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Which Shark Stick Vacuum Is the Best?

Shark is a manufacturer of one of the best stick vacuum brands. The company has many stick vacuum models under its product line. But which Shark stick vacuum models are best for you?

When looking for a Shark stick vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors, you want to choose the best vacuum models from this company’s product line.

Narrowing down your choices is essential to get a model with the best cleaning performance for your home.

Shark’s vacuums incorporate sturdy construction, impressive suction power, and a cordless design in their stick vacuums to create top-performing stick vacuum cleaners.

With these remarkable feats, you can be sure to get an excellent hand vac from Shark’s product line. You only have to know what to look for when choosing a Shark cordless vacuum.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cordless stick vacuums from Shark. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you find other incredible Shark vacuums that might not be on the list.

You might land the best deal with our recommended Shark stick vacuums. So, be sure to read on for more information on the best Shark stick vacuum.

What Shark Vacuums Are the Best for My Home?

Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum

While many Shark stick vacuums are cordless, this model is corded. Since this vacuum cleaner features a 30-ft. power cord, it offers unmatched power supply reliability.

As one of the corded stick vacuums, it boasts unlimited run time, making it a perfect option for deep cleaning any home.

The vacuum cleaner is feature-packed and includes features that improve its cleaning performance to significant levels. One of the features is its DuoClean Technology.

The brush roll boasts a DuoClean design that gives carpets and hard floors deep cleaning they rightfully deserve. As a result, your residential space will sparkle after you clean it.

What’s more, the brush roll has a self-cleaning mechanism to ensure pet hair doesn’t wrap around it.

Due to this design, the brush roll excellently picks up dust particles and pet hair from carpets, hard floors, and surfaces above the floor.

When cleaning the floor, you will find the advanced swivel steering quite useful. You will be sure to maneuver the stick vacuum in and out of tight spaces and under the furniture with ease. And this only results in more efficient cleaning results.

The floor nozzle also features LED lights to illuminate dust particles and pet hair in dark spots. You will then clean all the dark areas hidden under the sofa and other furniture.

And to top it up, the vacuum cleaner is lightweight, weighing only ten pounds. It also transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner for removing debris from furniture, stairs, and other surfaces.

If you’re a pet owner, this Shark stick vacuum is best for you as it picks up pet hair with efficiency. Besides, it picks up pet hair from surfaces such as carpets, stairs, furniture upholstery, and above-floor areas.

Therefore, it is an excellent Shark stick vacuum model.

DuoClean Technology.No details about the horse length.
5 Amps suction power.The filter is not washable.
Self-Cleaning Brush roll.
Best Shark Stick Vacuum Reviews

Shark IX141 Impact Cordless Stick Vacuum

While the first Shark stick vacuum on our round-up list is cordless, this one is cordless. But despite its cordless design that adds to its lightweight design, it still cleans with remarkable cleaning power.

Since it is a cordless Shark stick vacuum, it includes a battery pack. Fortunately, the battery packs sufficient charge to run this Shark vacuum for up to 40 minutes.

With such an impressive run time, you can expect powerful cleaning performance from your Shark stick vacuum. And it’s good this vacuum cleaner boasts powerful cleaning performance to deep clean your floor.

And when talking about the floor, we mean both carpets and floors. As such, this is a multi-surface stick vacuum cleaner.

You can also use your Shark stick vacuum to clean above-floor areas. The stick vacuum cleaner converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner to pick up debris from upholstery, shelves, and other tight spaces.

What’s more, the vacuum cleaner comes with the necessary cleaning attachments for cleaning the said surfaces.

After converting your vacuum cleaner into a handheld Shark vacuum cleaner, you can use it to clean your car.

The included crevice tool cleans all the tight spaces in your vehicle to make the interior dust-free. It is a lightweight cordless vacuum weighing only 6.89 pounds.

Since it features an on-floor nozzle with LED lights, you will pick up dust particles in dark areas with efficiency. Besides, the Shark vacuum cleaner boasts an 8.38 powerful suction.

Therefore, it will clean your home and vehicle’s interior with the same efficiency. And this makes it an excellent buy.

