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What’s the Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree lights may not be the soul of the season – but even the biggest Grinch will likely feel their heart swell when welcomed by an array of colorful lights, blinking to the tune of a timeless Christmas Carol. We will share with you what’s the best smart plug for a Christmas tree.

Setting up a tree and seasonal décor often becomes a beloved ritual for many families. The daily routine of turning holiday lights on and off, on the other hand, is rarely as pleasant.

Fortunately, smart plugs and other smart home gadgets can simplify this task for you. Now, a quick clap or even a pre-set timer can set a tree light and play your future song through a smart speaker at the same time.

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are a relatively new appliance that is quickly becoming essential. They offer an easy way to connect all sorts of home devices to your WiFi, allowing you to control them remotely or to program them ahead of time.

Most of the time, smart plugs can be synced using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, all you will need to do is speak the right voice command to control the plug or any device connected to the plug.

Depending on the specific device you hook onto your smart plug, or whether you have installed other smart home appliances, you can also try to use them in more sophisticated programming options.

A popular platform for this is known as ITTT or “If This, Then That”. Just like its name indicates, this lets you set off a chain of events with a single action.

For example, proximity sensors can detect the moment in which you get to the house, and immediately turn on the heating in the part of the house where you currently are – or switch the rhythm of your smart Christmas lights to match the current music.

Our Picks for the Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree

We have scoured the internet looking for the smart plugs that best combine value, quality, and are compatible with a standard tree light set.

Smart Plug Gosund Smart WiFi Outlet

The Gosund Smart WFi Outlet and smart plug combines all the basic functions needed to control a set of Christmas lights, but keeps its operation simple and its price low. This smart plug can be connected to your Alexa or Google assistant. It then uses these apps to activate its voice controls.

This simplifies installation for anyone who already has an Alexa Echo: you will just need to plug the outlet into the wall, and your Echo should recognize it instantly. Next, hook your lights directly into the plug to gain remote control of them.

You can speak commands to your Alexa directly, or use the Gosund app to turn off your lights or to set up a timer or schedule function. That being said, these lights can only connect via 2.4G WiFi connections. This makes them very energy efficient, so it may be worth giving up on a Bluetooth connection.

This smart plug also offers a few extra safety features. It used a V-0 flame retardant plastic coating and copper connections, which should last for many years despite exposure to humidity. However, they do not have any exterior insulation, so don’t use these plugs for any outdoor lights! December is rarely a dry month, and that is not a risk you want to take.

Compatible with both Alexa and Google Home assistant.Not suitable for outdoors.
The manufacturer provides its own app.Need to be in WiFi range, as they do not connect via Bluetooth.
Includes overload protection in case of a power surge.
Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree Reviews

Smart Plug, JUANWE WiFi Smart Outlet  

An efficient voice command function and a powerful antenna make the JUANWE WiFi smart outlet a powerful alternative to set up your Christmas lights.

This alternative is flexible and compatible with a wide array of other appliances without the need for a hub. It will connect with Amazon Echo, but you can also control it with the Smart Life app, which will let you use your phone as a remote control.

Through the app, you will also have access to all the other basic options that one expects from a smart outlet. This includes the possibility to program a schedule or a timer or to synchronize it with other ITTT devices.

The plug itself looks relatively plain, though. The shape is relatively blocky. There is a power button to the side, which clicks nicely and provides good feedback, but may be hard to access.

This plug is suitable for appliances that use a current of 10A or below: more than enough for a tree light, but not something that would work reliably for anything larger than a toaster.

Most reviewers highlighted that the plug itself is light, but resilient, and can resist children tossing it about without any loss of function.

However, the instruction manual that comes with it is poorly translated, so you may be left trying to figure things out by yourself during the initial installation.

Light and resilient.The plug itself is a bit wide and blocky.
Has its own smartphone app for remote control.The initial installation is not easy if you are not familiar with slight plus already.
Has a separate power button.Cannot be used for large appliances.
Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree Reviews

Astropanda Smart Home Power Control Socket

This 2-pack of power control sockets by Astropanda offers a simplified installation and a more potent range of action than the two options previously shown.

Some of the main features of this plug include a very well-designed control app, that allows you to turn the device on and very detailed schedules for its operation. This app will also allow you to synchronize different devices, provided they are all using Astropanda smart plugs.

On the other hand, neither the app nor the sockets will recognize voice commands directly. The wall plug is compatible with Alexa Home, Apple Assistant, and Google Home, but this will require you to speak any orders to an Amazon Echo instead.

On the design side, the Astropanda offers outstanding performance. Thanks to its rounded edges and well-balanced weight, each socket is small enough to fit discreetly behind your Christmas tree. However, they do not feel plasticky or cheap to the touch. Finally, it works well with a 5G network as well as standard WiFi.

