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What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?

The world of vacuum cleaners is rapidly expanding, with various types of vacuums currently available in the market. In this article, what kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy, we will help you decide.

Buyers have the freedom to choose stick, handheld, canister, upright, cylinder, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Selecting from this wide category can be challenging if you do not have prior knowledge of vacuum cleaners and their capabilities. What kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Vacuum cleaners have a significant role in homes, such as improving air quality and cleaning debris such as pet hairs, dust, and dirt.

Whether you have hard, soft, area rugs or carpet floors, selecting the right vacuum cleaner should not be a headache.

We made it our mission to guide you through the selection process and inform you of some of the best vacuum cleaners currently available in the market.

To do this, we focus on the performance capabilities, special features, and additional accessories the vacuum cleaners have.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell is one of the oldest vacuum suppliers in the world. The company has built a reputation for its 140 years of experience and has served global masters supplying sweepers to Queen Victoria of England in 1890.

If the Queen trusted the company, why not you? Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro, All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, tests how much you love your pets and what you are willing to do even if they get the house messy.

The cleaner contains all the features to handle household needs include those created by your pets.

The vacuum cleaner is uniquely designed to meet multifunctional needs in the house. It is designed for use in different floor surfaces such as tile, sealed wood floors, carpet, rugs, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and area rugs.

Vacuum cleaners are less effective in cleaning dog hairs because the hairs interfere with the bristles of vacuum cleaners and destroy them completely. The head is designed uniquely to suck all pet messes such as sticky and fluffy.

The vacuum cleaner uses the two-tank technology, which involves one tank storing the dirty water while the other tank stores the cleaning solution.

While you move the vacuum cleaner, the wet vacuum part will remove all debris while scrubbing hardwood floor surfaces. The vacuum cleaner will suck back the water to minimize puddles.

It has locatable controls, which improve the vacuum’s efficiency. The vacuum cleaner has a control button for you to control and start mopping.

The vacuum cleaner also has several brush heads for various uses on different surfaces. You can switch the brushes to clean different surfaces.

It also solves certain issues people commonly experience when using vacuum cleaners. For example, it solves the challenge of the accumulation of films and grime, making it better than most vacuum cleaners.

You will get two-floor cleaners in the package, which help you begin cleaning instantly without worrying about other cleaning tools. In the package, you will also get a Febreze which helps you eliminate stubborn and bad odors of pet messes from the floors or the rugs.

The package also contains interchangeable bristle heads for performing different tasks. You can try out the different combinations to find out which one works best for you.

The vacuum cleaner has a long cord that allows you to clean vast surfaces. The tank carries 28 ounces which allows you to clean small to medium floor surfaces without a break.

When you buy the vacuum, you get a tangle-free brush roll and a pet hair strainer that minimizes the pet hair rolling on the brushes.

Can be used on a combination of surfaces.It takes time to dry.
Power vacuum.Less effective in deep surface cleaning.
Perfect for cleaning pet messes and odors.
Best Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson V11 Animal+

Dyson V11 Animal+ is a cordless stick/ handheld vacuum cleaner suitable for various types of floors such as bare floors and high-pile carpets.

The vacuum cleaner is cordless, meaning it is battery powered and rechargeable. This makes it suitable for cleaning wide surfaces since you do not have to worry about the limiting cable lengths.

The torque driver comes with various brush heads for various floors, cleaning hidden surfaces and crevices in the home.

The battery can last for an hour depending on how you use it; it lasts for over an hour when set on eco-mode or low power mode. The vacuum has an LCD screen on the top, allowing you to switch from eco-mode, auto-mode, and boost-mode.

When you set it on boost mode, it can last for less than 10 minutes.

The boost mode is fast, and you can handle a big mess easily. It only comes with one battery, meaning you do not have a secondary battery like in Dyson Outsize Absolute+, which allows you to extend the vacuum’s run time.

The battery time display will help you understand the battery time so that you plan for a recharge.

It is one of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners since it is made of plastic and low-weight metals. All the controls are located at the top of the vacuum, making cleaning controls and cleaning easy.

