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What Kind Of Toaster Oven Does Subway Use

Subway sandwiches is one of the most popular fast food franchises. People love the fact the food is fresh, nutritious and delicious.

It’s the perfect lunch or filling snack for any time of the day or night. What also puts a smile on people’s faces is that tasty Subway sandwiches are also available hot and toasty.

One question people ask sometimes when their sandwiches are the perfect temperature for them to enjoy it is, ‘What kind of toaster oven does Subway use to get their sandwiches hot so fast?’

The secret is that the sub shop uses a specially designed TurboChef TORNADO 2 High Speed Countertop Convection Oven.

What’s So Special About Their Ovens

These ovens are a blend of three baking technologies.

The high speed, high heat ovens use a combination of microwave, convection and impingement heating to be able to cook your sandwich meat and other ingredients 20 times faster than you can in a conventional oven.

The versatile units with their multiple heating sources enables the sub shop to be able to cook, toast and grill sandwiches in seconds.

However, they require special electrical sources for them to function at optimal capacity.

But once installed, these special ovens enable workers to heat or bake sandwiches without needing any other cooking appliances.

How the Ovens Work

Cooking lasagna in toaster oven

The temperature in the ovens are set between 400 and 500 degrees. Then vents in the oven blow heated air both above and below the sandwiches at very high speeds.

This air impingement process is assisted in heating or toasting the sandwiches by bursts of microwave at precise times.

This decreases the length of time the cooking process takes by 80% without compromising the quality of the food. T

his process toasts the sandwiches microwave fast and they come out with that crisp, oven-baked look, feel, smell and taste and not microwave soggy.

These stand-alone oven units are one of the secrets to the wonderful consistency of Subway’s sandwiches.

A Unique TurboChef Oven

People often wonder why they can’t get the sandwiches they make at home either in the microwave or a traditional oven to have Subway’s special sub shop crispness.

It is because of the unique design of the Turbochef oven the sub shop uses.

Blending convection oven, microwave technology and air impingement design elements enables the sub shop ovens to generate high-energy microwaves that cook the sandwiches quickly and give them the crispy appeal by stimulating the water molecules that are in the food and heating them instantly.

The combination of high heat and high-speed cooking makes the difference.

More Than Just A Toaster Oven

Some people mistakenly believe that the secret to Subway’s nice, crispy texture is that they use toaster ovens.

But the oven the franchise has Turbochef create for them does much more than just toast the bread.

The oven also has elements of convection and microwave technology inculcated into it as well.

To get similar results when you make sandwiches at home you will have to spend almost $10,000 to get the unique blend of technology, plus your home will need special electrical wiring to be able to power it.

Count yourself as lucky that when you want a nice, crispy, tasty, hot sandwich there is one of these amazing franchises near your home or job,

It Does More Than Cook Food

People who regularly get Subway’s hot sandwiches know their specialty ovens do a lot more than just cook the food.

The speed and high heat used in making the sandwiches are able to bring out the unique flavors in the food.

It seems to be an almost magical process of releasing and blending the ingredients in the sandwich in ways that no other type of sub shop seems to be able to match.

Their unique food preparation process with their fast, super-hot oven seems to bring out the best in each of the ingredients and transform them in a way that makes it taste like they do more than cook food.

They are able to enhance the flavor of it.

Speed Oven

An important key to the crispness and flavor of Subway’s sandwiches is the speed oven that Turbochef designed and produced for them to used in their sub shops.

While other franchises simply microwave their sandwiches in a standard microwave oven, Subway’s collaboration with Turbochef has led to the development of unique, extra-hot speed ovens the confer a unique taste and texture to every sandwich that is made in them.

It has helped to make the franchise unique and led to its exponential growth over the years. Other sub shops offer hot sandwiches, but none of them can match the texture of Subway’s hot sandwiches.

A Wise Investment

Spending the money necessary to create an oven that combines, convection, microwave and air impingement elements was a wise investment on Subway’s part.

In a food industry that is littered with copycat businesses trying to mimic the successful product and franchise ideas.

The not so simple act of using a unique oven technology that helps to make their product near-impossible to emulate has helped the franchise to maintain a significant market share even as new competitors try to copy their blend of fast, fresh and nutritious sandwiches made when you order it.

Their unique ovens have helped to put them head and shoulders above the competition.

Microwaving Can’t Match The Flavor And Texture

Using a TurboChef high-speed oven that combines high velocity heated air and microwave heating element that enable you to quickly brown and cook menu items with a result that microwaving can’t match and in a small fraction of the time it takes conventional ovens to do it.

Many people have come to realize the quality with which it cooks sandwiches it’s not possible for a microwave to match it.

The Turbochef high-speed oven can make your sandwich in a flash yet deliver the crispness and flavor people usually associate with conventional ovens.

This oven provides customers with the best of both worlds, quality food and fast service.

Cook, Toast, Grill And Bake

The versatility of Subway’s Turbochef high-speed ovens is another thing that sets the franchise apart. Whether you need to cook, toast, grill or bake, this stand-alone unit can do it in a flash.

Customers love that no matter what they request be done to their sandwich, the super-hot, high speed ovens can do it to perfection in a few seconds.

If time is tight and you want your sandwich done right, go where you know they have the fresh, nutritious ingredients and the cutting-edging heating technology to make your sandwich just the way you like it and it only takes them just a few seconds.

Statically Induced Toasting

The toasting method these ovens use to make hot sandwiches is called Statically Induced Toasting. It uses diamond plated plates in order to toast the bread.

Inside the oven, the sides of the bread are rubbed real fast.

The friction causes the outside layer to heat up, cook and remain crispy and the inside of the bread remains soft.

The oven’s temperature is maintained at between 400 degrees and 500 degrees all day long. They simply adjust it based on whether the bread needs to be cooked, toasted, grilled or baked.

Maintaining the oven at a consistently high heat makes it possible to quickly toast the sandwiches.

How Long Does It Take To Toast A Sandwich

What the specialized microwave, convection, conventional ovens the franchise uses, it is possible to toast a sandwich in between 20 and 25 seconds.

Scorching hot air rapidly circulates above, below and around the sandwich at the perfect toasting temperature.

The heat convection toasts the sandwich in seconds, enhancing and blending all of the flavors and making them taste mouthwateringly good.

The sandwich is then sliced and wrapped and delivered to the customer with the rich aromas adding to the experience.

Many people can hardly restrain themselves from biting into their sandwich right away.

Merry Chef Toasters

Another secret to Subway’s toasting speed is the fact they can use high-end Merry chef toasters to create their high quality, fresh toasted subs.

The user-friendly toasters enable the people preparing the sandwich to provide fast service that adds to customer satisfaction. Plus, they help to eliminate wastage.

They produce freshly toasted subs in a matter of seconds. They have the capacity to make many toasted sandwiches in a short period of time.

They can do the job of cooking food 15 times faster that other toasters on the market. They’re ideal for sub shops with lots daily of customers.

Subway Bakes Their Own Bread

Part of the reason the sandwiches taste so good is because high quality frozen bread sticks Subway brings to the store every week and then each day fresh loaves are thawed, proofed, placed in their high-tech Turbochef oven and baked twice a day.

Their special ovens then creates fresh, great-tasting loaves of bread from the dough produced in the company’s dedicated, high tech facilities.

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