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What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best?

Vacuuming your home is essential to keep it pristine and pet dander-free. Cleaning your home with a vacuum once a week is excellent.

But you want to clean it regularly if you bring in a lot of dirt when coming from work. A vacuum cleaner will remove the dust particles and pet hair for you.

But you want to use the best vacuum cleaner for a sparkly home in a short time.

However, the market has plenty of vacuums, and you want to buy the type of vacuum that works best for you. You will need to consider some features to buy the best vacuum for cleaning your home.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaners, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up a few vacuums that you might find are best for you.

Also, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you select vacuums with incredible power and unrivaled performance. So, read on for more information on a few great vacuum cleaners.

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What Are the Best Vacuum Cleaners?

Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Shark® APEX® upright vacuum is incredibly efficient in cleaning the floor and above-floor surfaces. This vacuum cleans both hardwood floors and carpeted areas efficiently.

The featured DuoClean® Technology comprises a dual brush roll to deep clean carpets. Also, this technology is best for your dirty garage floor.

Also, this vacuum features a self-cleaning brush roll. That means no pet hair will wrap around it to prevent it from cleaning your floors efficiently.

As such, this brush roll removes debris and pet hair from your floors and carpets while cleaning itself.

The suction power is also impressive on all floors. Once the brush roll has dislodged dirt, the vacuum sucks the dirt up, leaving the cleaned surface dust-free.

Besides cleaning with sufficient suction power, this vacuum features the Powered-Lift Away® design.

The vacuum has a pod you can easily detach to increase the cleaning reach. You can detach the pod to clean under the furniture or clean the ceiling.

Stairs, too, could benefit from the Powered-Lift Away® design. 

The hepa filter is very efficient since it features the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

As a result, the hepa filter traps dust particles and allergens, meaning such pollutants don’t get back into the cleaned room. Therefore, this is one of the best vacuums if you’re allergic to dust particles.

The vacuum is super quiet because it boasts Noise Reduction Technology. Also, it maneuvers between obstacles excellently, thanks to the Active Glide™ Technology.

All these features make this vacuum ahead of the competition. Therefore, this is an excellent buy.

It cleans bare floors and carpets.The dust cup is less than a quart.
Incredible suction power.Unsupportive customer service.
Highly efficient hepa filter.
What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Is Best? Reviews

BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL 2252 CleanView vacuum cleaner allows you to clean multiple surfaces in your home.

The vacuum packs sufficient cleaning power since it features the Multi-Cyclonic Suction System. This system will create sufficient lift to remove pet hair and dust from the cleaned surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner even features the Scatter-Free Technology to clean bare floors without scattering debris. And this makes cleaning such surfaces a lot easier.

Perhaps what makes this vacuum stand out is the Triple Action™ Brush Roll. The brush roll loosens dirt and pet hair from carpets. Then the vacuum sucks in the debris.

You can clean various floor types if you opt for this vacuum. Also, it can clean the ceiling. And that’s possible since it features a stretch hose with a specialty tool.

Removing a pet mess is fast because this vacuum cleans such a mess from one edge of its cleaning head to the other edge.

The filter is multi-leveled for increased filtration performance. Also, the filter is washable, making it one of the most durable vacuum cleaner components.

The vacuum cleaner is corded, and it features a 25-foot cord. Therefore, it doesn’t use battery power like a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The dust cup is reasonably large since it has a 1-liter capacity. What’s more, the dust cup is easy to empty.

Away from the dust cup, the cleaning head swivels to improve maneuverability. And this improved the cleaning results. 

Triple action brush roll.It features no dirt sensor.
Powerful suction performance.No filter maintenance indicator.
Easy maneuverability.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover MAXLife Pro is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Also, it is a corded vacuum with a 30-foot power cord. However, it has no auto cord rewind.

But the vacuum cleaner has a cleaning head that works on all floors. And that’s due to the Advanced Action™ Brush Roll.

