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What’s The Best Garden Edging to Complete Your Garden?

Once you’ve got your garden planted and structured the way you want it, decorative edging is a beautiful way to sort that. Whether you go through the whole trench digging process or have a hammer-in system, the satisfaction of putting up a small fence around your garden is pretty sweet

If you are one of those who share this satisfaction, we’ve got a list of the five best garden edging tools you can use in your garden. By the end of this article, you will get a good idea of the best edging for your garden. 

The Top Five Garden Edging Designs 

  1. Greenes Fence 18 in Half Log Edging – A Beautiful Wood Design
  2. Suncast Brick Interlocking No-Dig Border Edging – A Beautiful Brick Appearance
  3. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit – Easy to Cut and Mould
  4. LeJoy Garden Galvanized Steel Landscape Edging – Sturdy and Long-Lasting
  5. Suncast Stone Interlocking Border Edging – A Wonderful Stone Design 

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we’ve chosen a wide variety of designs. They vary from easy-to-install to heavy-duty steel. There is no actual “number one edging” here. 

Greenes Fence 18 in Half Log Edging – A Beautiful Wood Design

Greenes Fence is an excellent company known for creating beautiful lawn edging. This edging meant to look like a set of logs is no exception to that rule. From the images, they have great potential to blend in with any background colors.

The flexible plastic backing allows this wood the ability to bend around corners. Despite its sturdy appearance, it is flexible mainly on those turns.

This product is one of those you can potentially take advantage of the loose plastic material. 

The stakes are easy to pound into the ground with a rubber mallet. However, you will need to dig a small trench, as the stakes could be a bit thicker.

Regardless of the minor grievance, you will love the country look that comes with this fencing. I’m saying that under the assumption you like country looks. If not, keep on reading!

High-quality wood appearance upfront.The stakes are a bit flimsy.
Flexible plastic backing allows for easy turns in the back.The look doesn't appeal to everyone.
Great for those looking for that country look.
Best Garden Edging Reviews

Suncast Brick Interlocking No-Dig Border Edging – A Beautiful Brick Appearance

One of the most beautiful edging appearances is brick. But getting your hands on brick can be tricky, and the excessive size of some of those bricks can overpower your garden. If you are willing to compromise on your edging material being actual brick, Suncast has a brick-like appearance. 

The resign coating means that there is a good deal of versatility here. You can bend the bricks around corners, which you cannot do with natural stone.

The spiked sections also come in an entirely complete wall, meaning you don’t have to dig. However, expect to spend some time with repeated slams with your rubber hammer. 

The “bricks” are a little too small to be genuinely enjoyed. While they are nice and tidy, they don’t try too hard to fool you into them being bricks. If you are trying something environmentally friendly, these “bricks” won’t poison your garden with unknown materials. For inexpensive brick-like lawn and garden edging, this is a good investment. 

They match the appearance of actual brick edging without being bricks.They are a bit too small to be confused with actual bricks.
Suncast makes these with flexible resin.The stakes are sturdy but require a few extra taps. 
Red coloring is an easy way for your garden to make a fashion statement. 
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Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit – Easy to Cut and Mould

Dimex is a company that offers you the most flexibility when it comes to landscape edging. Among edging materials, plastic landscaping edging isn’t the most appealing option. These are noticeably plastic, but the simple look provides some extra professionalism. 

With these, there is no reason that you would have to dig a trench. That means less work for you, as the included stakes are to hammer into the portion of plastic extending into the garden.

The edging is a bit small so that you won’t see this design on any Pinterest boards for lawn edging ideas. 

While you might think these not to be sturdy, their low height makes them withstand most issues. If you aren’t convinced, Dimex also offers commercial-grade edging.

The not-over-the-top design is also more appealing than you might think. To make up for the lack of invention, you can quickly fill your space with colors and extra ornaments.

If you are looking for a low-effort edging job.The plastic edge leaves a lot to be desired in the design department.
If you want your edging project to look incredibly professional.It isn't noticeable from any distance.
For those who like to avoid digging trenches.
Best Garden Edging Reviews

LeJoy Garden Galvanized Steel Landscape Edging – Sturdy and Long-Lasting

LeJoy Garden has the only option on this list that can probably take a baseball without damage. Being made of galvanized steel will do that, so expect this to last a good bit of time. It also has a good bit of rust resistance for those who like the shiny look. 