The top of the handle also has a grippy rubber strip that prevents it from sliding and falling when holding it with a wet hand or leaning on the wall. The rubber makes it stable on the hand when being used as a hand vacuum.

The battery-powered vacuum cleaner has fewer parts that require regular maintenance, which you can accomplish without any help. It is user-friendly due to the LED lights, which perform different functions.

For instance, a light on the handle will inform you whenever something is blocking the cleaner.

A light indicates a problem with the filter, such as when it is not properly installed or when it requires cleaning. There is an LED light to show you when the dirt compartment is full and requires emptying.

The following parts of the vacuum cleaner require regular maintenance or cleaning: The HEPPA filters, lint screen, dirt compartments, and the brush roll. The parts are designed for easy removal.

The HEPA filters make it suitable for cleaning for those people with allergies.

You can forget recurring costs because you do not need to buy additional bags and filters. The filter is expected to last for the product’s lifetime as long as you maintain it properly.

The only time you spend additional cash is when some part breaks, which you can get a replacement at the Dyson stores. Storage is not a challenge since it can fit in small spaces; it also comes with a docking station to store other accessories.

Highly portable and lightweight.The dirt compartment is slightly small and requires frequent emptying.
User friendly.It does not have an additional battery to extend the run time.
Suitable for cleaning hidden and narrow spaces.
Best Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister

Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister is a multi-floor canister vacuum with 2-floor tools suitable for cleaning various floors. The vacuum cleaner features a 12-stage sealed air system which ensures the dust or other tiny dirt such as cat hair does not escape.

It is suitable for use by various people, including children, since it is lightweight and weighs 12lbs. Compared to other canister vacuums, they are less noisy; you do not have to worry about cleaning at certain times of the day.

They are sound insulated to ensure the noise does not someone in the next house or the next room.

You do not have to worry about allegories when cleaning; it comes with HEPA filters to protect you from dust or animal hair allergies. The HEPA filters are also suitable for keeping the dirt, dust, hairs in the bag to prevent them from mixing with the air you breathe.

It has user-friendly controls that enable you to set it in various conditions, such as quiet stings and adjusting the suction power you need to clean. If you need to rewind the retractable cord, all you have to do is step on the switch on the back of the canister.

It is designed for long-term usage due to various features and design specifications: the crush-proof hose, telescoping wand made of stainless steel, and onboard storage.

The package comes with a crevice nozzle that allows you clean hidden surfaces. The crevice tool is also suitable for cleaning tall and hidden spaces in the house, such as corners. It also comes with an upholstery tool and dusting brush to facilitate cleaning.

The SEB228 powered floor brush is an electronically powered driven motorized carpet tool, and a five-level height adjustment configuration makes it suitable for cleaning low and high pile carpeting.

You can adjust these settings by stepping on the lever located on the electro brush. This also makes it suitable for cleaning smooth floors and smooth carpets.

The hard floor tools such as parquet twister have a soft and natural bristle to clean delicate floors such as polished hardwood floors without damages.

It has rubber wheels which enable you to move it around the room without damaging them or scratching hardwood floors. It can also rotate at 180 degrees, making it suitable for table and chair legs.

The vacuum cleaner has a full bag indicator which lets you know when to empty the dust bag.

The vacuum cleaner s manufactured to last longer, and you get a three-year warranty with a full refund return policy as a gesture of quality. The warranty covers the vacuum and all other accessories.

Those with hard floors also get additional brushes dedicated to hardwood floor cleaning.

User friendly.Difficult to push on plush carpets.
Powerful suction.Slightly expensive.
Sturdy design.
Best Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum

How frequently do you clean your house? If you clean frequently and are allergic to dust or animal hair Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum is the best for you. It is one of the most reliable upright vacuums.

Unlike other upright or canister vacuum cleaners, it keeps you safe while cleaning since it eliminates allergy-inducing substances to improve air quality in your home.

The HEPA filters safeguard you against allergy-causing substances by holding any small particles on the surfaces. It is also certified by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America for those suffering from allergy or asthma.