The brush roll will clean hard floors and carpeted areas, thus removing dust and pet hair.

The cleaning head features high-intensity LED lights to illuminate under the furniture.

Combine this feature with an excellent steering system, and you get one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners. As a result of the steering, cleaning under the furniture and between obstacles is more efficient. 

You can even clean surfaces above the floor with this vacuum’s 13-foot wand. The wand also comes in handy to remove dust and pet hair hiding under furniture and bed.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner converts into a handheld vacuum for increased cleaning reach.

The filter has an impressive life of 24 months. Also, the filter features the Sealed Allergen System to trap allergens from the collected dust and debris.

As a result of the filter system, this vacuum traps 99.99% of dust and allergens. Therefore, this is a vacuum you want if you’re allergic.

The dust cup is 1.5 liters large. The extra-large dust cup will handle all the dust and pet hair from a room of any size.

The vacuum cleaner comes with special cleaning tools to help you remove dirt in your home. These cleaning attachments include a crevice tool, dusting brush, and Pet Upholstery Tool.

Therefore, this is the best vacuum for your home if you own a pet.

11 Amps motor power.It has no auto cord rewind.
Efficient carbon hepa filter.It is not lightweight.
Excellent head swiveling.
Beast Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 stands out among bagged vacuums with its incredible performance. The vacuum features a 10-Amp motor with two cleaning speeds.

What’s more, it features a PowerFlow bag chamber to pick up all debris and pet hair from your bare floors and carpets.

The suction power remains steady even when the dust cup is almost full.

This is where this vacuum reigns supreme since many vacuums begin to experience a declined power when the dust cup is half-full.

Incredible suction aside, the cleaning head has an 11-inch cleaning path.

Also, this floor cleaning head swivels. Combine the swiveling with LED headlights, and no pet hair or dust speck stands a chance – your vacuum will clean everything since you will spot dirty areas.

The vacuum features a no-touch bag, making the dust cup easy to empty.

You will press a button, and the dust cup empties; no need to touch the dirt. Besides caring for the floor and carpeted areas, you can also clean above-floor surfaces.

And that’s because the vacuum has a lift-up hose for cleaning stairs, ceiling, and furniture.

The vacuum comes with various cleaning attachments such as Pet HandiMate, dusting brush, and combination tool.

What’s impressive is that the whole vacuum weighs 14 pounds, making it lightweight. Also, the vacuum features two hepa filters for unmatched filtration performance.

The vacuum cleaner works efficiently and checks every box for the best performance. For this reason, it is among the best vacuum cleaners to buy.

Incredible suction power.No height adjustment.
Multi-surface cleaning.The motor isn’t very durable.
Unmatched filtration.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

What To Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Finding the best vacuum cleaner is a lot easier if you know the features to consider first.

If you’re looking to buy a vacuum cleaner that packs sufficient power and cleans all surfaces, you will consider the following things:

The Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come in different types, and there is no single type that is the best overall. And that’s because what’s best for you might not be best for another person.

Generally, you have the following vacuum cleaner types to choose from:

Upright Vacuums

These vacuum cleaners are one-piece, meaning their components – motor, dust bag, filter, and the power head – are within the vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuums also tend to have large cleaning heads. As a result, they pack more cleaning power. So, you want to buy these vacuums to deep clean carpets.

Canister Vacuums

It is easy to tell canister vacuums apart from other vacuum cleaner types. Usually, these vacuums comprise a wheeled body with a plastic hose connecting it with the vacuum wand and power head.

This type is different from upright vacuums because the canister portion houses the motor, filter, and dust bag.

Canister vacuums are more powerful than upright vacuums. They clean bare floors better. So, you might want to use it to clean more stubborn dust off the bare floors.

Stick Vacuums

A stick vacuum is just a lightweight version of the upright vacuum. You can move a stick vacuum from one room to another more effortlessly since it’s lightweight.

