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Which Brand of Toaster Oven Is Best?

A toaster oven cooks different meals since it is a versatile kitchen appliance. Toaster ovens usually feature cooking functions, making them versatile kitchen appliances. They come in different designs with some models, such as the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach, incorporating pop up toasters in their designs.

It’s incredible how these kitchen appliances cook different food types while only demanding a small space on your countertop. And the best part is they don’t need installation, meaning you could use them right out of the box. Usually, they are more energy-efficient than many kitchen appliances. As such, they are worth the investment in every aspect.

But with many toaster ovens on the market, finding the best ones isn’t as easy as it might seem. You will need a set of features that guarantee exceptional performance over many years. We’ve rounded up some of the best toaster ovens to buy. We’ve also included a guide to help you pick other best toaster ovens from the market. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are the Top Picks for The Best Toaster Oven Brands?

De’Longhi Livenza 9-in-1 Digital Air Fry Convection Toaster Oven

One incredible feature of this kitchen appliance is its high-quality stainless steel construction. Toaster ovens featuring this material in their build last for extended periods. As such, you can be sure your toaster oven will serve you for many years to come.

Besides durability, you will also enjoy a longer life if you invest in this cooking machine. We don’t mean to exaggerate, but this toaster oven features the air fry as one of the cooking functions. But this air fryer is like no other as it boasts a powerful convection system for efficient hot air circulation.

After activating this convection system, the toaster oven circulates super-heated air. And this results in a quick, crispy, and golden crust on your meal. And the best part is you use up to 75% less oil and achieve the same results as deep fry. Using less oil to cook your meals results in a healthy life, meaning you could potentially extend your stay on earth.

Besides the air fry program, the toaster oven features eight other cooking programs: toast, pizza, bake, broil grill, convection, cookies, keep warm, and reheat. As such, you could also reheat your frozen pizza if you invest in this kitchen appliance.

Only a few air fryers are energy-efficient, and this one is one of them. This toaster oven preheats 60% faster than full size ovens, making it save more energy and, of course, time than any conventional oven. When cooking your meal, you can see it as it cooks, thanks to the interior oven light.

Another excellent feature worth mentioning is the heat lock system. It is precisely what it sounds like – a technology that helps the toaster oven retain heat while losing less than 30% of the heat through the glass door. Therefore, your meal will cook to a precise temperature setting.

The toaster oven also cooks with sufficient power. It has a 1800W power rating, efficient for yielding up to 450°F. The heating elements also heat fast since this is a powerful toaster oven. The cooking machine also includes a flat rack, enamel-made bake pan, and Aluminum-made pizza tray as accessories. It has everything you require to start cooking right out of the box. Therefore, it is an excellent buy.

1800W cooking power.The warranty period is limited.
Convection technology.It burns some foods.
5 cubic foot cooking capacity.
Brand of Toaster Oven Reviews

Cuisinart Air fryer, Convection Toaster Oven, Silver

This Cuisinart toaster oven also cooks with massive power. To be precise, it cooks with 1800W of power, delivering one of the most powerful cooking experiences among convection ovens. Yes, it is a convection oven as it has a convection fan built-in. Many convection fans are incredible but not as incredible as the fan in this toaster oven.

The convection fan is durable and circulates super-heated air within the toaster oven efficiently. And this results in quick and evenly crisped meals. Since this toaster oven speeds up the cooking, it is yet another energy-efficient toaster oven on the list.

The unit is also durable since it comprises stainless steel as its material of construction. This body material is polished and comes in a beautiful silver color. Silver is a color that blends well with any kitchen décor. Therefore, you will not go wrong if you opt for this toaster oven.

Besides durability and elegance, the toaster oven also boasts a large cooking capacity. The interior cooking space is 0.6 cubic-foot large. With such a spacious cooking interior, you could be toasting bread slices of up to six slices. Also, the cooking space fits a 12-inch pizza or a 4-pound chicken.

The toaster oven performs incredibly well in its category as it features seven cooking functions. The cooking programs ensure your kitchen appliance is as versatile as possible, making this unit an investment worth having in the kitchen. These cooking functions include air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, warm, and toast.

Whether you’re looking to warm frozen foods or bake cookies in the included baking pan, this toaster oven will help you greatly. The toaster oven comes with the required accessories to help you cook restaurant-quality meals. These accessories include an oven rack, baking pan, and air fryer rack. Therefore, you can bake and broil your meals with this powerful toaster oven.

Controlling the unit is a breeze. Your toaster oven features control knobs for controlling such functions as the temperature, cooking programs, and cooking times. The 60-minute timer allows you to control cooking time, and it has an auto-shutoff function. Once the timer countdown has stopped, your toaster oven will stop cooking, averting any potential fire hazard. As such, this is a safe toaster oven to use.

