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Which Upright Vacuum Has the Best Suction?

An upright vacuum cleaner with the best suction sucks up dust particles and debris such as cereal crumbs from any floor type.

Since the suction power is one of the aspects of an upright vacuum cleaner (or any vacuum cleaner), you want to pay attention to how much suction power a vacuum cleaner packs before buying it.

And that’s because you want a vacuum cleaner boasting sufficient cleaning power.

While upright vacuums usually pack excellent suction power, you can be sure to find variations in their suction power. Of course, some models pack more suction power than others.

And that means choosing only those with the best suction power. But the market has plenty of upright vacuums, and not all vacuums boast the same best suction.

We’ve rounded up a few upright vacuum cleaners with the best suction. As a result, they efficiently clean any floor type, making them an investment worth considering.

We’ve also included a guide to help you source other upright vacuums that might not be on the list. And this eases your search for upright vacuums with the best suction.

So, be sure to read on for more information.

Which Upright Vacuums Have Impressive Suction Power?

Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner features on the list of vacuums with the best suction since it boasts a 200W suction power.

With such an impressive suction, your vacuum cleaner yields a 20kPa sealed pressure, capable of sucking up dust particles and debris from any floor type. Therefore, this is an excellent upright vacuum cleaner for any home.

The vacuum cleaner cleans a high pile carpet with the same efficiency it uses to clean bare floors. It is a vacuum cleaner you can rely on for cleaning all floors.

Whether you want your bare floor clean or you want the stairs to sparkle, this multi surface upright vacuum is an excellent choice.

Its floor nozzle features LED lights to illuminate all the dark spots hiding dust particles and grime. Therefore, this upright vacuum improves the overall cleanliness.

But it packs more features! The floor nozzle also swivels to glide around the furniture legs to collect all dust particles hiding under your furniture.

If you’re looking to deep clean your residential space, maybe having this vacuum cleaner is a good thing.

Besides featuring a swivel head, the vacuum cleaner features a 50% larger dust cup.

As a result, the vacuum cleaner collects all the dust without bailing out. You could also clean the surfaces above the floor.

And that’s because this upright vacuum features a detachable wand that extends by 10 feet. As such, you will clean your ceiling, stairs, and furniture.

Besides, your vacuum cleaner includes cleaning tools such as an upholstery tool, pet HandiMate, a rotating fan tool, and a 3-in-1 combination tool. Lastly, the filtration system is 99.97% efficient in trapping all dust and allergen that could contaminate the air.

200W suction power.The power cord affects portability.
2L dust cup.It is a bit loud.
Swivel steering.
Best Suction Upright Vacuum Reviews

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has plenty of features rolled up its sleeves, making it rightfully appear on a list of the best upright vacuum cleaners.

Not only does it boast a lightweight design of 14 pounds, but the vacuum cleaner also boasts a powerful suction. Thanks to its PowerFlow bag chamber, the upright vacuum cleaner cleans with the same powerful performance even if its back is full of dust.

Its 3L dust cup collects all dust particles without filling up when you’re halfway through. As such, this is an upright vacuum you want to clean every inch of your residential space.

To be more precise, the vacuum cleaner yields 200W suction power at the end of its hose. And that’s possible since your cleaning machine boasts a 19.5kPa sealed pressure and a 27.5L/s airflow.

Once the dust bag is full, the unit’s Bag Fill Indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty the dust cup. The cleaning head has LED lights and swivels excellently to increase the cleaning efficiency, even at night.

You can transition smoothly from carpets to bare floors, thanks to the bare-floor button that switches off the floor nozzle’s rotating agitator.

Unlike many types of vacuums, this upright vacuum cleaner features Lift-Up Technology. This technology makes bagged vacuums lift away from the floor nozzle for cleaning areas above the floor, such as stairs and ceiling.

What’s more, the vacuum cleaner also comes with cleaning tools such as pet HandiMate, an upholstery tool, and a 3-in-1 combination tool for cleaning all areas above the floor. The wand also detaches to clean your ceiling.

If you’re a pet owner and want to deal with pet hair, this upright vacuum cleaner will help you immensely. Its filtration system is 99.97% efficient to trap pet hair and other allergens from the air escaping via the exhaust port.

And while emptying the dust cup, you will not touch dirt, thanks to the No-Touch Bag Technology. With all the excellent suction power, this is another best upright vacuum cleaner for any home.

200W suction power.It is a corded vacuum cleaner.
5kPa sealed pressure.It has a limited warranty.
Lift-Up Technology.
Best Suction Upright Vacuum Reviews

ROOMIE TEC Alpha Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

So far, we’ve reviewed powerful corded vacuums. But this vacuum model is cordless, meaning it features a battery pack. So, if you’re looking for more portability, this could be the upright vacuum cleaner you seek.