However, these vacuums are less powerful than upright vacuums.

You want to invest in a stick vacuum for spot cleaning spills. Since they weigh a few pounds, even senior citizens can use them effortlessly.

So, you want this type of vacuum if you’re a senior person, or you want to clean off liquid spills from your floor.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums can also keep your floor dust-free. These vacuums clean your floor without controlling them. These vacuums have planned routes and sensors to avoid obstacles.

Also, the sensors prevent them from falling from stairs. 

Usually, robot vacuums use a battery to function. So, you will check the battery life to ensure your vacuum will clean for extended periods.

Robot vacuums clean light debris from the floors only. That means they can’t remove dirt from your furniture. If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum, you may check out the iRobot Roomba S9. 

Handheld Vacuums

While vacuums such as upright vacuums can convert into handheld vacuums, some vacuums are handheld vacuum cleaners full time.

Precisely, handheld vacuums are a portable version of your traditional vacuum cleaner.

You want to opt for handheld vacuums to clean very small areas. These vacuums are perfect for cleaning upholstery, curtains, and a small patch of dirt off the carpet.

The Vacuuming Power

Once you’ve identified a type of vacuum that you prefer, you now want to check if it packs enough power to clean your home.

While checking the vacuuming power, you will keep a closer eye on two factors:

The Airflow

The airflow impacts the cleaning power significantly. Manufacturers express the airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

So, you want to check the CFM rating to know how much cleaning power your favorite vacuum boasts.

Vacuums suck in some air to pick up dust particles and debris. This air exits the vacuum through an exhaust port while the sucked-in dust collects in a dust cup.

The more air a vacuum sucks in at any moment, the more powerful the cleaning performance.

You want to pick at least 100 CFM. But you can opt for 125 CFM or higher airflow rates for better cleaning power.

A vacuum with over 100 CFM ratings will clean your surfaces excellently, leaving them clean. So, consider vacuum cleaners boasting more than 100 CFM.

The Suction Power

When a vacuum sucks in air to pick up dirt from a surface, it generates suction power. The suction power is essential to remove all loose dirt from a bare floor or carpet.

Therefore, you also want to consider the suction power when buying vacuum cleaners.

Vacuums express the suction power in their specification in terms of Air Watts (though sometimes they use Watts).

Whether suction power is in Air Watts (AW) or Watts (W), you want to ensure it is at least 100 Watts. Of course, more watts means more cleaning power.

But you want to ensure the suction power and airflow are balanced. 

If your preferred vacuum boasts a 125 CFM airflow rating, you want to check if the suction power is 125 Air Watts. But this isn’t usually an issue since these two ratings are balanced mostly.

The Filtration System

The filter traps dirt and dust particles from the air sucked into the vacuum. That leaves the exiting air clean and allergen-free.

But that’s only the case if the filter is highly efficient. Since efficiency is an important factor to consider, you want to check the filtration efficiency of your preferred vacuum cleaner.

Hepa filters are the best for vacuum cleaners. These filters trap very tiny particles such as allergens from the air. Usually, they are 99.97% efficient.

But you can find some hepa filters that boast a whopping 99.99% filtration efficiency. If you want a vacuum that traps every particle, look for one with over 99.97% efficiency.

The Dust Cup Capacity

When a vacuum uses its suction power to pick up dirt from a surface, the particles it sucks in collect in a dust cup.

However, the suction power declines with increased dust particles in the dust cup. So, you want to keep the dust particles low in the dust bag. Usually, you will empty the dust cup once it fills up.

But you can reduce the frequency of emptying the dust cup if you opt for an extra-large dust cup.

An extra-large dust cup takes time to fill up, meaning the vacuum will have optimal cleaning power most of the time. You want to ensure the dust cup capacity is at least 1 liter.

Corded And Cordless Power Source

Vacuum cleaners need electrical energy to function. These vacuums mostly derive electrical energy from a wall outlet and are thus corded.

