Playing wooden peg lawn game

Wooden Peg Lawn Game

If you are an outdoorsy person, then you enjoy spending quality time outdoors with friends and family. Although there are plenty of ways to have fun out there, playing wooden peg lawn games is one of the best ways.

And you have a few reasons for playing wooden peg lawn games.

First, these games improve your motor skills as they also enhance your aiming skills when looking to take down the opponent’s Kubbs in pillage before taking down the opponents’ king.

Second, these games create fun at parties and other functions such as family reunions. Therefore, they are worth the investment since you can play them at any social event.

But with plenty of wooden peg lawn games on the market, finding the best one might seem to be quite a challenge. Your search doesn’t have to be a long and hard one since this article presents a few wooden peg lawn games worth considering.

The material quality of the lawn games in this review is phenomenal, meaning your Kubb set will be durable. Be sure to read on for more information!

What Are Some of The Wooden Peg Lawn Games for You?

Tactic Games 54276 Kubb

If you love to go out to the beach or somewhere like that, such as parks and playgrounds, then you might appreciate bringing your wooden peg lawn game with you.

This tactic game could be the game to bring along to enjoy yourself with friends after spending time together teasing your taste buds with a mouth-watering dish.

It is a portable full-size Kubb set with everything you need to start playing right out of its classic rope-handle wooden crate. You can, therefore, transport it to your ideal playing field and have thrilling fun with friends all day long!

The Kubb set also boasts the same high-quality natural birch wood as the rope-handle crate. This material choice makes the set eco-friendly and also durable.

You can be sure to play this lawn game for many years to come. Besides, European hardwood is a material with a good reputation for unmatched durability.

Playing this game is a no-brainer. Knock down all Kubbs and then take down the king to win! You can play this game solo or in teams with friends.

Set the king between the Kubbs and make attempts to knock down the Kubbs on one side before taking down the Kubbs on the other side.

This is an easy lawn game to play, and it develops your motor skills and coordination since it is a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Kids and adults can all play this game.

But your kids should be at least 7 years old to enjoy bowling and honing their aiming skills. The set includes an 11.75-inch King, 11.5-inch throwing sticks, and 6-inch Kubbs. It is a beautiful lawn game that you can also play anywhere, as we’ve already seen.

It is a complete set.The wood is not waterproof.
High-quality European hardwood.The crate has no cover.
The set is very durable.
Wooden Peg Lawn Game Reviews

ROPODA Kubb Game Premium Set

This is another complete Kubb set that you can play in your backyard with friends and family. As a set, it comes with everything you need to have fun in your outdoor space.

The set includes a king, six batons, ten Kubb blocks, four boundary sticks, a rule book, and a scoreboard with its pen.

All these components come in a beautiful carrying bag that makes the Kubb set very portable. The material quality is phenomenal, which improves durability just as much as it enhances the performance of the set.

The king, Kubbs, sticks, and batons boast high-quality rubber wood.

Since the rubber wood is great at absorbing shocks, your Kubb set remains chip-proof and will not splinter. As a game that can handle all the abuse you throw at it, you can transport this set anywhere and have fun.

Your backyard is ample enough space for game play. You can also play the game at weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions.

The beach and parks are some ideal playing grounds. Nothing is limiting you from having fun out there once you’ve geared up. You have a rule book to guide you on how to play this lawn game.

Once the king is knocked down, you become the winner (if you’ve knocked down the kind).

With each Kubb closest to the king as possible, you increase the difficulty level for more thrilling fun. Throwing wooden sticks at such closely packed Kubb blocks is challenging, but it trains your aiming skills.

So, it’s worth the throw. When the thrower successfully topples a block, the blocks you’ve successfully knocked down are thrown to your half side of the pitch.

Be sure to read the rule book for more information on how to play this lawn game. Play this game and record the scores on the Dry-erase Scoreboard you get with the package.

With all these quirks, this lawn game is quite an investment and will help you have fun outdoors in any weather.

Ideal for any weather.Not ideal in winter.
Chip-proof rubber wood.The Kubbs are a bit small.
Portable set.
Wooden Peg Lawn Game Reviews

Yard Games Kubb Premium Size

This yard Kubb set is becoming one of America’s most popular lawn games, and it doesn’t take you long to realize why this is the case.

First, it is a premium Kubb set with everything you need to enjoy outdoor plays. You can set up the game any place, anytime, and have excitement with family and friends.

Whether you’re planning to go out to a beach or spend some time with friends at a park, you can always bring this Kubb set along. The set comes in a high-strength carrying case. The case is strong and durable to handle the weight of the components.

You can play this lawn game at any event, such as at wedding parties or even birthday parties. Besides, family and friends come together at such parties – an excellent opportunity for team building and informal play between players.

Another reason for the game’s rise in popularity is its high-quality material. The rubber wood excellently absorbs shocks, making each piece chip-proof for unmatched durability. The set comprises ten Kubb blocks, six Kubb tossing dowels, four corner stakes, and a king.

You also get a rule book to help you follow the laid down rules when playing the game. With everything you need to play successfully, this is another lawn game that you should consider buying if you’re an outdoorsy person.

Chip-proof rubber wood.The wood is not waterproof.
You can play it anywhere.The set has no design touches.
Ideal for kids and adults.
Wooden Peg Lawn Game Reviews

What You Need to Know About Wooden Peg Lawn Games

Although you could play Kubb solo, most often than not, you will need two teams to play this lawn game. Be sure to read the rule book for more information. Each team consists of only a single player. That means you can play this game with a buddy.

