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What’s the Best Upright Vacuum For Multi Surface Floors?

A multi surface home used to require a whole catalogue of cleaning tools: from a mop for the bathroom tiles to a deep cleaner that can handle the carpet or a soft cloth to make your hardwood floors shine.

But who has the space to have a special closet just for cleaning equipment anymore? So, what’s the best upright vacuum for multi surface floors? Learn more.

An upright vacuum cleaner for multi-surface floors can help you cross at least three items on this list – that is, once it is worth its salt. But where can you find all the resistant and efficient models?

The internet!

So don’t risk surfing the web for hours or sinking in your search. We have done most of the legwork for you and brought you a roundup of the best upright vacuums for multi-surface floors.

Top Picks for Upright Vacuums for Multi-Surface Floors

Simplicity S20EZM Allergy Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood

Bagged models seem to have lost some ground in recent years, as the convenience of simply emptying a canister seems to garner all the attention. Yet, for allergy sufferers and their families, there is still a lot to be gained by an old-school vacuum bag.

In the case of the Simplicity S20EZM, the main advantage lies in taking complete advantage of its HEPA filters.

This model was clearly designed with one specific target audience in mind, and they stay true to this public throughout their design.

So what does this translate to in practical terms? First, in the ability to trap 99.97% of all dirt. The suction power cleans carpet and upholstery alike.

It can trap a lot of dander, dust and pet hair. Then, the vacuum can be opened easily to replace the bag without spreading any allergens around.

Regarding its multi floor appeal, we ought to remark on its additional tools and replaceable heads. For hardwood floors, you should use the telescopic roller.

This is softer and will prevent any accidental scratches. We were impressed by the extra soft fabric underneath it, which seems to produce no lint (which would defeat the anti-allergy purpose).

On the other hand, this model is surprisingly heavier and noisier than other upright vacuums of the same size. Plus, the cord is not retractable, so you will need to keep an eye on it to prevent falling or tripping.

Highly-rated HEPA filter.Noisy.
30 feet hose.No retractable cord.
Good quality accessories.
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RUNVAC Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Multi floor cordless vacuums are often impressive enough – but with this model, RUNVAC tried to bring “multi-purpose” to a whole new level. The result is a well-rounded appliance that can provide a lot of different tasks without truly mastering any of them.

This is a “wet-dry” vacuum cleaner, which means that it can double up as a mop. You will no longer need to manually mop all the floors and wait for them to dry before vacuuming.

It should be noted that these functions are explicitly geared at hard floors (especially cement or tiled ones): after all, if you spill orange juice on your carpet, aspiration will only be part of your problems.

In addition to absorbing any dirty water, this unit also has a separate clean water tank that will help you rinse out the floors while you are mopping.

As this is a cordless model, it is powered by an internal battery. You will need to dock it in its charging station to charge it after you are finished cleaning.

If running it on ECO mode, the RUNVAC can run for up to 60 consecutive minutes, while most cordless vacuums usually cap at 40 minutes. On MAX mode, which will allow you to deep clean carpets and pillows, you may get up to 20 minutes.

Finally, there is an LCD screen that will show you whether you are using the RUNVAC on wet or dry mode and point out the battery capacity and signal whether the tanks are empty or full.

That being said, this screen is pretty tiny and can be hard to read at times.

The machine seems efficient and relatively quiet when on ECO mode, although noise goes up sharply when on MAX mode – it has been called “jet-like”, so be prepared before you switch.

Can vacuum and mop.The LCD screen is a bit small.
Keeps two separate water containers.Noisy when on MAX mode.
Large battery capacity.
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Shark Navigator DLX

The Shark Navigator DLX is a more robust alternative to the iconic Shark Navigator Lift Away – which remains one of the bagless vacuum cleaners that set the industry standard.

This model crosses all the main Ts as a multipurpose vacuum: it can tackle hard floors, rugs, and crevices. It does perform significantly better on low pile carpets and when dealing with pet hair.

This model also features a flexible hose separate from its extension wand, making it ideal for reaching high or hard-to-reach corners.

The motorized floor nozzle is easy to maneuver and install and will go a long way in protecting wooden surfaces.