The biggest problem this has is that it isn’t appealing to many modern gardens. The chrome-like appearance of this edging won’t appeal to most. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the kinks at every inch don’t have many beholders.

Regardless of personal design preferences, the fencing does the job where it needs to. It’s reasonably easy to install if you don’t mind digging a small trench. It also will contain your garden with a good deal of sturdiness. As far as steel edging goes, you can’t go wrong here.

Steel edging is incredibly sturdy.Most people will see the design as dated.
LeJoy Gardens made this with anti-rust material.This fencing requires you to dig a trench.
Great for people who like shiny gardens.
Best Garden Edging Reviews

Suncast Stone Interlocking Border Edging – A Wonderful Stone Design 

With a return back to a classic,  Suncast also has a style of edging that resembles stone. Putting it up to comparison with their brick-like offering, you will start to notice some crossover. It is about the same size, but grey isn’t quite as stand-out-ish when making a fashion statement. 

The stakes are easy enough to pound down with a rubber mallet. The stone-like appearance is excellent for gardens that have a darker dirt composition.

The semi-flexible resin materials also make a strong return here. While you won’t expect this to take on a bat, it will handle anything mother nature can throw at it (that’s not a car).

Stone sitting at a curved angle is oddly satisfying when looking at the rock. While the color may not stick out compared to fire-red brick, it still does well for people who look for that stone design. It is another attractive investment for your beautiful garden. 

If you like the superficial appearance of stone.It doesn't stick out as much as the red option.
If you want to have the appearance of stone, but the flexibility of resin.It feels like it could be a bit cheaper.
For those who like easy installation.
Best Garden Edging Reviews

What You Need To Know Before Buying Landscape Edging

image of garden brick edging

There’s not too much to know about landscape edging. However, there are a few critical components you need to be aware of to install landscape edging.

What is the Best Type of Landscape Edging?

The title is a bit misleading, as there is no “best type of edging.” It all depends on where your priorities lay. So here is a list of different landscape edging materials and which ones you should choose:

Brick Edging: Brick edging is one of the most beautiful forms of trim. The elegant professional look is excellent, but bricks can be impressive. That’s why we mention a brick/stone replacement: resin.

Edging Stones: Edging stones involve the use of granite or literal rocks to create a custom experience. The grey-ish color can work well with gardens that have a natural blue hue.

Metal Edging: Metal edging has that “wavy and shiny” appearance we mentioned earlier. While the design doesn’t appeal to everyone, you can’t argue with durability.

Plastic Edging: Plastic edging uses spikes instead of trenches to place your boundary firmly. While the design choice is noticeably cheaper, it still provides you with an elegant simplistic appearance. A famous example of this includes terrace board landscape edging

There are other forms of edging worth mentioning, but these are the most common. 

What is Better: Stakes or Digging a Trench?

Stakes are typically used as a more straightforward solution when compared to digging a trench. Rather than digging a hole into the ground, it saves time by allowing you to hammer stakes into the ground with a rubber hammer. Don’t use a regular hammer, as you may end up damaging your materials.

Digging a trench is better because it is more sturdy. If you live near a highway or a high-traffic area, a groove is necessary to ensure that your rattling ground won’t pop out those loosely fitting stakes. If you need help learning how to dig a trench, check out this article to edge a garden with stone

How Should I Use My Garden Edging?

You use garden edging for two primary purposes:

  • To organize your garden into neatly arranged boxes.
  • To provide your garden with an enhanced design.

Thankfully, good organizational skills and design typically go hand-in-hand. For example, edging around the front of your house, where you keep your flower bed, provides an excellent way to draw focus to them. Surrounding them with a beautiful wooden or stone edging will allow people to see where to focus. 

In the same vein, they also assist in lawn maintenance. A good piece of landscape edging can remind the person who mows the lawn not to space out. It’s much easier for your significant other to mow down the rose garden if there isn’t a wall in the way. 

