Best Wood Burning Stoves

Best Wood Burning Stoves

The best wood-burning stoves add a rustic taste to any home while providing the warmth you need during colder seasons.

What’s more, these modern wood stoves create crackling sounds as fire consumes the burning wood to give a picturesque scenery and sounds that take you back to when our ancestors first discovered fire.

Besides, wood stoves use a renewable fuel – firewood – to give you all the warmth you need. Since wood is a readily available energy source, the running cost of heating your room with a wood stove is much lower than using a heating system.

As such, buying a wood-burning stove is an investment worthwhile. But finding the best units is a bit exhausting given the many wood stoves on the market.

But we go above and beyond to present you with some of the best EPA certified wood burning stoves. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best wood stoves on the market.

So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are The Best Wood-Burning Stoves to Buy for Your Room?

PMNY Hot Tent Stove Portable Wood Stove

If you’re looking for a durable yet lightweight and highly portable wood-burning stove, look no further than PMNY Hot Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove with Chimney Pipes.

It boasts alloy steel that makes it highly durable. The whole stove weighs only 22 pounds. What’s more, its foldable legs and detachable parts make it compact enough to carry to your favorite tent or campsite.

This wood-burning stove has a highly efficient heat output, thanks to its air-tight design. The stove is all-welded to make it air-tight. And the result is the precise burning of wood for maximum heat output.

As such, it is ideal for keeping your residential space warm and cozy throughout the night. You only have to stoke the stove sufficiently with wood, shut down its damper, and it will heat your home evenly the whole night!

Since this wood-burning stove boasts reputable construction materials, it withstands heavy use quite well. Its cold-rolled steel plate is one component that withstands any outdoor condition.

And this makes your wood-burning capable of handling indoor and outdoor usage excellently.

Besides being anti-rust, the stove features a high-temperature coating that also works to maintain the pristine surfaces of your stove despite frequent and heavy usage.

Even if your stove generates temperatures of up to 1832°F, it doesn’t deform or change its color. And that means your stove will look as good as new even after using it for a while.

The stove is multi-functional, as you might expect. It features a cooktop and drying racks. You can place a pot or skillet on the cooktop and prepare a hearty meal.

The drying racks come in handy when preparing food on them. But you can also use them to dry your socks, gloves, or other small items. Whether you have a mobile home or a camping tent, this wood-burning stove provides sufficient heat to keep you from freezing.

As such, it is an excellent investment.

Manufacturer PMNY
Model Number-
Weight22 Pounds
Product Dimensions11.4 x 8 x 8.7 inches
MaterialAlloy Steel
Heating Area10-20 square meters

Compact and lightweight.The door leaks some smoke.
9 x 11-inch cooktop.Installation guide excluded.
Alloy steel material for durability.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

ZhoneQingXninRED Hearth Pedestal Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove 

The first feature of this ZHONEQINGXNINRED HEARTH PEDESTAL WOOD BURNING CAST IRON STOVE is its high-quality cast iron material that makes it as durable as other wood-burning stoves on the list.

Since it is a modern stove, it features a glass on its door. But this glass is resistant to high temperatures as it is tempered glass. This durable glass guarantees an unobscured flame viewing. 

What’s more, this glass-ceramic material has excellent heat radiation value. As a result, it doesn’t reduce the heating efficiency of the wood-burning stove.

The design is beautiful and ensures your stove provides 6kW of energy to your room, thanks to a 90% thermal efficiency.

With this incredible heat output, you want to heat a room size ranging from 30 – 40 square meters (320 – 440 sq. ft). As you’d expect, this stove has a pain that makes it stand out among modern wood stoves.

But what sets it apart is its high-temperature-resistant paint job. Even after using this unit for extended periods, it maintains its excellent paint and looks.

Also, the high-temperature resistant paint remains non-toxic while the unit warms your residential space.

The body of this wood-burning stove comprises sufficiently thick steel plates for excellent radiation and unmatched durability. The full seam welding also ensures the stove is air-tight for fuel-efficiency.

As a result, the stove consumes less wood while providing maximum heating power standing at an astounding 6kW, as we’ve already seen.

After the wood has burnt with an increased efficiency rate, the resulting ash collects in the featured ash box. The drawer-type ash box is easy to empty and clean.

And that’s the only maintenance this wood stove requires. Regulating the rate of burn is effortless, effective and ensures your stove remains fuel-efficient. Therefore, this is another excellent investment for a cozy home during a chilly night.

Manufacturer ZhoneQingXninRED
Model Number-
Product Dimensions15.75 X 15.28 X 23.35in
MaterialCast Iron
Heating Area30-40 Square Meters

6kW heating power.It is quite heavy as it weighs 143 pounds.
90% thermal efficiency.It has no cooktop.
Incredibly durable cast iron material.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P 1,200 Sq. Ft. EPA Certified Pedestal Wood Burning Stove

This ASHLEY HEARTH AW1120E-P WOOD STOVE meets the strict EPA requirements, making it one of EPA certified wood burning stoves.