Playing the game is not as complicated as you might think. The first team to play (team A) throws the batons from baseline at their opponent Kubbs lined-up on the other baseline.

Each team only throws under-handed batons. Any throw beside the under-handed throw is unacceptable!

The second team (team B) then takes a turn to throw the six buttons, aiming at the baseline Kubbs on the opponent’s side of the pitch. If team A threw the batons at team B’s Kubbs and some fell, the Fallen Kubbs are called field Kubbs.

And team B will throw the fallen Kubb (field Kubbs) to team A’s half side of the pitch, and team A will stand the Kubbs at the baseline.

As we’ve already seen, the newly thrown Kubbs are the field Kubbs. Line up the Kubbs close to each other so that a single throw will take down as many Kubbs as possible.

If you lose Kubbs in this game, you are called the inkastare. Or let’s say inkastare is the player who loses Kubbs in a game.

You will have to take down the field Kubbs first before taking down the baseline Kubbs. That means you will have to take down the field and the baseline Kubbs.

And if you have some sticks left, you will use them to take down the standing king and see if you emerge the winner. The good news is that you have a rule book to help you play this game. So, be sure to read it before playing.

How to Select the Best Wooden Peg Lawn Game

wooden swedish lawn game with numbers

When looking for a wooden peg lawn game, there are a few factors you will need to consider before buying your Kubb set. And they include the following:

The Material Quality

High-quality material makes the set durable and has an excellent performance. For these simple reasons, you want to choose a Kubb set with superior quality material. Rubber wood is a material to set your eyes on when shopping.

A Kubb set featuring this material is chip-proof and will handle all the shocks you subject it to when playing. But you can also settle for European hardwood since it is also high-quality material.

Once you have selected these materials, your Kubb set will be durable and perform as you might have expected.


A Kubb lawn game is one game that you can play almost anywhere – whether at a wedding party or family reunions. You can also play this game at a park or on your favorite beach.

With such broad playing surface options, you can expect to take your game play wherever you want.

Therefore, make sure you’re looking for a portable Kubb set. And to do this, go for a Kubb set that comes in a carrying case with handles. The carrying case improves the portability of the set, and you want to make sure you’re opting for a set that comes in a carrying case.

This way, you can be sure to carry the whole set with ease in its carrying case.

Where to Play the Game

The wooden peg lawn game is ideal for outdoor space. But you will still need to figure out the possible places to play the game before buying it. Your backyard offers enough space to play the game. But that is not the only playing field you have as an option.

You can also play this game in a park, beach, or any space outside the house. You could also play at social events such as weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions.

Once you’ve figured out an ideal spot to play this game, you can go ahead to buy it. But even if you don’t have space in your backyard, you can still buy a wooden peg lawn game and have fun with friends outside, on a beach, or somewhere like that.

But it’s good to plan early enough and know where you will play the game before investing in one.

The Recommended Age

Kids and adults can play the Kubb lawn game. But there is a minimum age for the players. That means players below the minimum age cannot play the game.

So, you want to check the recommended age, especially if you want to play with your kid.


You always want to play your lawn game outside, no matter the weather outside. If that is the case, choose a weatherproof set. The weather will have no impact on such a set, and that’s why you want to look for a weatherproof Kubb set.

Although your Kubb set comprises wood as its material, it can withstand any weather if it is weatherproof.

You can enjoy playing in summer, fall, and winter, as long as the water doesn’t soak up the Kubbs. So, look for a weatherproof Kubb set when shopping because you might want to play outside in bad weather.


Who created the Kubb lawn game?

There’s a reason why the Kubb lawn game has a nickname – the “Viking chess.” Most people believe that the Vikings invented this game hence the nickname.

According to these Kubb game fans, the Vikings used their enemy’s skulls as the Kubbs and the femur bone as the baton.

What constitutes a Kubb set?

A kubb set comprises a king, ten kubbs, and six batons. You also get four corner stakes in a Kubb set, everything in a carrying case. The carrying case eases transportation, making the Kubb set very portable.

What is the Kubb set material?

The Kubb blocks comprise European hardwood or rubberwood. Other wood types that could form the Kubb blocks include birch, pine, and deluxe maple hardwood. The rest of the set will have the same wood type as the Kubb blocks, including the carrying case.

What will happen if I knock down the field Kubbs?

If you knock down the field kubbs, your opponent will throw them back into the field. If you knock them down again, the field Kubbs become penalty kubbs with special replacements.

You will have to knock down all the field kubbs then proceed to the baseline kubbs before toppling the king to win the match.

Wrap Up

The best Kubb set features high-quality material for durability and excellent performance. For this reason, look for a premium quality Kubb set.

If the Kubb set features materials such as European hardwood, birch, pine, and rubberwood, it could be worth the investment since it will last longer and perform better.

The Kubb set should also be portable and come with its equally high-quality carrying case. Such a Kubb set is easy to transport to your favorite playing destinations. You will also need to look for a Kubb set that includes a rule book in the package to help you play effectively.

There are other things you will check to land the best deal. Fortunately, landing the best deal shouldn’t be much of a challenge now since this review has looked at a few things to consider before buying any Kubb set.

Find your ideal Kubb set and have fun outdoors at any social event. Play solo or with a friend for more thrilling fun!

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