The root cyclone technology ensures powerful suction when cleaning the floors. The technology ensures the suction power remains constant each time you clean.

The powerful suction ensures you drag it once on the surface, and it sucks everything; you do not have to drag it back and forth. The technology enables you to clean large surfaces within a short time.

The canister or upright vacuum also comes with a transparent bin which enables you to monitor the level of debris in the canister. It is also easy to empty the dust bin with a simple click.

The vacuum cleaner is designed to reduce the probability of coming in contact with the debris while emptying the bin. It is designed to last longer due to its durable and tough construction.

The vacuum cleaner is made of tough polycarbonate material, which can withstand hard bashes and bumps without cracking or breaking. It is not easy to damage when you handle it with care during the cleaning.

It weighs 17 pounds which makes it usable as an upright vacuum. It is designed to clean various floors such as tiles, wood, area rugs, and carpets. Even though it is not the lightest vacuum, anyone in the home can drag it and clean any surfaces such as stairs easily.

It is also designed to suck small to large debris and squeeze into tight corners in the home. It has a 14.4-foot telescope wand to help you clean corners, stairs, and underneath chairs and tables. The long wand makes it possible to clean every nook and cranny in the home.

The vacuum cleaner comes with attachments and standard accessories such as upholstery, stair, and crevice tool. You can easily store these tools at the back of your vacuum hance saving from the stress of additional storage spaces.

It comes with a built-in dirt canister and washable filters, which helps you reduce the running and maintenance costs since you do not have to buy these parts unless they are damaged.

As a gesture of quality and assurance, the vacuum cleaner offers a five-year warranty on the parts and the vacuum. It has also been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure customers get quality and durable products.

Low maintenance or running costs.Slightly heavy than other upright or canister vacuums.
Durable and long-lasting.Relatively expensive.
Transparent bin for easy monitoring.
Best Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

LG Cordzero A9

This is one of the top stick models of vacuum cleaners. The stick vacuum cleaner comes with two batteries so that you can charge the other while the other is in use. The two batteries increase the run time, and you can clean for over 80 minutes without any issues.

The battery life depends on the mode setting; it can last for over 40 minutes on normal mode and less than 8 minutes on turbo mode. You can easily double the run time by swapping the batteries. You can monitor the battery levels on display located at the top.

It comes with two nozzles to enable you clean different floor surfaces. It offers outstanding performance and usability on bare floors, and the handheld designs make it suitable for cleaning hidden surfaces and crevices.

It has three buttons at the top of the handle, enabling you to control the power modes such as standards, normal, and turbo modes.

You also find the power on and off button at the top of the vacuum. When using the wet mop, you can control how long you want the water to be sprayed.

The vacuum comes with two settings that are the spray after six seconds or spray after eight seconds.

The dirt compartment is transparent to enable you to monitor the dirt levels. However, the dirt compartment is smaller, so; you have to empty it frequently.

This makes it difficult to clean large floor surfaces. Being cordless, the vacuum has unlimited range as long as the battery percentage is okay and the dirt compartment has space for more debris.

You can use it as a stick vacuum or reconfigure it to a handheld by detaching the wand. It has a good performance on low pile carpets, and you can easily pick small to large debris. As the dirt compartment approaches 80% capacity, the performance of the cleaner starts to decline.

The storage is made easy since it comes with a rack station that can be reconfigured to fit into different spaces. The rack station can also store additional accessories and tools.

It is lightweight and does not feel heavy; hence you can operate it with one hand, or children can use it to vacuum. It comes with a carrying handle which makes it easy to transport from room to room.

It comes with a few tools and brushes; you won’t find a turbo brush, but you get a power punch nozzle suitable for cleaning surfaces such as beddings to remove pet hair.

The power punch nozzle also makes the vacuum suitable for cleaning car interiors and furniture surfaces. You also get a power carpet nozzle which enables you to adjust to carpet specifications.

It also comes with a 2-in-1 brush, crevice attachment to clean hidden surfaces and crevices.