It boasts high-quality construction materials that make it adhere to the stringent rules by EPA. To be more precise, this stove comprises steel plates fully seam welded for an air-tight wood-burning performance.

Also, the heavy cast iron door is high-quality. 

The stove is also beautiful as it features nickel-pewter trim that adds elegance and durability to the unit. The door has air-washed ceramic glass that gives you a picturesque view of the burning fire.

So, if your home has a fireplace, you can place this stove in there for a magnificent, warm, and welcoming home!

The unit has an impressive heat output of 68,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), ideal for warming a 1,200 square feet room. The interior is firebrick-lined for impressive fuel efficiency and performance.

Also, the interior accommodates firewoods or logs 18 inches in length.

Also, this wood stove features a pedestal base that complements your home décor while ensuring your stove stands firmly after setting it up. The wood stove features an ash pan with a brushed nickel handle for easy cleanup.

And with the featured primary and secondary air inlets, fire logs burn more efficiently to give you sufficient heat output. Therefore, consider buying this wood stove for your 1,200 sq. ft. residential space.

Manufacturer Ashley Hearth Products
Model NumberAW1120E-P
Weight249 pounds
Product Dimensions21 x 22.5 x 31.7 inches
Heating Area1,200 square feet

68,000 BTUs.It doesn’t include a blower.
It heats 1,200 sq. ft. rooms excellently.The damper is not high-quality.
It is highly efficient.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

Ashley Hearth AW2020E-P 2,000 Sq. Ft. Pedestal Wood Burning Stove

This ASHLEY HEARTH AW2020E-P 2,000 SQ. FT. PEDESTAL WOOD BURNING STOVE gives out 89,000 BTUs, sufficient to keep a 2,000 sq. ft. room cozy for over 10 hours!

It also features a firebrick-lined interior for durability and incredible combustion efficiency. As a result, this wood stove consumes less wood while giving off sufficient heat to keep everyone in the room warm and cozy.

Its firebox is 2 cubic feet large to accommodate logs up to 21 inches in length. Of course, not many fireboxes are this spacious.

But this one boasts sufficient space that allows you to stoke the stove with enough wood to last your hours. That means keeping warm throughout the night!

The large glass door gives you a magnificent view of the burning wood, besides allowing you to load logs into the firebox effortlessly.

Also, this Ashley Hearth wood stove features a brushed nickel door handle that’s high-quality and elegant. Ashley Hearth wood stoves usually feature removable ash pans for easy cleanup, and this one is no exception.

It features a large ash pan boasting a brushed nickel handle. The stove also features a pedestal base that provides elegance and stability. However, this wood stove doesn’t include a blower in the package.

As such, you will have to buy a blower model CB36 or B36 separately. But it’s still an incredibly wood-burning stove that gives off sufficient heat to warm a 2,000 sq. ft. room. Therefore, it is another excellent buy.

Manufacturer Ashley Hearth Products
Model NumberAW2020E-P
Weight283 pounds
Product Dimensions21 x 22.5 x 31.7 inches
Materialplated steel
Heating Area2,000 sq. ft

89,000 BTUs heat output.It doesn’t include a blower.
Low carbon footprint.Poor product packaging.
Durable construction.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

US Stove US1269E 900 Sq. Ft. Log Wood Cast Iron Stove

This US STOVE US1269E 900 SQ. FT. LOG WOOD CAST IRON STOVE packs quite an impressive firepower. It gives off 54,000 BTUs of heat, enough to keep a 900 sq. ft. room warm and cozy.

This rustic stove wood comprises cast iron that makes it withstand heavy-duty usage quite impressively. Due to this high-quality material, the wood stove has met the stringent 2022 EPA Guidelines.

The exterior is rugged and withstands any outdoor weather. Therefore, this unit is ideal for an outdoorsman. You can set it up anywhere, even in log cabins.

But it also serves large shops and garages as much as it serves your log cabin. 

But you want to keep this wood stove out of your mobile home or modular home as it poses hazards to such residential spaces. The featured firebox is spacious enough to fit 19-inch logs.

Safety is a great feature of this wood stove. You will use the included 2-piece handles to carry this unit. You can safely handle your wood stove since the handles remain cool even if the stove is burning.

As such, you don’t risk suffering from a stove burn.

This unit also features a 6.25-inch cooktop for preparing your meals. You can then keep yourself warm as you prepare something to eat. Therefore, this is a multi-functional wood stove that’s worth buying for your home.