Good design and materials.The app does not take voice commands directly.
Works well with 5G.Cannot be used as an outdoor plug.
A very intuitive and attractive control app.
Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree Reviews

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug w/Energy Monitoring by TP-Link

From all the smart plugs that we examined, the Kasa Smart WiFi Plugs fell squarely in the premium niche. It offers a wider array of configuration and control options than most of its competitors, most of them operated through the Kasa app.

This app works equally well with Alexa, Google, and Microsoft Cortana, and allows for hands-free control under any of those ecosystems. Under either method, you will be able to turn your lights on and off, set up a schedule, a timer, or sync them with your home security devices (such as proximity sensors).

The Kasa app also offers remote energy monitoring for any appliances connected to these sockets. You will be able to check exactly how much energy your lights are consuming – so if you ever needed a reason to switch to LED lights, just check out the report on your smartphone.

The TP Link Kasa uses is remarkably potent, and prevents any delay or lag forming between the moment you issue a command (either through the app or via Alexa) and the moment the lights effectively turn on.

The connection needs to be secured, however: if you haven’t set up a password for your home WiFi, the app will not recognize your devices.

Super-fast connection capabilities.Only works with secured connections.
A well-designed app with advanced options.More expensive than its competitors.
Remote energy monitoring.
Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree Reviews

Esicoo Smart Plug

The Esicoo Smart Plug offers a good balance between advanced customization options and an affordable price. Although they don’t have the high-tech receivers of the Kasa smart plugs, they still offer advanced programming options without the need for any additional devices or subscription services, such as Alexa Echo.

That being said, just because you don’t need these services doesn’t mean you can use them. Esicoo products are all certified compatible with Google Home and the Alexa app. Through them, Esicoo can be seamlessly synchronized with your existing smart home network.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in adding a set of smart speakers or microphones into your home, you can access the same options using the Only Cloud Intelligence App, developed by Esicoo itself.

If you choose the latter option, you will also access a simplified installation process. If you buy the 4-pack instead of a single socket, you can also set up different intervals for your Christmas lights: for example, alternating between blue and red lights at a steady rhythm, or combining different light sets for the tree or the mantelpiece.

Past users of the Esicoo smart plug seemed particularly pleased by the simplicity of the app and the possibility of remote automation – for example, by letting your turn on the lights before you even get to the house. 

However, some reviewers complained that settings would get disorganized whenever the internet went down or upon resetting the home router.

Budget-friendly.Not suitable for outdoor use.
Doesn’t require Alexa or additional microphones.Settings occasionally go away.
Flexible scheduling options.
Best Smart Plug for a Christmas Tree Reviews

Looking for Good Brands?

The manufacturers behind your smart plugs will, in an indirect way, be responsible for preserving your appliances and lights. Make sure you research each before you buy!


JUANWE is a relatively new brand that originally began providing memory storage solutions for corporate clients. However, they made the jump into the home market by expanding into Smart home appliances and external memories for videogames consoles.


Astropanda specializes in funky, customizable lighting solutions. Most of their products are sold exclusively online. In addition to smart plugs, they also have a highly-coveted range of multicolour, dimmable light bulbs.


Kasa was founded in 2015 as a provider of smart home solutions and appliances. The company began as a shoot-off of TP-Link America. Because of this, their full product line includes security cameras, light bulbs, and temperature control options, all compatible with the Kasa App.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Smart Plugs

Can smart plugs be used outside?

In short – yes. However, only those labelled as suitable for outdoor use should be used in your garden or back porch. This is because outdoor plugs need to have special insulation to protect them from surrounding moisture and rain. Often, outdoor plugs will also have a stronger Wi Fi connection.

Do smart plugs need Wi Fi?

Yes, this is the main way in which they receive commands from your Alexa Echo or connect with other surrounding appliances. However, some smart plugs are also able to emit a Bluetooth signal. This will allow you to access them through your smartphone, provided you are close enough.

Why use smart plugs?

Smart plugs offer a convenient way to control your appliances and light fixtures remotely, even if those are not proper “smart devices”.  For families that travel a lot, they offer a good way to automate light schedules remotely, providing the impression that someone is home.

When it comes to Christmas lights, smart plugs are also a great way to turn off your decorations, even if you have already gone to bed for the day. You just need to issue a quick voice command, and your tree light array will fall dormant until the next day.

Final Thoughts

Smart plugs are a great way to control your Christmas lights. For many households, this is just a natural addition to their existing security system of “clapping-controlled” main lights. However, if you are only now beginning to experiment with the possibilities offered by home automation, smart Christmas lights offer a fertile playground to get started!

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