Can pick up small and large debris easily.It has a small dirt compartment.
Lightweight and Portable.Constant regular maintenance.
Suitable for cleaning crevices.
Best Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Best vacuum cleaners buying guide

A good vacuum cleaner is key for cleaning the home; hence you need the most effective vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners currently available in the market, and it is a dilemma to decide on the best one. Here is a simple guide to selecting the best vacuum cleaner.

Wired or cordless

Wired vacuum cleaners have a cord to plug onto the charging station as you use them or drag them around the house. With them, the distance you cover is limited based on the length of the cord.

You can extend the coverage by using extension cords. Cordless vacuums are battery-powered and can cover unlimited range as long they are charged sufficiently, and the dirt compartment has enough space.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are less effective for cleaning large surfaces since you will have to recharge, especially when they only come with one battery.

Vacuum cleaner attachment

A good vacuum cleaner should come with several attachments to clean various floors.

You should check for common attachments such as dirt brush, crevice tool to clean hidden surfaces, upholstery tools, pet tool, or a mini motorized brush to clean pet hair and mess.

Other attachments should include a dusting brush and a combination of a 2-in-1 tool. The number of attachments can inform you of the performance and the usability of the vacuum cleaner.

Maintenance and running costs

These are associated with using the vacuum cleaner. Some vacuum cleaners require that you regularly replace parts such as bags, nozzles, and filters.

Good vacuum cleaners should be easy to maintain by enabling the user to remove the parts, clean them and return them without much effort. Good vacuum cleaners should also come with washable and inbuilt parts, which reduce the need for constant replacements.

Always consider buying vacuum cleaners with minimal running costs.

Bagged vs. bagless vacuum cleaners

When deciding whether you should buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, consider whether you have allergies or asthma. If you have these conditions, you should buy a vacuum with HIPA filters.

Bagless vacuum cleaners save you from the stress of buying bags. However, if you have asthma or allergies, bagless can affect you more when emptying the bags. Bagged are safer since you do not have to empty them, but you will frequently spend more money to buy bags.

The weight and portability

The weight of the vacuum matters a lot since you have to move it on different surfaces such as stairs and from room to room. Heavy vacuums are time and energy-consuming to move.

Consider buying lightweight vacuum cleaners such as handheld vacuums that you can use to clean various surfaces.


If you have pets, you need special vacuums or those with additional accessories to clean pet mess. You need vacuum cleaners with wet and dry capabilities to clean both wet and dry pet mess.

If your pets spend on surfaces such as beds and couches, you need hand vacuums to clean all the surfaces.

Capacity and charging time

How much can the dirt compartment contain? Bigger storage compartments enable you to clean floor surfaces uninterrupted. Ensure you buy vacuum cleaners with double batteries to increase your run time and clean wider floor areas.

 Floor surfaces and sensory technology

Consider buying a vacuum cleaner that can sense the floor type and adjust the power accordingly. The vacuum will use the optimum power to shift to different floors, but it can reduce the time you need to clean.

Storage space

You need to consider upright vs. canister vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuums are easy to store since they require less space; hence they can fit in smaller storage locations in the house.

They also come with storage racks to help in storing additional accessories. Canister vacuums require large storage space and sometimes may not have enough space to store the other accessories.


Vacuum cleaners should be affordable. In the current times, you can get an effective vacuum cleaner at an affordable price. The price of the vacuum cleaner can also give you a glimpse into its performance. Very expensive vacuums tend to be more expensive.


The best vacuum cleaners are robotic vacuums because they can work with less supervision. A good vacuum cleaner should be user-friendly in that it should give you the ability to monitor the vacuum cleaner in operations.

A user-friendly vacuum should have LED warning lights, LCDs to show performance, or a transparent dust bin to monitor dirt levels.


Vacuum cleaners are one of the most hardworking tools in the house. With proper maintenance, they can keep you safe from allergies and ensure air quality in the house is incredible.

They also improve your relationship with your pets. If you value sanitation, you need to consider getting the best vacuum cleaner to meet all your home needs.

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