The battery pack has a 2,200mAh charge capacity, capable of powering the vacuum cleaner for 40 minutes.

But this run time could decrease, especially when selecting higher suction power performances. The vacuum cleaner features three power modes: ECO, MID, MAX.

So, choosing the lower suction power improves the run time. The vacuum cleaner has one of the best suction as it boasts a 22kPa suction power.

When cleaning dust particles from tight spaces, you might appreciate the 7-lbs. lightweight design of this cleaning machine.

The vacuum cleaner also comes with cleaning tools such as a crevice tool, dusting tool, and a Turbo Pet Brush that makes it easier to clean pet hair from various surfaces in your home.

Since this cordless stick vacuum is ultra-lightweight, you will have a clean carpet while using barely any effort.

What’s more, it features an advanced microfiber roller for removing food crumbs from carpets and floors. And this makes it more versatile than many robot vacuums.

The Hepa filter is 99.99% efficient, trapping all dust particles and pet hair from the air. As a result, the vacuum cleaner only blows out clean air for breathing.

You also get a storage dock that doubles as a charging dock. Given the impressive suction power and a host of other excellent features, this is one of the bagless upright vacuums with the best suction and is worth the investment.

Efficient Hepa filter.The battery takes 4 hours to charge.
It features a 10.5 cleaning path.The wand breaks easily.
Compact storage and charging.
Best Suction Upright Vacuum Reviews

How Do You Buy Upright Vacuums with The Best Suction?

Finding an upright vacuum cleaner with the best suction is essential. You want a vacuum cleaner that blasts dust and grime off your bare floors before sucking them up.

And this will leave your living room (or any other room you’ve cleaned) sparkling clean. But how do you choose upright vacuums with exceptional suction power from a market flooded with vacuum cleaners? Well, you will consider the features below when shopping:

The Suction Power

Since you’re looking for an upright vacuum with the best suction, you will check the suction power of your preferred model before buying it. Usually, this suction power is in Air Watts (AW) or simply Watts.

So, if you see a number with Watts accompanying it, that is the suction power of your preferred upright vacuum.

When looking for the best suction power, choose vacuum cleaners with at least 200W. Such a vacuum cleaner blasts dust particles and grime with sufficient cleaning power before sucking them up.

And this leaves your floor sparkling clean. Therefore, don’t settle on less than 200W of suction power if you want a powerful upright vacuum cleaner.

The Airflow

The airflow is as important a feature as the suction power. It also describes how powerful an upright vacuum cleaner is. Usually, manufacturers express it in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

But they could also express it in Liters per second. Whichever airflow expression the manufacturer uses, you still want to ensure your preferred vacuum cleaner has a high airflow rate.

An upright vacuum cleaner with a high airflow rate blasts grime and dust particles with sufficient air before the vacuum cleaner sucks them up. When choosing a vacuum cleaner with a sufficient airflow rate in CFM, look for units boasting at least 100 CFM.

But if the airflow rate is in Liters per second, 25L/s is a great starting point. Therefore, ensure you select a vacuum cleaner with a high airflow rate to have the best suction.

Source Of Electricity

Upright vacuum cleaners are like canister vacuums or robot vacuums as they also use electric energy to function. Your vacuum cleaner could derive its electric energy needs from a battery pack or wall outlet via a power cord.

And this means you have cordless and corded upright vacuums as options. Upright vacuum cleaners such as Hoover WindTunnel 2 and Miele Dynamic U1 are corded since they feature power cords.

But other models like the ROOMIE TEC Alpha are cordless since they use battery packs to function. Corded and cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal in different situations.

For example, cordless vacuums are ideal for users looking for more portability, but they are not quite as reliable when deep cleaning your home. And that’s because they have limited run times.

On the other hand, corded upright vacuums have unlimited run times, making them the best models for deep cleaning tasks. But their power cords reduce their portability.

When buying an upright vacuum, you will choose portability or deep cleaning reliability and sacrifice the other feature.

Dust Cup Size

Upright vacuums feature a dust cup (or dust bag) that collects all the dust, grime, crumbs, and pet hair the vacuum cleaner sucks up from your cleaned surfaces.

If this dust cup is full, your vacuum cleaner may experience reduced suction power. As such, you should empty the dust cup frequently into a dustbin. As a result, your vacuum cleaner will maintain its impressive suction power when cleaning your surfaces.

But you could reduce the frequency of emptying the dust cup into a dustbin if you look for a vacuum cleaner with a large dust cup. A large dust cup will have plenty of space remaining when collecting dust particles.

And your vacuum cleaner will maintain its impressive suction power. But what size should a large dust cup boast? If the dust cup is at least 2L large, it is an excellent dust cup. Therefore, choose upright vacuum cleaners with no less than 2L dust cups.