40 minutes of run time.It has no self-cleaning brush roll.
CleanTouch Dirt Ejector.The battery takes time to charge.
It is ultra-lightweight.
Best Shark Stick Vacuum Reviews

Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

This particular Shark vertex stick vacuum features a battery pack, making it another cordless stick vacuum on the list. But its battery pack is more impressive as it powers the vacuum cleaner for up to 60 minutes. Therefore, the battery life is more impressive.

If you’re looking for a floor cleaning stick vacuum, this Shark Vertex is the best choice. First, it features a floor nozzle boasting a streamlined, low-profile design.

As a result, the vacuum cleaner picks up dust particles under the furniture and other hard-to-reach areas on the floor.

Besides cleaning the floor, the vacuum cleaner also cleans other above-floor surfaces, such as the furniture upholstery.

That’s because it easily converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. It includes the cleaning attachments you require to clean all areas above the floor.

And one such cleaning attachment is the crevice tool for cleaning all the tight spaces between the couch cushions. As such, this is a versatile vacuum cleaner from Shark’s product line.

The floor nozzle has LED lights to illuminate pet hair and dust particles in dark areas. What’s more, this nozzle features a self-cleaning brush roll to clean pet hair without the hair wrapping around the brush roll.

The nozzle also features MultiFLEX technology to allow the vacuum cleaner to stand by itself during storage. And the result? More compact storage.

Also, this technology allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas, thus improving cleaning efficiency.

Thanks to the Hypervelocity-accelerated suction power, the vacuum cleaner picks up pet hair and debris off the floor and other surfaces. And this adds to the cleaning efficiency.

Therefore, this is another excellent Shark stick vacuum cleaner.

The brush roll boasts DuoClean PowerFins.The warranty is limited.
The brush roll is self-cleaning.Some users report experiencing a static shock.
Hypervelocity-accelerated powerful cleaning.
Best Shark Stick Vacuum Reviews

Shark Rocket HV302 Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum Cleaner

The last Shark vacuum cleaner on the list is a corded model. Since it features a power cord, you don’t have to worry about power supply reliability.

The vacuum cleaner only stops when you’re through. Therefore, it is an excellent stick vacuum model for cleaning any home.

The vacuum cleaner cleans carpets and floors with the same efficiency. Even if you have a pile carpet in your home, the vacuum cleaner will still pick up dust particles and debris from it.

And this results in a dust-free living room. The vacuum cleaner boasts a strong suction power for taking on any cleaning job.

It produces strong suction since it has advanced cyclonic technology in its design. As a result of this remarkable design, the vacuum cleaner separates dirt from the air it expels via the exhaust port.

Besides, it features a Hepa filter for highly efficient air filtration, resulting in clean breathing air in your apartment.

The vacuum cleaner is also lightweight since it weighs only 8 pounds. That means you can clean anywhere since it is portable. You could also control its powerful suction as it features a 2-speed power setting.

Therefore, you don’t need to clean loose dust particles with excess cleaning power to save energy.

Use the low suction power speed for area rugs, carpets, and floors and reverse the second power setting for a high pile carpet. Therefore, this stick vacuum is more versatile than robotic vacuums.

Besides, it includes multiple cleaning tools such as an upholstery tool, hard floor nozzle, dusting brush, microfiber pad, and a 12-inch crevice tool.

You can also clean all areas above the floor if you opt for this stick vacuum cleaner. The filter is also washable to improve the filtration efficiency.

The vacuum cleaner easily converts into a handheld vacuum, making it more versatile. As such, it is another Shark stick vacuum to consider buying.

Advanced cyclonic technology.The warranty is limited.
Powerful suction performance.The floor nozzle isn't very durable.
It weighs only eight pounds.
Best Shark Stick Vacuum Reviews

How To Choose the Best Shark Stick Vacuum for Your Home

When picking a Shark stick vacuum for your home, you will consider a few features before buying any model. You can be sure to find many Shark vacuums when the point is to source the best stick vacuum for your home.

If you’re looking to buy the best stick vacuum cleaner from Shark, ensure you follow the features below before splashing your cash:

The Power Supply

Shark stick vacuum cleaners are like other vacuum brands as they also use electrical energy to function. They could derive the electrical energy from the wall outlet via a power cord or rely on a battery pack for the electrical energy.