But you can also find cordless vacuums that rely on battery power to function. 

Corded vacuums have unlimited runtime (unless the dust cup fills up fast). As such, they are best for extended cleaning. But the length of their power cords is a restrictive factor.

So, you want to ensure the cord is long enough. You want to go for at least 25-foot power cords.

Cordless vacuums have an increased reach. But they have limited running time. If you want to clean larger rooms, check if the battery life is excellent.

Many cordless vacuums run for 40 minutes. But a few excellent vacuums run to 60 minutes. So, these are the vacuums you want to buy.

You can choose a cordless stick vacuum if you want unrestrictive reach to clean light dust from the floor.

Cleaning versatility

You also want to check for versatility when buying a vacuum cleaner. A versatile vacuum cleaner removes dust from multiple surfaces.

A versatile vacuum will remove dust from all surfaces in your home. As such, you want to pick a versatile vacuum cleaner.

The Lift-Away feature allows many vacuums to convert to handheld vacuums for cleaning stairs and curtains.

A vacuum cleaner such as Shark Navigator Lift-Away has a detachable wand for cleaning above-floor surfaces.

Besides featuring detachable wands, these vacuums come with various cleaning attachments for efficient cleaning.

The cleaning attachments you want include a crevice tool to remove dirt between tight spaces.

Also, an upholstery tool is great for you to clean your furniture. A dusting brush will be useful when removing dust from soft surfaces such as lampshades and glossy furniture finish.

Therefore, check if your preferred vacuum has a detachable wand with multiple cleaning attachments.

Easy Maneuverability

If the floor cleaning head swivels excellently, a vacuum cleaner will be easy to maneuver. Therefore, swiveling cleaning heads are essential.

So, consider buying vacuums with swiveling cleaning heads.

Noise Level

Vacuum cleaners feature electric motors. It is these motors that generate noise when the vacuum cleaner is working.

Since noise is a nuisance if it is too loud, you want to ensure the vacuum produces less noise. Generally, vacuums express the noise level in decibels.

If the noise level is below 60 decibels, you should buy that vacuum cleaner.


What’s the difference between a bagless and a bagged vacuum?

Cleaning bagged vacuums is much easier than cleaning bagless vacuums; You only have to remove the dust bag and throw it in a trash can.

While cleaning bagged vacuums is easy, bagless vacuums are more eco-friendly. And that’s because you don’t dispose of bags.

Besides, bagless vacuums are cost-effective since you will not buy a dust bag.

How fast is a vacuum cleaner?

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners are fast. But even so, they clean the same floor area in different periods. A vacuum cleaner with a larger cleaning path will take a shorter time.

Cleaning paths aside, vacuum cleaners take 10-15 minutes to clean a room.

How often should I replace my filters?

Your vacuum filters will accumulate dirt over time, and this will reduce their filtration efficiency. So, the best solution is to replace the filters.

You will replace the filters after 3-6 months. But if the filters are washable, you want to clean them after 3 months. 

Can a robot vacuum clean sawdust?

Yes, a robot vacuum can pick up sawdust. But since the dust cup is usually 0.7 quarts, the dust cup will fill up fast.

That means the vacuum will not clean the sawdust from your floor for long. So, you want to clean sawdust with a more heavy-duty vacuum like a shop vacuum.

Wrap Up

There is no best vacuum cleaner type since each type of vacuum works best in a particular cleaning task.

For example, if you want to clean tiny fluid spills, a stick vacuum is great for the job. But if you want to deep clean a carpet, you will need an upright vacuum.

So, you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner type that meets your cleaning goal.

Fortunately, finding the best vacuum for you is no longer a daunting task. And that’s because we’ve included a guide to help you navigate the murky waters.

Also, we have rounded up some vacuum cleaners that you might like. Therefore, looking for a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from your home is more straightforward.

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