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Work from Home Essential Coffee Machine with Grinder

After working from home for over a year, the importance of a good coffee machine has become apparent to many coffee lovers. Here’s a work from home essential coffee machine with grinder.

If you have tried making instant coffee, you know that it is an injustice to the true flavor of coffee, but you may even find that pre-grind coffee lacks the same quality as your favorite cup made by your barista. Having a coffee machine and coffee grinder is crucial to making the perfect cup of coffee or a shot of espresso.

To save you time, space, and perhaps even money when making great coffee at home, consider getting a 2-in-1 product: a coffee machine with a grinder. This type of coffee machine is not only convenient but essential to truly enjoy the flavor of your favorite freshly ground roast to the fullest. Plus, you will be able to save counter space by having one machine capable of doing the tasks of several machines.

If you are looking for a new coffee machine with a grinder to turn your whole coffee beans into a delicious brew keep reading to learn the best coffee machine grinder combo.

Best Coffee Machine with Grinder

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew

The Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew is a great choice for coffee lovers who truly want to invest in their morning cup of joe. Although pricey, this coffee maker includes several convenient features, like a strength selector, a sealable bean hopper that holds up to half a pound of coffee, and an option to pause the brew so that you do not have to wait for the entire pot to finish before pouring yourself a cup.

Users say that this coffee maker is made to last with some boasting that they have had theirs for over 10 years. Use the built-in grinder for freshly ground beans every morning for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day off right.

KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker

If you are looking for a more affordable option for a coffee machine with a grinder, you will want to consider the KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start coffee maker. This coffee maker’s built-in conical burr grinder can grind enough coffee for up to 10 cups using five different grind settings that range from coarse to fine, so you will easily be able to find your perfect grind for quality coffee.

The coffee machine also features three different flavor settings, giving you even more customizable options when it comes to your coffee. The user-friendly design of this coffee machine with a grinder provides intuitive control to ensure easy programming and use.  Use the pause function to serve yourself a cup at any time in the cycle, and the keep warm setting gives you time to savor your pot of freshly ground coffee.

Chefman Grind and Brew 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Short on counter space? You might not have room for a separate coffee grinder, but don’t assume that you don’t have enough room for a coffee machine with a grinder. If you don’t need more than a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, there are many compact options to choose from, including the Chefman Grind and Brew 4-Cup Coffee Maker.

Add the beans to the top of the machine to make up to 4 cups of your favorite coffee. If you have some pre-ground coffee that you want to try, this machine can brew that, too, for added versatility. This compact coffee maker has all the same functions as other, larger machines. Customize your coffee by choosing its strength, or keep your coffee pot hot with the 30-minute keep-warm function, and of course, with brew pause, you can pause the machine so that you can steal a cup mid-brew.

Gevi 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

This Gevi automatic coffee maker and grinder can brew up to 10 cups of coffee, so you can make enough coffee to last you the entire morning in your home office. Easy to operate, you have the choice of grinding coffee beans fresh or using pre-ground beans that will drop directly into the coffee filter to brew your ideal cup in this coffee maker.

With three strength control settings and eight grind control settings, you can make any cup of coffee highly customizable. Your 10 cups of coffee will be ready in 15 minutes, and you don’t have to feel pressured to finish it right away. The warm plate will keep your coffee warm for up to two hours, so there’s no need to worry about a large amount of coffee you brew getting too cold before you can finish it, and focus on enjoying your morning cup of joe.

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

Sometimes, all you need is one cup of coffee. Unfortunately, not many coffee machines can accommodate such a request, especially not coffee machines with grinders. Luckily, Breville does make one such machine.

What makes the Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker unique is its single-serve capabilities. Brew your coffee directly into a large carafe, tall cup, or your favorite travel mug without having to worry about sacrificing flavor. Although it works best with fresh coffee beans, this coffee maker also features a “pre-ground” mode to bypass the grinder so that you can brew any coffee you please. You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee, making this one of the most versatile options when it comes to coffee machines with grinders.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy a quality cup of fresh coffee in the morning, then you understand the importance of having both a good coffee machine and a grinder to grind your coffee beans. Combining those functions into one machine will save you both time and space while still delivering a quality cup of coffee.

Be sure to start making space on your counter now, as you will want to be using your new coffee machine and grinder every morning to start your day.

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