As far as accessories go, these were slightly scarce: the extendable hose can give you up to 11 additional feet. It also comes with a crevice tool and a replaceable brush roll.

This is a blessing for those who need to witch between floor types, and it compensates for the lack of an automatic sensor. We would also like to highlight that the brush roll can be shut off quickly thanks to a well-placed button.

Still, we missed the additional dusting brush and a dedicated upholstery tool.

The combination of powerful suction and a pretty tight filter does provide one major hurdle: according to user reports, the canister fills up pretty quickly, and you may need to wash the filters as well. 

Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner comes with two of them to get extended capacity should you need it. To replace the cup mid-task, you just need to twist and take it out – just like you would on a handheld vacuum.

Powerful suction.The low capacity dust canister.
Easy to maneuver.Few accessories.
Brushrolls can be shut off.
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STEALTH Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

All-in-one cleaning can be intimidating at first: after all, if you use the same set of tools to mop, sweep, and vacuum, what keeps everything from becoming a unified mess? Is it worth it to stick to one machine if you need to adjust the settings every five seconds?

That all depends on how the appliance is designed. A few intuitive buttons can make all the difference significantly after acquiring the necessary muscle memory.

It is clear that this is what STEALTH was aiming for with its Wet Dry vacuum. This machine is capable of vacuuming, mopping, deep cleaning upholstery, and tackling various floor types.

You can switch between them using the button pad at the top or via voice commands.

How? In addition to a separate water container, this model includes a simple button by the handle that allows you to release a squirt of clean water. Then, the dirty and debris will be sucked away into a separate container.

Thanks to its wide-toothed dusting brush, the STEALTH can handle pretty large garbage – the kind that would jam most vacuums, such as noodles and cat litter.

This model includes a one-button “self-cleaning” program, which you can run after emptying the tanks to keep everything fresh on the inside.

On the other hand, great power and advanced features also require a lot of energy. The STEALTH only provides two potency settings (Eco and Max).

Even on Eco, the Lithium-Ion battery will likely only last up to 30 minutes, below the industry average. At least the battery is detachable and can be replaced (but you will need to buy a spare set separately).

It can mop, vacuum and deep clean.Short battery capacity.
Keeps separate water tanks.It doesn’t include a spare set of batteries.
It offers a self-cleaning mode.
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Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner Type

When selecting a home vacuum, it can be hard to make sense of all the different options and models available. No one model will be better than all the other ones – it will all depend on your needs

Vacuum models

The easiest way to classify vacuum cleaners is by model:

  • Handheld vacuums are usually small and under 5 pounds, as you need to lift them with one hand alone. These typically have short hoses and very narrow crevice tools, as they are mainly used to vacuum furniture rather than whole rooms.
  • Upright vacuums are now considered the standard option for vacuuming an entire room or apartment. They are often longer, which allows them to accumulate a stronger suction power. However, they are not as easy to maneuver as handheld models, and you will usually need extra accessories or extensions to reach high spots.
  • Robot vacuums use motion and proximity sensors to vacuum a room automatically. Most models connect to your home’s WiFi to respond to voice commands. However, they can usually handle only flat surfaces: they can’t get on top of furniture or climb stairs.

Bagged vs bagless vacuums

Upright and stick vacuums now come in two variants: bagged vacuums and bagless or “canister vacuums”. Each type has its pros, cons, and fanatics – so decide which is best for yourself.

Bagged vacuums offer the following perks:

  • They are usually easier to clean, as the bag will hold all the dust together and can be replaced.
  • They are usually lighter and cheaper than bagless ones
  • On the other hand, you will need to buy new replacement bags for your vacuum constantly. Sometimes, these bags are unique to each model.

Meanwhile, bagless vacuums:

  • Usually, come with a removable canister or dust cup that can be washed and reused
  • Tend to be heavier
  • If not well-designed, emptying or washing the dust cup can be messy, as the contents can spill and release dust throughout the room.

Final Thoughts

Most homes are multi-surface homes – so your vacuum cleaner should be able to handle this. However, what is often enough suction to deep clean a carpet can damage your bare floors or produce excessive noise.

The models we picked here all offer outstanding performance across all their different functions. Yet, they still have significant differences between them. Make sure you do your homework before you order!

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