Creative Uses of Modern Landscape Edging

Edging doesn’t simply have to be a wall between the garden and lawn. Edging can also be a fantastic project to help you beautify your garden. Here are some creative reminders to help you turn your yard into a beautiful space. 

Burying Your Metal Edging

By placing your metal edging underground, you can take advantage of its durability while not looking at how shiny it is. It provides you some “invisible edging” that creates a barrier without anything being there. A garden comes in multiple layers; not all of them have to be noticeable.

Create Natural Pathways

With the use of flexible stone pathways, you can create a natural walkway through the center of your garden. This idea is better for people with lawn space, but these pathways are a raw reminder of where not to walk. Admire your lawn while walking along paving stones. 

Recycled Items

Yard edging is an excellent way for you to utilize items that you would usually throw away. Below are a few examples: 

  • Reusing wooden pallets are a great way to create a “tiny fence” for your garden. Just be sure that nothing unfortunate was poured on these pallets.
  • Placing glass bottles around your yard is a great way to add color to your garden. You can place them with the neck up or bury the neck down, depending on your preferences.
  • Cinder blocks are a great way to give a rougher edge to your garden. You also won’t have to worry as much about your rattling lawn. 

Keep in mind that these can be used alongside the options above. Many recycled options are not a complete replacement for professional-looking edging. Whatever you choose, make sure you like it!

Best Lawn Edging Brands

In this article, we’ve had the joy to go through a lot of great edging products. Here are some great brands to keep your eyes on:

Greenes Fence: Greenes fence has been around since 1976. They focus on environmentally friendly products which are easy to install. They have their home base in Ohio.

Suncast: Suncast is a company based out of Batavia, IL. They’ve been around since 1984 and recently announced a new President, Jim Ahlborn. We hope for many more years of success for them. 

Dimex: EasyFlex is a brand owned by Dimex, an American manufacturer of flexible compounds to use in various areas. They’ve been around since 1991 and come from Ohio.

LeJoy: They are a small amazon company that produces edging, seed sprouting trays, trays, and vines’ towers. 

All of the companies above are known for making quality products. 

Lawnscape Edging FAQs

Below are a few commonly asked questions on lawn edging:

Can You Mow Over Lawn Edging?

If your landscape edging happens to be deep enough not to be hit by mower blades, you are fine. Above ground, bricks should also be okay if they are flat enough. However, the sturdy nature of brick or metal can cause damage to your edging or mower blades. To avoid incidents involving lawnmowers, it’s best to avoid going over edging. 

Is Landscape Edging Necessary? 

Edging provides you two significant benefits:

  • It prevents grass from invading your garden beds, ensuring your flower or vegetable garden has an ample amount of growing space.
  • It may also prevent weeds from entering the garden. 

While landscape edging is unnecessary, it is a remarkable improvement in design and keeps unwanted space plants from your space. 

How Long Does Landscape Edging Last?

The more durable materials might last up to twenty years:

  • Stone
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood

However, this will require regular cleaning and maintenance to improve longevity. 

Does No-Dig Edging Work?

With no-dig edging, there is a higher chance that grass or weeds may sneak underneath your boundary. However, this is still unlikely, as they would have to get underneath your edging. Provided they are firmly down using the stakes; you won’t have to worry about this. 

What is the Cheapest Garden Edging?

If you don’t mind putting a bit more elbow grease into appearance, recycled materials are cheap. Using cinder blocks, wooden pallets, glass bottles, and reclaimed wood are all great examples of this in action. The only problem? The material might come from locations where other companies may use unwanted chemicals.

If you want to avoid the potential risk, your second cheapest option is plastic. Please don’t discount the usefulness of plastic despite its lower cost. 

Wrap Up

Based on our findings, the best landscape edging is the Greenes Fence 18 in Half Log Edging. Its natural country look is incredibly appealing to many gardens. It’s also pretty sturdy and easy to install, which is everything you can want from yard edging.

If you don’t like the country look, you might prefer a more understated metal edging option. Otherwise, EasyFlex is an inexpensive plastic option.

We also featured a couple of faux brick and stone options. We’ve got several options for a variety of discerning tastes.  

If you like what you see, we would appreciate it if you click one of the products above. By doing that, you support our abilities to produce affiliate content. Thanks for reading!

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