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What Shrubs Grow Well in Shade?

If you’re a gardener who owns a property with a lot of shade, then you’re probably wondering what types of plants or shrubs can thrive and flourish with minimal sunlight.

Therefore, what shrubs grow well in shade?

While there are countless annuals for shade and vibrant flowering perennials, there are a few shrubs that come with splashy blooms for shady locations.

As you know, shrubs could provide a huge difference in the way your garden or landscape looks.

Ranging from short shrubs to tall hedges, you can choose from deciduous plants and evergreen shrubs.

Today, we’d like to present to you some flowering shrubs that can blossom even under shady conditions.

These bushes will certainly fill your garden with more appeal from early spring through fall.

Are there shrubs that thrive well in shady areas?

Yes. Numerous lovely plants can blossom beneath the canopy of a huge shade tree, hanging baskets, flower beds, and containers throughout your yard.

The great news is that if you wish to beautify and brighten a part shade and deep shade in your home or garden, this can be done with minimal effort.

There are available groups of flowering shrubs that bloom under low-light conditions.

Some of these shrubs are surprisingly capable of producing scented and vibrant flowers that could brighten up slightly dusky areas in your place. Some of them do not require high maintenance.

What are the different types of shrubs that can bloom in shaded spots?

Here are the shrubs that you can consider planting in your garden, yard, or landscape:


This flowering shrub supplies a pile of bright yellow flowers in April and May. It does not require maximum maintenance.

Also, it can thrive on wet and dry soils. Such a pretty plant is deer resistant and good for heavy shade.

However, it is necessary to check the regulations in your state if this shrub is regarded as invasive in your area. This is because this plant can spread through underground suckers.


This is also known as the ground orchid. It is a beautiful plant that can add more appeal to any garden. More importantly, it is not difficult to care for.

Nevertheless, it is essential to safeguard your shrubs from the harsh afternoon sunlight if you prefer them to look outstandingly.

The pretty colors of Bletilla can certainly transform your garden into a very stunning one. You can plant the bulbs the previous fall to ensure that they’ll blossom in spring.


The other name for this plant is coral bells. It comes with very colorful leaves that come with lime green and burgundy shade.

They appear so vivid that sometimes other people wonder if they are real.

This shrub is famous for its attractive colors, so many homeowners and gardeners pick it. While it can tolerate the heat of the sun, it is critical to take proper care of this plant.


This annual shrub likes afternoon shade and morning sun. It is renowned for rewarding homeowners with an extended blossoming period.

Hummingbirds love this plant. It is also referred to as the wishbone flower. You can plant this shrub in window boxes or baskets to ensure the most outstanding effect.

Mountain Laurel

This gorgeous native spring-blooming plant makes an impressive landscape plant by displaying huge masses of white flowers or cup-shaped roses with lilac markings.

Such a shrub prefers a foundation planting that’s abundant, a bit acidic soil and makes an extraordinary companion for rhododendrons and azaleas. It can resist deer and rabbits too.


Popular for being an annual shrub, this looks more beautiful from containers and baskets. It does not prefer so much heat, so be sure to place it somewhere shady and keep it sufficiently watered.

If this plant begins to appear slightly ruffled amid summer, make sure to trim it, and it will rebound in cooler autumn seasons.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

This shrub for shade is amazing. Its dark green leaves turn from incredibly bright ones during summer to gorgeous burgundy, purple, red, and bronze in autumn.

The color of the white flowers alters to a pinkish hint when they mature. The plant prefers morning sun with afternoon shade or in full shade, particularly during summer.

This season interest plant also thrives in a well-drained and a little alkaline soil that has a generous amount of organic matter.

Be sure to keep it watered during the first year after planting it in your garden.


This annual plant is a very well-known option because it can put on a floral display in full shade.

Be that as it may, a few types of this shrub can be prone to powdery mildew and other diseases which could exterminate it.

Hence, it is strongly suggested to search for new hybrids or other types of Impatiens that are not susceptible to diseases.

Are there red berries that thrive in shrubs or trees?

Yes. Red berries that blossom on shrubs or trees can undoubtedly add a hint of vibrancy to any landscape or garden.

Trees and shrubs with edible red berries can provide another advantage of providing healthy and delicious fruits.

Surely, no one can resist eating juicy red gooseberries, tart red currants, as well as red cherries. Nonetheless, be reminded that not all red berries are safe to eat.

Not to mention, it is important to distinguish between those that are safe and healthy for you and those that could be harmful to your health.

Key Takeaways

Shade tolerant shrubs certainly perform diverse functions.

Some of them serve as a leaf foil for other types of plants, while others help brighten up dusky spots with colorful flowers, and some can create nice-to-behold broadleaf evergreen and foliage.

Likewise, there are tiny and low-growing shrubs for shade and evergreen leaves that homeowners can utilize as a ground cover.

Hopefully, the types of shrubs tackled above can serve as your ideal starting point to create a more stunning look to your shady landscape, yard, or garden.

It is truly wonderful to consider planting shrubs in your place because they can add color and a different appeal. They can even serve as a backdrop to the plants thriving in front of it.

So, you won’t go wrong if you plant some of them at home or in the workplace.

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