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Who makes drop-in electric ranges?

There are a lot of different kitchen appliance companies that produce drop-in electric ranges, but there is one company that stands out from the rest, and that is GE.

General Electric (GE) is a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances, but in particular, they have a huge range of range cookers, a lot of which are made up of drop-in style devices.

So if you are looking for a company that produces drop-in electric ranges then GE is a good place to start your search. 

That being said, there are lots of other companies who also produce this style of electric range cooker.

These companies include Bosch, who are another huge name when it comes to kitchen electronics, and Frigidaire who also produce a wide range of drop-in range cookers.

So, even though, when you are beginning your stage it can be very intimidating, there are actually lots of companies that produce this style of ranges which gives you lots of options to choose from.

But generally speaking, GE is a great place to start because they sell such a huge variety of ranges. 


What is a drop-in range?

With so many different styles of range cookers available it can be hard to tell them apart. Drop in range cookers are range cookers which are designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen cabinets.

A lot of people now self-design their own kitchens, and this can make finding the perfect appliances to fit quite difficult. Drop in range cookers are generally designed to a size that will compliment the majority of design-your-own kitchen suites.

To do this, they tend to be made to a standard size so that all you need to do is slot this range into your kitchen suite once it has been constructed. 

Some kitchen suites will be designed so that the hob itself and the ovens are separate from one another. For example, with the hob at waist height and the ovens at chest height somewhere else in the design.

For this style of design your own kitchen suite then a drop in range will not be suitable. But, if as part of your kitchen design you have left a gap for the cooker then a drop in range will simply squeeze into this gap.

So the main feature of a drop in range is the fact that it can simply slot into a custom-built kitchen suite. 

What is the best electric slide-in range to buy?

Lots of companies produce excellent slide-in range cookers, but some of the best are created by GE and LG. These models include the LG LTE4815BD and the GE Appliances JS645SLSS range cookers.

However, when you are looking to buy a slide-in range cooker it is very important that you do not get mixed up and purchase a drop-in range instead. Even though their names are very similar, these two devices are very different from each other. 

As we have said, drop in ranges are cookers which have been designed so that they can simply slot into a custom-built kitchen without any problem.

Slide in ranges are also able to do this, so what is the difference between the two? Well, the main difference between a drop in and slide in range is actually very minor.

In fact, you might not immediately notice it. That is because the only real difference between an electric slide in and an electric drop in range is the fact that slide-in models tend to come with a storage drawer underneath the oven.

This drawer is designed for storing cookware and other appliances, and cannot be found on most drop in ranges. So if you can’t tell the difference between these two devices, look for the drawer. 

Can a slide in range replace a drop in range?

Yes, a slide in range can replace a drop in range if you want it to. It will always be easier to replace your drop in range with another drop in range as it will simply fit into the gap.

However, there is nothing stopping you from buying a slide in range as a replacement. It just means that the installation process will be a little more difficult. 

To install a slide-in range into space where there was once a drop in range, you will first need to remove the old range cooker.

This will allow you to take the measurements of the gap and assess how much more space you will need if you want to be able to fit the slide-in range into the gap.

You can then increase the gap to the necessary size which might mean you needing to change the cabinets either side of the range cooker. Once this is done, all you need to do is hook up the slide-in range cooker to the electric and the stove will be ready to use. 

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