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What’s The Best Indoor Smokeless Grill?

If you enjoy grilled steaks and veggies, then you need an indoor electric grill. Of course, you could also grill your foods with a charcoal grill, but that will leave your kitchen smoky when smoke isn’t good for your respiratory health.

So, that leaves you with one excellent option – an electric smokeless indoor grill.

These electric-powered indoor grills are smokeless and compact, making them ideal for a kitchen countertop. You can be sure to have crispy grill marks when cooking with an indoor grill while keeping smoke to a minimum.

And this makes indoor electric grills worth replacing your outdoor grill since they can serve you all year round.

But with many smokeless grills on the market, finding the best one might be more challenging than you thought. We will review some of the best-rated indoor smokeless grills in this article.

Also, we will guide you through the saturated market using our buyer’s guide below. So, be sure to read on for more information.

Top Picks for The Best Indoor Smokeless Grills

Simple Living Infrared Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill

This indoor electric grill has a slim and sleek design that makes it a space-saving kitchen appliance. As such, it takes up little kitchen countertop space while churning out sufficient cooking power.

It is also simplistic for easy usage. You only have one control knob for setting the right steak-grilling temperature.

Despite its slim and compact size, this cooking appliance generates sufficient heat of up to 446°F. Once you have selected this temperature, the unit consistently heats to cook your steak with sufficient heat, thanks to its 1660 Wattage rating.

It has a ceramic-coated grill plate that makes the unit non-stick. Also, this grill plate measures 8 × 14 inches, giving you a cooking surface that is spacious enough for grilling four steaks.

The spacious cooking area can also cook 6 burgers and 8 chicken fillets besides grilling steaks. Therefore, this is a versatile electric grill for indoors.

This indoor electric grill also features advanced infrared technology. This technology produces sufficient heat without producing any smoke. And this results in a smokeless grilling experience. You can then grill in your kitchen as the unit will produce no smoke.

Durability is another benefit since the materials of use for constructing this unit are high-quality. The Teflon and plastic materials withstand many uses regardless of your chosen temperature setting.

Therefore, this is an indoor smokeless grill that you should consider buying.

Smokeless performance.It takes time to reach maximum temperature.
It is easy to control.The materials aren't of the best quality.
Spacious grilling surface.
Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Reviews

Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle

Wolf Gourmet is an indoor smokeless grill that boasts precision cooking capability. Thanks to the heating element that sits beautifully inside the cooking surface, this unit creates evenly cooked food with every cooking.

What’s more, the cooking surface is thick for maintaining a consistent temperature.

Controlling the temperature is efficient since this unit features an advanced temperature control knob. You can set any temperature from 150°F – 450°F.

Whether you want to sear your steak or you want to keep your blueberry pancakes at the correct serving temperature, this indoor grill will serve you better.

The unit has a power-on light, and a preheat light to tell you when the grill pan has achieved the set temperature. The design is a simple one, making this unit easy to use. As you might already know, this indoor grill is versatile since it features more cooking functions.

Besides grilling steaks, you can also steam, sear, sauté, and melt foods on the grilling pan. The grilling pan is also spacious for cooking food for the whole family.

If you worry about the cleanliness of your unit after searing a fatty steak, you have a drip tray to collect anything dripping from your pork ribs.

The material quality is also phenomenal since this kitchen appliance is stainless steel-made. The grilling pan is cast Aluminum-made for durability and impressive heating performance.

Also, this part is easy to clean for cooking between meals. With this unit, wrapping the power cord in the cord wrap is no problem at all. And this makes the unit worth considering.

Durable stainless steel material.Grilling marks are not authentic.
Precision control knob.It is not very portable.
Versatile cooking performance.
Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Reviews

PowerXL Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid

Many indoor smokeless grills only come in one color finish, but not this one. You can be sure to find a PowerXL smokeless grill in silver, copper, red, and blue colors.

And that only widens your options as far as color finish goes. Besides the elegance of many colors, you also enjoy an incredible performance from this smokeless grill.

It is incredible how this minimalistic indoor grill produces authentic char-grill BBQ steaks, like a gas grill. And the best part is that you have authentic BBQing indoors since this unit produces no smoke!

Your indoor grill has a smoke capture fan that extracts any smoke coming from the steak you’re grilling.

The smokeless indoor grill also features a die-cast grill grate that enhances the flavors for more authentic BBQ grill marks. This grill plate material also has a reputation for excellent heating for cooking your steaks evenly.

Therefore, you can be sure to have a tasty steak if you opt for this indoor smokeless grill.

What’s more, the cooking surface is non-stick for easy food release. And the Cerami-Tech coating also makes cleaning the unit a complete breeze.

You have LED controls for selecting the correct temperature from 150°F – 450°F. The controls respond on a light touch, making the unit easy to control.

The cooking capacity is impressive since this unit can cook 6 burgers and 4 large steaks. You can also cook 8 chicken fillets. But you don’t have many cooking options since grilling is the only function you get in this unit.

But it still holds up its end of the deal incredibly well, making it another ideal choice for indoor grilling enthusiasts.

Easy to use LED controls.It doesn't include the griddle.
Die-cast cooking surface.It only grills food.
Non-stick grill for easy cleaning.
Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Reviews

How To Choose the Best Indoor Smokeless Grill

Finding the best indoor smokeless grill is essential for authentic Grilling marks with rich flavors. Also, you want value for money; that is why you hunt for nothing short of the best kitchen appliances.

But to land the best deal on the market, you will consider the following features:

Smokeless Cooking Performance

One feature to look out for before picking any unit is the smoke emission. Before buying any indoor electric grill, ensure it produces no smoke. First, smoke is harmful to your respiratory health.