The Air Filtration System

When air rushes through a vacuum cleaner as per the airflow rate, it passes through the filter. And it’s the air filtration system’s role to trap dust particles and allergens from the air before the air escapes into your residential space via the vacuum’s exhaust port.

As a result, the air in your residential space will be high-quality and worthy of breathing. But air filters vary in filtration efficiency. Some filters, such as Hepa filters, are 99.99% efficient, trapping all dust particles and allergens from the air.

But you can find substandard filters that are less efficient. The more filtration layers Hepa filters feature, the more efficient their performances. As such, choose upright vacuums with more filtration layers in their Hepa filters.

Swivel Steering

The floor cleaning head could swivel through 180° horizontally and 90° vertically to improve maneuverability. Swivel steering potentially increases the cleaning efficiency, improving the cleaning outcome at the end of the cleaning exercise.

What’s more, a floor cleaning head with swivel steering glides between the sofa legs more efficiently. Therefore, buy upright vacuum cleaners with swivel steering designs.

LED Lights

Also, the floor cleaning head could feature LED lights. If the floor nozzle has LED lights, you will spot all dust particles, even in the dark. And this could also improve the cleaning results.

If you want to clean your rooms even in low light conditions, buy an upright vacuum cleaner with LED lights on its floor cleaning head.

Cleaning Versatility

An upright vacuum cleaner could also clean other surfaces such as the stairs and ceiling besides cleaning the floor. As such, it is a versatile cleaning machine.

But there are a few things you will check to ascertain an upright vacuum cleaner is sufficiently versatile.

First, you want to check the included cleaning attachments. Usually, each cleaning attachment has a specific surface that it cleans. For example, an upholstery tool only cleans your furniture’s upholstery.

On the other hand, a crevice tool only cleans tight spaces between the sofa cushions. If you want a more versatile upright vacuum cleaner, ensure it features more cleaning tools.

Second, you want an upright vacuum cleaner that easily converts into a handheld vacuum. A handheld vacuum cleaner cleans all above-floor surfaces more efficiently.

If you’re looking to clean the upholstery or stairs more efficiently, you require a handheld vacuum cleaner. So, ensure your chosen upright vacuum converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Also, ensure it comes with more cleaning tools.

Weight of the Vacuum

You also want to check the weight before buying an upright vacuum cleaner. Getting the best cleaning result relies on more than the suction power. The weight of the product also contributes to efficient cleaning performance.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner makes it easier to clean floors and other surfaces. As such, you want a lightweight vacuum cleaner. If a vacuum cleaner weighs no more than 15 pounds, it is a lightweight vacuum.

Therefore, only buy upright vacuums weighing no more than 15 pounds to end up with a lightweight cleaning machine.


What is the best suction power for an upright vacuum cleaner?

Any upright vacuum with 200W suction power or more boasts one of the best suction performances (if not the best suction performance). Upright vacuums come in various designs, and every aspect of them could vary, including the suction performance.

As such, you want to check the suction aspect carefully when shopping. And while checking the suction, ensure you don’t go below 200W.

Can my upright vacuum run on battery and have incredible suction performance?

Yes, an upright vacuum cleaner can still boast an excellent suction performance despite using a battery pack to function. Many upright vacuums are cordless, meaning they rely on battery power for performance.

But they have limited run times since their incredible suction power tends to drain the battery energy fast. As such, you might want to invest in a spare battery pack.

Can I clean any floor type with an upright vacuum cleaner?

Yes, you can clean any floor type with an upright vacuum cleaner. Usually, these vacuums feature multiple cleaning tools for different surfaces in a home.

Whether it’s a tile floor, marble, hardwood, or high pile carpet, an upright vacuum cleaner will clean it. You only have to use the correct cleaning attachment for your surface type.

Can my upright vacuum cleaner remove dust from the ceiling?

Some upright vacuums, such as Kenmore DU2015, have a detachable wand that could extend by 10 feet to reach the ceiling. You can then clean the ceiling with such an impressive ceiling reach.

Also, you could clean areas high up the wall and the shelves. Therefore, your upright vacuum cleaner could remove dust particles from the ceiling and all above-floor surfaces.

Wrap Up

We’ve recommended the above upright vacuum cleaners because they feature impressive suction performance. But that’s not all – they also pack a few more features that improve their overall performances.

For cordless vacuums, we’ve recommended models with impressive battery power.

And for corded vacuums, we’ve rounded up cleaning machines with longer power cords for increased cleaning circumference. We also based our recommendations on versatility and reliability.

As a result, you might end up with an upright vacuum cleaner with the best suction and cleaning performance.

Even if you’re hunting other well-known brands such as Miele Dynamic U1 and Hoover WindTunnel, finding your preferred cleaning machine is no longer a challenge with our buyer’s guide.

Our guide has highlighted a few features to keep a closer eye on when shopping. Therefore, use it to invest in an upright vacuum with the best suction.

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