As such, you can be sure to find corded and cordless Shark stick vacuums.

Corded and cordless stick vacuums have their upsides and downsides. Corded Shark vacuum cleaners boast unlimited run times. That means they only stop once you’re through with the cleaning task.

As such, they’re the best models for users looking for unlimited run times. But their corded designs restrict their portability.

Therefore, you will sacrifice portability for power supply reliability if you pick a corded vacuum.

On the other hand, cordless Shark stick vacuums are more portable. But they have limited run times as their battery packs power them for minutes, usually 40 minutes.

That means you will replace their battery pack with a fully charged battery once the juice is out. If you’re looking for portability but don’t mind sacrificing power supply reliability, a cordless Shark stick vacuum is the best choice.

Also, ensure the battery powers the vacuum for an extended period.

Suction Power

The suction power says a lot about the Shark vacuum cleaner you’re about to buy. The vacuum cleaner will blast all dust particles and debris and pick them up if it boasts high suction power.

And this will leave the cleaned surface sparkling clean. Therefore, you want to pick a Shark stick vacuum cleaner with sufficient suction power.

Usually, Shark expresses the suction power in Air Watts (AW). But other brands could express it in cubic feet per minute (CFM), Watts, kilopascals (kPa), and Amps.

So, if you see digits with these accompanying terms, that is the suction power of your preferred vacuum cleaner.

You want to buy a Shark stick vacuum with at least 100 AW. Vacuum cleaners with no less than 100 Air Watts pack sufficient cleaning power. As a result, they will clean your floors and carpets, leaving them sparkling.

Therefore, only pick Shark vacuums with no less than 100 AW of suction power. If the suction power is in Amps, don’t settle on less than 5 Amps for excellent cleaning power.

Dust Cup Capacity

The vacuum cleaner picks up dust particles, pet hair, and other debris from the floor or carpet. The vacuum cleaner then temporarily stores the collected particles in a dust cup before you empty the dust cup into a dustbin.

As such, the dust cup is a critical component of any vacuum cleaner, not just Shark vacuums.

When buying a Shark vacuum cleaner, you want a model with a large dust cup. Why? A large dust cup collects all dust particles from the floor or carpet without you stopping halfway through to empty it. But how large should the dust cup be?

Well, any dust cup that’s at least 0.5L large is spacious enough. A vacuum cleaner with a spacious dust cup is ideal for deep cleaning tasks.

If you’re looking to deep clean your residential space without stopping in the middle of the cleaning task, look for a Shark vacuum cleaner with a large dust cup.

The Filtration System

The filter also does an incredible job in any vacuum cleaner. It traps all the dust particles, pet hair, and debris from the air the vacuum cleaner expels via the exhaust port.

And this results in clean air for family members to breathe. As such, you want to check the efficiency of the filtration system.

When shopping for a Shark vacuum cleaner, you want a model with a highly efficient filtration system. A Hepa filter usually boasts 99.99% filtration efficiency.

That means it collects every dust particle, leaving nothing to chance. As such, consider buying Shark stick vacuums with a Hepa filter for a highly efficient filtration system.

Weight Of the Vacuum

Shark vacuum cleaners also weigh differently. You can be sure to find a lightweight cordless Shark vacuum, the same way you can find a lightweight corded vacuum.

You want a lightweight vacuum since it is more portable. Also, a lightweight vacuum cleaner is easier to maneuver.

But how many pounds does a lightweight vacuum weigh? Any vacuum cleaner weighing no more than 15 pounds is a lightweight cleaning machine.

Therefore, you only want to buy Shark stick vacuums weighing 15 pounds or less.

Ease Of Maneuverability

While a lightweight design improves ease of maneuverability, swivel steering makes the maneuver easier even further. That means a vacuum cleaner with a swivel steering design is easier to maneuver.

As such, ensure the Shark vacuum cleaner model you’re planning to buy features a swivel steering design.

Look for a vacuum cleaner that swivels 180° sideways and 90° up and down. Such a Shark stick vacuum cleans under the furniture and other tighter spaces with precision.

