Best Wood Burning Stoves

Having a wood burning stove in your home creates an ambiance of warmth and coziness. When the evenings get cold, it’s wonderful to be able to warm your home with heat from a wood stove. The crackle of burning logs creates a cozy environment that can’t be substituted. Wood burning stoves have a reputation for being terrible polluters. However, the best wood burning stoves available today are environmentally friendly with very few emissions to reduce your carbon footprint. They look nice and will be perfect for keeping warm on those cold winter nights.

Our picks for the best wood burning stoves

Drolet EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert

Our top pick for the best wood burning stoves is the Drolet EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert. It looks nice, burns wood well and the brick inserts help the heat last up to 8 hours, so the area stays warm longer on less wood.

Features to look for in the best wood burning stoves

Purchasing a wood burning stove takes a little research as there are some variables that need to be taken into account. Price, installation, efficiency are all important. Here are some things you need to factor into your wood stove purchase.

  • Heating area – How big is the area that you need to heat with the stove? You do not want to buy a stove that is too big or too small for the job. It is important to calculate the BTU required so that you can adequately heat the space you want to.
  • Efficiency – This refers to how a particular stove burns wood. It can be fast or slow but knowing how long a burn will go is important.
  • Style – Traditional wood stoves tend to be self-standing, do not have blowers and are sturdy as they are constructed with cast iron or quality steel. Modern wood burning stove designs tend to have larger fireboxes with blowers to increase the heat they are putting out. They also have large glass on the doors so you can see the fire and do not weigh as much as the traditional ones do. The third style is the portable design. They are easy to put together and come in pieces for easy transport. They are geared more for outdoors due to venting issues.
  • Output – Make sure the heat a stove gives off will meet the needs of the room. Again this comes down to knowing the BTU needed for your particular space.
  • Combustion – Some stoves that use catalytic combustion tend to be more expensive, but they give a heat output that is steadier in nature and burn for a longer time. Non-catalytic tend to have larger fires and good output of heat but are not as consistent with temperature and steady burn.
  • Firebox – The bigger the box, the more wood it can hold. This means you do not need to feed the fire as often. These stoves with larger fireboxes are good to heat large spaces.
  • Door – Glass tends to be better so you can see the flames and have a nice ambiance. Ceramic glass also is a good heat conductor, so it makes the stove more efficient.
  • Certified – Make sure the stove you buy is certified so it will hold up when consistently used. You want a product that is sturdy and safe. Buying uncertified means you may not get a stove that meets safety specifications.

Best woodburning stoves

Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Burning Stove

This Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Burning Stove is great if you want a stove that is able to heat up a large area. It can heat up to 2400 square feet well. This stove is efficient with little heat loss outside the home, making it cost-effective. It is sturdy and has a firebox that fits logs up to 22” long. The door is cast iron with a handle that is adjustable for easy use. It has top side venting and is fairly straight forward to install.

US Stove US1269E Wood Cast Iron Stove

 With over a 75% efficiency rating, this US Stove US1269E Wood Cast Iron Stove is great for heating your home. It has reduced heat loss so it burns less wood while heating a bigger area up to 1500 square feet. The firebox is a good size and can use wood up to 26” long and burn up to 12 hours letting you wake up to a warm house. It looks nice and certainly works well in the cold weather.

Drolet EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert

This 60,000BTU high quality, Drolet EPA-Certified Fireplace Wood Insert stove is stylish and warm. Its advanced design increases the efficiency of the stove by almost 30%. One stove load of kindling and logs can burn for as long as 8 hours which is great if you want it on while you sleep. Its firebrick lining means it has radiant heat as well. The blower has variable speeds to help set the pace of the wood burning.

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

The Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove is small but mighty and will last many seasons of use. It is constructed from galvanized steel with a door that is cast iron. It is a portable stove so easy to move as its legs are removable as is the pipe nest. Its design lets both these legs as well as the pipe nest sit in the firebox when you need to move the stove. It does not take up a lot of space and is only 47 pounds. The stove top allows you to put pots, kettles, and pans on top to keep them hot. The welds are strong so make it an exceptionally durable wood stove. It is designed for outdoors but can be used inside if you are careful to vent.

Final thoughts

Wood burning stoves are great for both heat and ambiance. Each model on the market varies in features, so it takes a little research to determine which one’s right for your home. Once you know where you want to install the wood burning stove and how much space you need it to heat, you can begin to narrow down the stove choices that will work for your particular situation. There is no one best stove, but many good ones that will suit specific home setups and needs.

Make sure that whichever wood burning stove you choose, it is certified. You want a model that not only heats your home well but does it safely and will last for years to come. There are many that will suit your space, budget, and heating needs. Once you have it picked out, make sure to install it properly allowing you to enjoy its warmth and light safely.

Further your stove education

We hope our picks for the best wood burning stoves helped narrow down your decision. If efficiency is very important to you, check out our top 5 picks for the most efficient wood stoves for home heating. If chopping firewood in the winter isn’t your idea of a good time, check out our picks for the best pellet stoves. Prefer natural gas instead? Check out our picks for the best gas ranges and make sure you’re up to date on gas stove safety too: Read up on what color gas stove flames should be and find out “Can gas stoves explode?”

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