Manufacturer US Stove Company
Model NumberUS1269E
Weight128.7 pounds
Product Dimensions33 x 18.5 x 23 inches
MaterialCast Iron
Heating Area900 Sq. Ft.

54,000 BTUs heat output.It is not ideal for some homes.
Cool-touch handles.The door isn’t high-quality.
25-inch cooktop.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

PMNY Wood Burning Stove 

This PMNY WOOD BURNING STOVE is another wood-burning stove featuring alloy steel construction. Since this construction material has better tensile strength than stainless steel, your wood stove will last for extended periods for sure.

Besides durability, this stove features a large firebox. To be precise, the square firebox measures 1528 square inches to give you up to 3 hours of heat after loading logs only once.

The glass door guarantees easy loading as it also allows you to view the magnificent scenery of burning woods. The glass door is tempered, meaning it withstands heat temperatures reaching 1832°F before cracking.

Since the heat your wood stove gives off doesn’t hit this temperature mark, your glass door will remain intact. Therefore, this is a highly durable wood stove.

The wood stove is air-tight, and this ensures it remains fuel-efficient. Since it burns every piece of wood, this wood stove gives out maximum heat to keep your tent warm and cozy.

The unit has an excellent paint job that also withstands temperatures reaching 1832°F.

Even after using this unit for a long time, the paint job remains intact – no peeling, scratch, or blistering. Therefore, this is a durable wood stove for sure.

The stove is small, making it ideal for keeping low square footage spaces warm. That’s why it suits tent owners perfectly.

The featured cooktop ensures you can prepare stew while keeping warm. Also, this stove features drying plates on its sides for drying your gloves and socks.

You can even use the drying plates to prepare your meal as you’re looking to cook it on the cooktop.

Since the legs are foldable, this stove is more compact than many pellet stoves, making portability a non-issue. Besides, it weighs only 33.5 pounds for effortless transportation.

Whether you’re a hunter or you enjoy the peaceful outdoors, this wood stove is ready to serve you. Consider buying it to keep warm and your stomach full.

Manufacturer PMNY Wood Burning Stove
Model Number-
Weight33.5 pounds
Product Dimensions15.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
MaterialAlloy Steel
Heating Area30-40 Square Meters

It is compact and lightweight.It leaks some smoke.
Alloy steel construction.Some users complain the edges are jagged.
Sufficient heat output.
Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews

How To Buy the Best Wood Burning Stoves

Keeping your room sufficiently warm to be cozy requires the best wood-burning stove. But the market has plenty of these stoves, and not all of them are an excellent investment.

That’s why you have to choose your wood stove carefully. But to do this, you will consider a few factors first. And these factors include the following:

Heat Output

Before buying a wood-burning stove, you want to check its heat output.

And the reason for doing this is simple: you want a wood stove that produces sufficient heat to keep the room warm enough for everyone to feel comfortable.

Since heat output is in BTUs (British Thermal Units), you want to pay close attention to the BTU rating of a wood stove. Of course, the higher the BTUs, the higher the heat output.

If you have a large room, you want to get more BTUs from your wood stove. But for a smaller room, you want a step down from higher BTU ratings.

Consider having at least 50,000 BTUs for your small-sized rooms that could be 900 sq. ft. in size. For a more spacious room, consider going even higher.

Once your preferred wood stove has an impressive BTU rating, you can go ahead to check other factors below.

The Room Size

You will place your wood-burning stove in a given room to keep it warm. And the wood stove will heat your home from this room. But a wood stove can only radiate heat to heat a given room space.

The good news is that these heat sources indicate the area or room space they keep sufficiently warm.

They indicate the room size in square feet (sq. ft.). So, you also want to pay close attention to this feature before buying a wood-burning stove. 

And to get the right wood stove for your room, you have to know how large your room is in terms of square feet.

Once you have this information, say your room measures 1,200 sq. ft., you want to get a wood stove rated for 1,200 sq. ft. rooms.

And if your room measures only 900 sq. ft., be sure to source a wood-burning stove rated for such smaller rooms.

Ensure you know your room size before picking a wood stove to warm your room.

The Fuel Efficiency

When buying a wood stove for your residential space, you want a wood-burning stove that consumes less wood while giving you sufficient heat for extended periods.

This will see you spend less money on wood (fuel) while getting the most performance from your wood stove.

A wood stove that uses less wood to give sufficient heat for extended periods is fuel-efficient.

Therefore, fuel efficiency is another factor to consider before buying a wood-burning stove.

What’s more, a highly fuel-efficient wood stove has a lower carbon footprint as it burns every wood in the firebox. And that means less pollution!

Check for EPA-listed efficiencies hitting the 70% mark or higher to get the most from your wood stove. EPA certified wood burning stoves are usually highly fuel-efficient.