6 cubic-foot cooking space.It doesn't include a pizza stone.
Seven cooking functions.The knobs break off easily.
The air fryer uses less oil.
Brand of Toaster Oven Reviews

OSTBA Air Fryer Oven 1700W Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Although not as powerful as the two previous toaster ovens, this kitchen appliance is another monster in the kitchen. It packs 1700W of cooking power, close to what the first two toaster ovens churn out when cooking. Even with this wattage rating, you can expect the toaster oven to preheat fast.

Due to this already impressive power, the toaster oven heats to temperatures ranging from 200°F to 450°F. It covers all the temperature bases you require to enjoy perfectly cooked meals, making it one of our top picks. It only features five cooking functions. These cooking programs include air fry, bake, broil, toast, and rotisserie.

The air fry cooking function is beneficial for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle. The air fry program is oil-free as you will use less oil for cooking your meals – the perfect preset for French fries and chicken. To be precise, you will use 75% less oil and still enjoy a crispy and quickly-cooked meal. Therefore, this is a toaster oven to select for your daily cooking needs.

The air fryer also uses convection for cooking other meals. It has a convection fan for circulating the super-heated air 360° around the meal in the cooking interior. As a result, the unit evenly cooks the meal, as we’ve already seen.

There are control dials for setting the temperature, time, and cooking functions. The 60-minute timer comes in handy when selecting the cooking times. There is also a knob for controlling the speed of the convection fan. You have three-speed options: low, medium, and high. So, you can speed up the convection setting the way you deem appropriate!

If you check the cooking capacity, the toaster oven boasts a cooking space size of a jaw-dropping 24 quarts. You can roast a 4-pound chicken in the cooking interior. Also, you can bake a 12-inch pizza or toast up to nine slices of bread at once. Enjoy toast baked meals with this all-powerful toaster oven. Besides, it includes everything you need to start cooking immediately.

1700W cooking power.The glass door is delicate.
It uses 75% less oil.It has few cooking functions.
Energy-efficient performance.
Brand of Toaster Oven Reviews

How Do You Pick the Best Toaster Oven from The Crowd?

When sourcing the best toaster oven for your kitchen, you will look beyond the brand. That’s because a brand doesn’t guarantee exceptional performance, but high-end features do guarantee unmatched performance. But what are the features to look for in a toaster oven? Well, you will check for the following features before buying a toaster oven:

The Heating Elements

When picking a toaster oven for your kitchen, you will check the featured heating elements first. Toaster ovens usually use one of these four heating elements: quartz, Nichrome, Kanthal, or ceramic. Quartz heating elements radiate infrared energy that cooks your meal.

The radiation is instant, meaning toaster ovens featuring these heating elements require no preheating. On the other hand, Nichrome generates higher heat temperatures, but toaster ovens with these heating elements require preheating first.

Kanthal is another heating element that could generate even higher heat temperature. However, these heating elements are not energy-efficient. Ceramics are also an excellent choice. But quartz heating elements are the most energy-efficient. If a toaster oven features quartz heating elements, it should be your first option. Your second option should be ceramic and Nichrome, respectively.

Cooking Power

Toaster ovens have varying wattage ratings, representing their cooking power. A toaster oven with a higher wattage rating is more powerful than another kitchen appliance with a lower wattage rating. For example, a 1800W toaster oven is more powerful than a 1700W toaster oven.

When sourcing a toaster oven for your kitchen, you want to pick a more powerful toaster oven. First, more power means faster heating performance. And this translates to faster cooking. You will also find that toaster ovens packing more power yield more heat for cooking your meals than less powerful toaster ovens.

Any toaster oven rated 1500W is powerful enough to speed up the cooking process. Such a toaster oven will also heat in seconds to allow you to begin cooking sooner than you might anticipate. Since a high wattage unit cooks fast, it is more energy-efficient. Therefore, consider buying toaster ovens rated 1500W and above.

Temperature Range

Toaster ovens generate heat up to a certain temperature depending on a few factors. The first factor, of course, is the power rating. Second, the heating elements dictate how much heat your toaster oven produces. But you don’t have to worry about these factors as toaster ovens indicate the heat temperature range.

Usually, toaster ovens heat to temperatures ranging from 150°F to 450°F. This is an incredible range, but you could pick toaster ovens heating up to 500°F. A wide temperature range is essential for versatility. If a toaster oven heats to a high temperature, it cooks more meals as meals have specific heat temperature requirements. Therefore, consider picking toaster ovens with a wide heat temperature range for versatility.

Cooking Programs

When talking about versatility, you should also talk about the cooking functions. And that’s because these versatility and cooking programs are tied together. A toaster oven with more cooking programs is more versatile than one with only a handful of cooking functions.