Also, smoke can ruin the pristine condition of your kitchen décor. But how do you know an indoor electric grill boasts a smokeless performance?

Infrared heating technology guarantees sufficient heat with no smoke. As such, you could pick an indoor electric grill featuring this high-end tech design. Also, units featuring a smoke capture fan produce no smoke when cooking and are an ideal choice.

Therefore, check for these two smokeless designs before spending your hard-earned cash on any indoor smokeless grill.

Cooking Temperature Range

Besides looking for a smoke-free performance, check if your preferred indoor smokeless grill heats sufficiently to cook your steaks excellently. You can check the temperature range by reading the description of the kitchen appliance.

Indoor smokeless grills featuring the advanced infrared heating technology also produce sufficient heat. As such, they not only produce no smoke but also ensure your steak grills with sufficient heat.

When picking an indoor electric grill, look for one with a huge temperature range.

A unit that covers 150°F – 450°F temperatures is an excellent option. Such an indoor electric grill covers all the temperature bases for crispy and authentic BBQ steaks.

Therefore, only pick indoor smokeless grills covering a wide temperature range for unmatched BBQ grilling results.

Cooking Power

An indoor smokeless grill with a high wattage rating packs more cooking power. A high-watt unit achieves your set temperature in a short time, shortening the overall cooking time significantly.

Also, a high-watt kitchen appliance generates more heat at high temperatures for crispier and tastier steaks.

But what’s the best wattage rating to settle for when picking an indoor smokeless grill? 1500 Watts is not a bad starting point at all. You can choose units with a 1500-Watt rating or go higher for more cooking power.

With sufficient power, your kitchen appliance cooks incredibly crispy and flavorful steaks and veggies, and this is reason enough for picking a more powerful unit.

Cooking Surface

When looking at the cooking surface, you want to pay attention to a few things. First, check if the grilling surface is spacious enough to cook food for the whole family.

You can check the measurements of the cooking surface to know if it is large enough. Also, you can check the number of chicken fillets and steaks it can cook simultaneously.

A unit that cooks 8 chicken fillets and 4 large steaks is ideal for a medium-sized family. But if your family is large, consider stepping up a bit to pick a unit with wider cooking surface measurements.

For a small-sized family, stepping down will be ideal. Besides, stepping down will save you money.

Second, check if the cooking surface is non-stick. A unit can use ceramic coating for non-stick performance. You want to choose a non-stick cooking surface because it releases food easily.

Also, cleaning such a surface is easy, and a wipe with a wet cloth will pull off the trick! Therefore, consider checking the cooking surface for measurements and non-stick coating before picking a unit from the market.

The Material of The Unit

Durability is a deciding factor before buying any indoor smokeless grill. But only high-quality materials guarantee durability. If you want a long-lasting indoor smokeless grill, be sure to pick units featuring stainless steel for the body construction material.

But the cooking surface should boast die-cast Aluminum for impressive uniform heating performance. Also, check if the cooking surface material has a non-stick coating for effortless cleaning and easy food release.

If you can’t find a unit featuring die-cast Aluminum, Gotham steel material is an incredible option. Therefore, consider picking units featuring high-quality materials for unmatched performance and durability.

The Dimensions

After checking every box for the must-have features of an indoor smokeless grill, it is time to check if your unit will fit in the kitchen. You can check the dimensions to know how much space the indoor electric grill will occupy.

If you have a smaller kitchen, you will find a sleek and slim unit the best option. And that is because a sleek and slim unit fits in compact spaces without demanding more space!

The good news is many of these indoor smokeless grills are compact-sized, meaning they can fit in all the tight space after storage. Besides, they take up less countertop space, making them a perfect option for replacing your gas grill.


Do indoor smokeless grills have a drip tray?

Indoor smokeless grills have a drip tray for collecting all the grease dripping from the cooking steak. As a result, the grease will not make it to the heating elements and cause smoke.

Drip trays also contribute to the smoke-free cooking performance of indoor smokeless grills. As such, the drip tray is an essential component of an indoor electric grill, and you should check if your preferred unit has it before buying the kitchen appliance.

How do you control the temperature of an indoor smokeless grill?

Indoor smokeless grills have a control knob or one-touch LED buttons for setting the correct temperature. These two control types are efficient, and you should base your choice on nothing else but convenience.

If the control knobs work best for you, pick a unit featuring them. But if you favor the digital buttons, don’t hesitate to pick an indoor smokeless grill featuring these controls.

How do I switch on an indoor electric grill?

Indoor smokeless grills have a power switch for turning them on/off after plugging them into a wall outlet. The power switch is usually easy to use, and it controls the power flow through your kitchen appliance efficiently.

How do indoor electric grills reduce smoke when cooking?

Some of these kitchen appliances have a smoke capture fan that extracts any smoke from the cooking steak. But many units use advanced infrared technology for heating without producing smoke.

A unit combining these two designs is more efficient at reducing smoke. Therefore, you can pick a unit featuring these two smoke-reducing technologies.

Wrap Up

The best indoor smokeless grill guarantees a smoke-free cooking performance, making them promote healthier cooking. The units also feature high-quality materials for durability and excellent performance.

What’s more, some have a smoke capture fan that reduces the smoke further. Indoor smokeless grills have everything you need to enjoy the flavorful taste for grilling marks while not requiring more space.

But to find the best models on the market, you will consider a few features. Fortunately, we have gone through all the features to check before spending the cash.

We have also rounded up some of the best-performing indoor smokeless grills on the market. If you haven’t found a unit that suits you better, you can use our buyer’s guide to spot other incredible models.

Invest in the best indoor smokeless grill and enjoy the flavorful taste of authentic BBQ grill marks wherever you go, all year round!

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