And this results in more efficient cleaning. Also, you could pick a vacuum cleaner with a streamlined, low-profile floor nozzle for improved maneuverability.

Therefore, look for vacuum cleaners with swivel steering or whose floor nozzles boast a streamlined, low-profile design.

Noise Level

Shark stick vacuum cleaners also emit a sound when cleaning your floors or carpets. This sound could distract family members, especially kids. Also, the sound could disrupt your kid’s peaceful sleep.

As such, you want to check the noise level of a vacuum cleaner before buying it.

Usually, any sound below 70 decibels is insufficient to disrupt your kids or shift their attention. That means vacuum cleaners emitting less than 70 decibels of sound are quiet vacuum cleaner models.

Since you’re looking for a quiet Shark stick vacuum, pick models producing no more than 70 decibels.

Cleaning Versatility

Besides cleaning your bare floor, you might want to clean other surfaces such as stairs and furniture upholstery with your vacuum cleaner.

As such, you should buy a Shark vacuum cleaner that offers cleaning versatility. But versatility depends on the included cleaning tools.

A vacuum cleaner with more cleaning tools is more versatile. Before buying any Shark vacuum cleaner, figure out the surfaces you will want to vacuum.

If you’re going to vacuum clean the furniture’s upholstery, ensure your preferred Shark vacuum includes an upholstery tool.

If you’re going to clean the shelves, your preferred vacuum cleaner should come with a pivoting dusting brush.

Therefore, only buy a Shark vacuum cleaner with all the cleaning attachments you need to clean all the surfaces you intend to vacuum.


Can my Shark vacuum cleaner also vacuum liquid?

Your Shark vacuum cleaner could suck up tiny bits of liquids splashed on the floor. But if the liquid is beyond 100ml, you want to mop it up.

Your Shark vacuum cleaner sucks up dust particles near its nozzle. These particles could include pet hair and food crumbs.

Also, the vacuum cleaner could remove water from a bare floor. But only if the water is in a tiny bit. For larger pools, use other cleaning methods to remove water from the floor or carpet.

You will avert damaging your unit if you only clean no more than 100ml of liquid with your vacuum cleaner.

How powerful is the battery pack of a cordless Shark stick vacuum?

Usually, cordless stick vacuums under the Shark’s product line boast 2,600mAh battery charge capacity. Although this might not seem like much, the battery packs generally provide up to 60 minutes run times.

But selecting more powerful cleaning speeds sets the battery life back to 25 minutes or less. Therefore, you only want to use high cleaning speeds to remove stubborn stains or dust particles.

Since cleaning tasks take less than half an hour, your cordless Shark vacuum will give you decent performance, making it worth the investment.

Can I convert my Shark stick vacuum cleaner into a handheld model?

Some stick vacuum cleaners under the Shark’s brand allow you to convert them into handheld vacuum cleaners. You can then use them to customize the cleaning.

For example, a handheld vacuum cleaner cleans a car’s interior better. Also, you can clean the upholstery and stairs better in the handheld cleaning mode.

This is an upside of many Shark stick vacuum cleaners, making them excellent units for cleaning above-floor spaces.

Do I need LED lights on a Shark stick vacuum cleaner?

You probably need LED lights as they illuminate dust particles hidden in dark areas under the furniture. With every speck of dust under the light, you can glide the floor nozzle to suck the debris up.

Your floor will then sparkle more than it did before vacuuming the dark areas. Therefore, you need Shark stick vacuum cleaners with LED lights on their floor nozzles.

Wrap Up

Shark is a reputable vacuum cleaner brand with high-quality vacuum models on its product line. With many vacuum cleaner models under Shark’s product line, finding the best unit isn’t as daunting as finding vacuums from the market.

Whether you need a corded or cordless Shark vacuum, you can be sure to find what you’re looking to buy.

We’ve gathered a few Shark stick vacuums we think might work best for you. They clean with sufficient power and have large dust cups besides boasting highly efficient filters.

Given their exceptional features, they could leave your bare floor or carpet sparkling clean.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you find other incredible vacuum cleaner models under Shark’s product line. Therefore, finding the best Shark stick vacuum is more straightforward than before.

Invest in the best Shark stick vacuum and clean your floors, area rugs, and stairs excellently.

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