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Which Type of Oven is Best for Home Use?

If you are in the market for a new oven for home use, then you might be wondering what the different types of oven are and which type of oven is the best for home use.

Typically, there are five main types of ovens for you to choose from, and there are many different options to consider. 

It can be difficult to make a decision on which one is the best for your circumstances without knowing about all of the available options. To ensure that you are getting the right oven for you, it can be helpful to know what is available.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the different types of ovens that you can get, so you can have a better understanding of their varied uses.

What Are the Five Types of Oven?

When it comes to choosing an oven for home use, there are lots of different options for you to consider. There are five main types of ovens, which we are going to talk about in this section to help give you a better understanding of which one would be the best fit for you.

Conventional Ovens

The first type of oven that we are going to talk about is the conventional oven, which works using an electric element or gas burner for cooking.

With this type of oven, heat will radiate up and push cold air down, which can sometimes lead to uneven cooking or baking. Though this type of oven is generally the most common, and they are typically built into kitchens or come included with a kitchen build.

Convection Ovens

Another type of oven that is worth mentioning is the convection oven, which works slightly differently than the conventional oven.

This type of oven has a fan at the back of it that will force air to circulate around the oven. This works to cook food much more evenly and efficiently, and it also features quicker heating and can consume much less power.

The cooking times will be different from those of a conventional oven.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are something that you will find in the majority of kitchens, and they are mostly used for heating and defrosting, using radio waves to do so.

Microwave ovens are super convenient, and there are many recipes that are designed to be used with them.

Microwave Cum Convection Ovens

These types of ovens are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, and they are basically microwave ovens that have the ability to be used as a convection oven.

This means that you simply need to turn one knob to turn your microwave into a normal convection oven. A few of these types of ovens will also include a grilling option that you can also make use of. 

Oven Toaster Grill

Oven toaster grills are not so popular as they are slightly outdated, but they feature filament coils for heating and cooking. They are best used for cooking things like toast and other things that can be grilled, but they are not so great for things like baking.

What is the Difference Between a Single Oven and a Double Oven?

Photo of Double oven

As well as the type of oven that you are going to get, you might also need to make a decision between a single and double oven, depending on what you need. 

A single oven has just one oven where all of the baking, cooking, and grilling takes place, and while they often have enough space for all of your cooking needs, they are quite small.

An advantage of their size is that you can slot them into your kitchen much more easily. One of the best things about these ovens is that they have a wider selection available. However, they can be found to be quite limiting for some people.

A double oven will feature two separate ovens that will offer more cooking options to the user. There will usually be a grill in the smaller top section and then the main oven underneath.

These are bigger than single ovens, and they are usually placed at eye level. One added benefit of a double oven is that you are able to use the oven and the grill at the same time. However, it will take up more space and there are usually fewer options to choose from.

What Are the Two Types of Convection?

The two different types of convection are natural convection and forced convection. 

Natural convection – Takes place due to a buoyant force that is caused by different densities due to the difference in temperatures, which is known as natural convection.

Forced convection – When external sources are used for creating induced convection, which is known as forced convection.

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