Therefore, consider buying these wood-burning stoves to get the best performance while saving on fuel.

Check If It’s a Freestanding Stove or A Fireplace Insert

When buying a wood stove, you can choose between two types: freestanding or fireplace inserts. A fireplace insert is easy to install in pre-existing fireplaces.

So, if your room has such a pre-existing fireplace, you might consider buying a fireplace insert.

But if your room has no such fireplace, a freestanding wood stove is the best option. Freestanding wood stoves also come in various styles, and you will have to choose the one you prefer.

You can find pedestal wood stoves or a unit with foldable legs. Once you go down the freestanding wood stove route, you can pick the style that goes with your room décor.

The Construction Material

Of course, durability is another factor you want to consider before buying a wood stove. But durability depends on the materials featured in a wood-burning stove.

Cast iron and alloy steel are exceptional materials that guarantee unmatched durability.

Therefore, consider buying wood-burning stoves featuring these materials or other materials with impressive durability ratings.

The Design of The Stove

When checking the design of wood-burning stoves, you want to ensure your preferred stove has other features such as a cooktop and drying racks.

A cooktop makes a wood stove multi-functional. You can prepare a hearty meal on the cooktop while keeping warm.

Also, drying racks make your wood-burning stove multi-functional. You can dry your gloves or socks on these racks to wear clean, dry clothes by sunrise.

Since the design could significantly add to the practicality of a wood-burning stove, you want to check it before buying a stove.

High-Temperature Treatment

If you’re picking a wood stove with a glass window on its door, you want to ensure the glass is tempered. This ensures the glass withstands high temperatures.

As a result, you will view the magnificent scenery of burning wood without the glass cracking.

Also, check if the paint withstands high temperatures since the body of your stove will get hot for sure. If the paint withstands high temperatures, it will not peel despite using your wood stove frequently.

Also, the paint will not scratch or blister, meaning your wood stove will retain its pristine looks even after using it for extended periods.

Therefore, ensure you pick a wood-burning stove with high-temperature treatments for extended elegance.

User Safety

Before deciding on a wood-burning stove, you want to ensure it is safe for usage. Besides, you don’t want to suffer a stove burn because that would inflict pain that will affect your daily activities.

Ensure the handles have a cool-touch material to prevent burns.

You also want to ensure the wood stove you have picked is fuel-efficient. If it’s not fuel-efficient, it might release more carbon monoxide that’s dangerous if its level increases in the room.

A fuel-efficient wood stove burns wood efficiently to reduce the carbon footprint. So, pick a unit that burns everything sufficiently to avert possible toxins in the air.


How many BTUs does a wood-burning stove produce?

Wood stoves vary in performance, with some producing more heat than others. Wood-burning stoves with higher heat outputs produce more BTUs.

A wood stove could produce up to 100,000 BTUs, but this depends on the wood stove model you’ve selected.

So, you want to check the BTU rating before buying a wood stove to ensure it produces sufficient heat for your room.

How many BTUs does a room need to keep warm?

The number of BTUs a room needs to keep warm depends on the room’s size. If the room is more spacious, it will need more BTUs.

But generally speaking, you need 3,000 BTUs to keep a 100 sq. ft. room warm and comfortable.

So, a 1,200 sq. ft. room requires at least 36,000 BTUs of heat to keep warm.

Can a wood stove provide heat the whole night?

A highly fuel-efficient wood stove burns wood slowly but efficiently to provide maximum heat for hours. Once you’ve fully loaded its firebox, you can crank it down to get heat the whole night.

You can then go to bed and be sure your room will stay warm and comfortable. Therefore, a fuel-efficient wood-burning stove can provide sufficient warmth the whole night.

Can I place a wood stove in a fireplace?

Yes, you can place a wood-burning stove in your room’s fireplace if the stove is a fireplace insert. Some freestanding wood stoves also fit in fireplaces, but this is rare.

A fireplace insert, on the other hand, fits a fireplace for sure. So, you want to invest in a fireplace insert for your pre-existing fireplace to avoid gambling with a freestanding wood-burning stove.

Wrap Up

A wood-burning stove could keep your room warm during a chilly night. The best one produces enough British Thermal Units (BTUs) to keep your room and everyone cozy.

What’s more, the best wood stove is durable as it boasts high-quality construction materials. A good wood stove can even complement your home décor to make your home more elegant.

As such, ensure you always buy the best wood-burning stove for the best performance. But finding the best wood stove depends on keeping a closer eye on a few features.

Fortunately, we have gone through the features to check before buying a wood-burning stove. We have also reviewed some of the best units on the market.

As a result, you might easily find the best one for you. So, take your time and find the best wood-burning stove to keep your room warm and comfortable!

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