicken. Check if your toaster oven has the air fry function to cook crispy French fries or roast turkey.

How long does a toaster oven take to preheat?

Usually, toaster ovens take 5 – 6 minutes to achieve your set temperature. This is preheating. More powerful toaster ovens even take fewer minutes, thus saving energy.

They also cook faster. So, if you need fast-cooking performance, pick a more powerful toaster oven.

Wrap Up

Toaster ovens don’t take as much space as conventional ovens, yet they pack the same cooking power. They also cook up to 40% faster, making them more energy-efficient.

When checking versatility, you will find they can cook different meals, with some models cooking as many as 15 different meals.

They are an excellent replacement for space-hogging kitchen appliances. They have all the features you need to start cooking the minute you unpack them.

Whether you’re looking to bake cakes or air fry your French fries, a toaster oven will come in handy.

But the market is full of these kitchen appliances, and not all of them are high-quality. We’ve rounded up some incredible models that might work best for you.

So, consider checking them out and see how they perform. Even if you haven’t found the oven you’re looking for, we have included a guide to help you find it.

Invest in the best toaster oven and enjoy perfectly cooked foods while using less energy to cook them.

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