Since versatility is something to look at before picking a toaster oven, ensure your preferred toaster oven is versatile. And the best way of making sure this is the case is by choosing a unit with more cooking functions. Any toaster oven boasting five cooking functions and above is versatile enough. But you can always choose more than five cooking programs.

Convection Technology

Toaster ovens with this technology have convection fans that circulate super-heated air within the toaster oven. The convection fan speeds up the cooking, making the toaster oven more energy-efficient. Therefore, your toaster oven will use less energy for cooking meals. When looking to buy toaster ovens, check if your favorite toaster oven brand has this energy-efficient technology. Besides, convection cooking yields even cooking results, and your pizza will have a uniformly browned crust!

Cooking Capacity

Your toaster oven can cook a meal of up to a given size. And the meal size varies, from one toaster oven model to another. The meal size your unit cooks at once is its cooking capacity. But this capacity depends on the available cooking space inside your toaster oven. Usually, your toaster oven indicates the dimensions of the interior cooking space.

Even if the kitchen appliance doesn’t indicate the dimensions, it will show you the number of bread slices you could toast inside the unit at once. For example, you could toast up to six slices of bread at once in your toaster oven.

Also, the manufacturer will show you the size of pizza the interior cooking space can hold. Toaster ovens usually hold 12-inch pizza, but this size could either go up or down, depending on the available cooking space. Before buying a toaster oven, these are the things to pay attention to first. If you have a large family, you might need a toaster oven capable of toasting more bread slices or cooking large pizzas. So, be sure to check the size of the cooking space first.

The Material of the Unit

Durability is another factor to consider before buying a toaster oven. But this crucial factor depends on the materials of your toaster oven. If your toaster oven has high-quality material, it will last for many years! Stainless steel is an incredibly durable material that is also easy to clean.

As such, toaster ovens usually feature it in their construction. Since kitchen appliances boasting this material are bound to last, consider buying toaster ovens featuring stainless steel in their construction and built.

Timer and Auto-Shutoff Function

Toaster ovens feature control knobs for controlling the temperature, cooking functions, and cooking times. One of these control knobs is, of course, the timer. As you might expect, the timer allows you to set the cooking time. But this control knob allows you to select up to a given cooking time.

Since you might want to bake for hours, but the timer only selects up to 30 minutes, look for a timer that also features the Stay-On function. You will bake your cakes for hours if the timer features the Stay-On function. Also, look for timers with an auto-shutoff function. A toaster oven with this safety feature will stop cooking once your set time has elapsed.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential task after cooking your meals. Always be sure to clean your toaster ovens before storing them away. If you’re looking to clean your kitchen appliance easily, pick a toaster oven with a non-stick coating on the cooking compartment and accessories. You will clean such a toaster oven by wiping away the dirt and food stains with a well-wrung cloth.


How do convection toaster ovens work?

Fan-forced toaster ovens (or convection toaster ovens) have convection fans circulating hot air within the interior cooking space. And by circulating the super-heated air, they speed up the cooking process. Also, they yield a more evenly cooked meal, meaning the crispy crust will be uniform. Fan-forced toaster ovens then end up using less energy to cook, making them more energy-efficient.

What is a conventional toaster oven?

Unlike fan-forced toaster ovens, these kitchen appliances have no convection fans. Usually, they use more energy for cooking meals. If you’re cooking the same-sized meal using a convection toaster oven and conventional toaster oven, the conventional toaster oven consumes more energy. A toaster oven with no convection technology is a conventional toaster oven.

How many slices of bread does a toaster oven cook?

Toaster ovens have interior cooking spaces for toasting slices of bread. Since this cooking space varies from one toaster oven model to another, you can be sure the number of slices will also vary. A toaster oven with a large cooking space toasts more slices of bread. Usually, toaster ovens toast six slices of bread, but this number could either go up or down, depending on the available cooking space.

Does a toaster oven use less oil for cooking?

Toaster ovens featuring the air fry cooking program use up to 75% less oil for cooking meals. The air fry cooking function is perfect for French fries and frying chicken. And the best part is this function yields the same cooking results as deep fry, only that it uses less oil. As a result, it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Wrap Up

While some brands manufacture some of the best toaster ovens on the market, you can still be sure to find plenty of substandard toaster ovens on the same market. Spotting high-quality toaster ovens on the market require checking specific features.

We’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you spot the best-performing toaster ovens from the market. Also, we’ve rounded up incredible toaster ovens from reputable brands. As a result, finding a kitchen appliance that’s right for the job is easier than before.

You can check out the toaster ovens on our list and see which ones work best for you. Or use our guide to find other top-performing brands on the market. If you want crispy and tasty meals, invest in the best toaster oven brand. We bet finding a reputable unit is no longer a challenge.

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